It's Time, Part 2 - Recap

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Silas says Lenny died a few years ago. Andy as it turns out has shared custody of kids but is not married. The next morning Nancy comes downstairs to find Andy making breakfast, much to her surprise. The bar mitzvah is shown. Stevie takes the podium and reads a speech he wrote the night before. He tells everybody who his father really was and says he isn't actually Jewish based on his heritage. He calls the entire bar mitzvah a bunch of "bullshit" and says he wants to go to boarding school, much to everyone’s shock. At home Nancy tells Stevie she's not mad. He wants to know why she never told him about his real father, and looks visibly angry about it.

She passes along a few more tidbits about Esteban and says she's going to let him go to boarding school, if that is what he really wants to do. While picking up the cake for the party Nancy tells Shane she wants to get him some help, as she is concerned about his condition. The woman at the cake store tries to charge them $1.50 per letter and Shane loses it. He begins shooting the cake with his gun, much to everyone’s shock and horror. Andy tells Doug he regrets leaving because he missed seeing Stevie grow up. This leads to Doug having Josh kidnapped again. Nancy wants Shane to move back in with her, so she can take care of him. He agrees to take some time off, see a therapist and check into rehab, as he too agrees that he has a problem. Doug tells Josh that he messed up.

Megan on the other hand won't let Nancy hold the baby and Nancy on seeing Megan behave the way she is, goes to Silas. Silas says there's nothing he can do about it. He seems to like his life and feels very lucky, and therefore wouldn’t like to change a thing about it. Josh leaves Doug's bus and the two hug, and apparently seem to have patched things up. Josh picks up the phone and calls his husband to say he's made up with his father. A weeping Nancy collapses on Andy's shoulder, as she isn’t able to take it anymore. The two sit on the floor and catch-up on old times. Nancy asks him to come back, saying it will be better than it used to be. He says he's happy where he is, she in turn offers him half of the business, in order to motivate him to come back.

He though is not interested, and makes that fact amply clear. Nancy then says she'll go to him, but he assures her she'll be fine, and will manage everything in the end. He says he'll always love her but can't be with her, much to her dismay. Andy says Nancy needs to face herself, as that is the only way she shall be able to achieve peace of mind. Nancy then picks up the phone and says she's willing to sell, as she has at last made her decision. Stevie addresses those present at the party. He thanks everybody, but makes a point to single out Nancy. He's fired-up to go to boarding school, from the look of things. Later, Nancy sits on the porch outside.

She's joined in succession by Doug, Silas, Shane and Andy, who all pass a joint around. Nancy looks at Andy and the two, smile at each other. The whole gang then breaks into a smile. Nancy looks relieved and apparently it seems like things will turn out fine after all.