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Message Posted On Tuesday, June 19th 2012 at 10:15 pm
It was announced recently that season 8 will be the last for Weeds, the groundbreaking Showtime comedy about a suburban pot-selling mom.

As those who watched season 7 will know, the season ended, as usual for Weeds, with a cliff hanger.

As the Botwin's happily returned to the suburbs, eating outside as a family, a sniper looked on in the bushes. A lazer appeared on Nancy's head, and the screen turned to black as a gunshot was heard.

So who do you all think "gets smoked" as the promos ask? Will it be the target, Nancy? Or will be someone else? And who do you think is the shooter?

I think the popular guess for the shooter is Tim Scotson, son of the DEA agent Peter, whom Nancy was married to back in like.. season 2. Not sure if they'd go back that far, but I think they are trying to "go back to their roots" by returning to the suburbs, so bringing back the past would be a good way to do that.

I think Nancy or Shane are the most likely targets. Shooting Doug would be pointless, Andy is needed for comic relief, Nancy's sister would impact nobody, Silas is just unlikely, so I think it'll be Nancy, or Shane, if he jumps in front of it.