God Willing and the Creek Don't Rise - Recap

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The episode begins and Nancy knocks on Conrad's door. Andy and Silas check out a local exhibit: "Agrestic/Majestic/Regrestic: 20 years on The Fortitude of the Dessert: From Dream to Reality to Ash to Rebuild!" Andy is over his wife Joanna and looking forward to seeing Yael, his ex. He thinks there's a reason Silas needed to go back to get seeds from Conrad, who is now living in Agrestic. He thinks getting with Yael is the reason. Silas thinks there's nothing there for him. Then he sees who's working behind the museum counter: his old girlfriend Megan. Conrad tells Nancy he has no old MILF seeds, but she doesn't believe him. He's on to juice cleanses now.

She asks him to grow for her, but he's in the middle of planning his wedding. Lupita, Nancy's old maid, sees her and runs screaming. Shane on the other hand gets grilled by cops over getting caught in the impound lot car. They try to convince him to testify against Ouillette for his car scheme. Andy visits Yael and spins a long introduction about nothing having changed between them. She though doesn't remember him. Silas catches up with Megan. She tells him about living in New York for a while but coming back because her dad got sick. He then confesses that he poked holes in the condom, which is why she got pregnant. He reveals he was desperate to keep her from leaving for college.

He apologizes, and says she's the only girl he ever loved. She's angry for a minute; he asks if she could still love him. They then jump on each other. Back in Connecticut, Doug has brought all the homeless people home. He shoots pool with someone who thinks he's from the future who says his robot butler taught him. Doug's worried his Botwin family doesn't love him. He's angry they left him to babysit Stevie. Future man assures Doug that things get better for him and he becomes a very great man. Nancy and Conrad go to his dance class. She shows him a picture of the 5 acres of land she bought for him to grow on. But he tells her it's all controlled by gangs, and their old pal Guillermo is out and back in charge.

He urges her to get out of town. The dance instructor tells Conrad his check bounced. Conrad then tells her not to visit Guillermo. Nancy though, visits Guillermo. He as it turns out, got out because they never read him his Miranda rights. He tells her she doesn't belong there. He though, is still angry at her. Shane visits Ouillette, telling him the cops want him to rat. Ouillette tells Shane he saved him and urges him to do the right thing. Andy rants on the top of the rabbinical school about there being no meaning in life. Guillermo doesn't want to give Nancy his blessing to grow nearby. He pulls a gun on her. Conrad comes around the corner with a gun on Guillermo's guy. Nancy makes a pitch to Guillermo about growing legit weed and leaving the gangster life behind.

Back home, Doug announces to the homeless that he's found a better scam; the homeless religion. He is starting a cult. The sacrament is weed. Shane sits with the cops, telling them they were right that Ouillette doesn't care about him at all and that being a cop is the only thing he's ever loved. But with that being said, he wants no part of an organization that bullies people the way they are. Just then, Ouillette comes in and lets Shane in on the joke. It was all a test of his loyalty. He passed. At Conrad's wedding, Silas brings Megan over to say hello to Nancy. Silas tells Nancy that Megan is coming back with them. "That's perfect, somehow," Nancy says. She gives Silas his seeds.

Conrad thanks Nancy for the advance and asks if she really has things figured out. "God willing and the creek don't rise," Nancy says. "In my experience, the creek, she always rises," he says. "Maybe we'll get lucky this time". Andy sulks in the corner, drinking alone. She asks him if he wants to go out of there. She takes him to the spot where Judah died 10 years ago, which she never visited before. He announces it's enough. Ten years ago he said he'd just be there for her and the kids, and he's never moved on. He grabs her and says he's not going back to Connecticut with her.

She freaks out and begs him not to leave her. She kisses him. He thinks about it, but lets her. She kisses him again and he decides to go for it. They feverishly tear at each other's clothes and end up on the yard, right next to the spot where Judah died, having fast, and furious sex. When it's over, she's near tears and he's a million miles away. He lies next to her, then kisses her gently, then gets up and runs off. She screams after him, but he keeps going. The episode ends at this point. The episode ends at this point.