It's Time, Part 1 - Recap

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The episode begins with Nancy in a debate with a parent over soccer headgear. During the conversation two men in the audience discuss Nancy and it is revealed that after Andy left she married David and raised Stevie Jewish, as it turns out. But David has since died in a car crash, as is revealed. Nancy's now is a very wealthy legitimate businesswoman, and owner of dozens of Good Seed stores, and doing rather well for herself. She loses the debate and afterwards Stevie who is being bar mitzvah'd, says he wants to go to boarding school, much to Nancy’s surprise.

Silas and Megan and their young baby are in town from California. Megan tells Silas she's angry at Nancy for how Silas was forced to spend his youth, and makes it amply clear to him. It is shown that, Tim Scottson is working as Nancy's manager. Nancy is told Starbucks wants to buy her out, all 50 stores. Everybody else is on board and excited about the proposition, but Nancy isn't interested, and apparently isn’t too crazy about the idea. Shane and an entourage of three other people arrive at Nancy's place. Inside they meet Silas and Megan. From the look of things, it seems like Shan has an alcohol problem. Shane talks about there being no secrets anymore, so Silas promptly tells everybody hat Shane's killed somebody, much to everyone’s shock and horror. Stevie asks Nancy if Uncle Andy will be coming.

Nancy assures him that he will. Nancy's kids are apparently impressed by "Guru" Doug's arrangement with three women who as it turns out worship their spiritual leader. Stevie and Nancy arrive at the home. A breastfeeding Megan is rude to Nancy much to her shock and Nancy's isn't able to figure out as to why, Megan behaved with her the way she did. Doug is shown talking to Clinique, who has been married to Sanjay for ten years. The couple has four kids and makes their marriage work using separate bedrooms. Nancy on the other hand has begun to wonder whether Andy's going to show. She then asks her kids if they've heard from him. Dean tells Shane that Isabel's had a sex change and is now a man. Guillermo tells Doug that Conrad's wife is expecting twins, which is why he didn't show for the party.

Guillermo has ten kids of his own, as it turns out. He talks to Doug about his son. Doug's son Josh is then shown. There is a knock at the door and he is kidnapped by people from Doug's "church", much to his shock and horror. Stevie and Guillermo talk about Esteban. He tells Stevie that Esteban was a scary guy. Stevie is surprised to learn his father wasn't actually a politician who fought the gangs. Shane tries to leave with his group, but Nancy stops him before he can walk out the door, as she clearly wants him to stay. Doug sits down with Josh and tells him he wants a relationship. Josh is bitter because he ran out on his mother.

He leaves and goes inside with Nancy to wait for a cab. Nancy asks Josh if he's happy. Josh says "I'm good. I'm really good". He tells Nancy that he feels he's managed to turn out okay because his mother fought for him. Later that night, Nancy wakes up Silas to tell him Andy still hasn't showed, and she is visibly worried at his absence. She wants to know why Andy won't talk to her, as she suspects there is more to the whole thing than meets the eye.