Season 4

69 :04x01 - I Want My Baby Back (3)

After waking up to find a wedding ring on her finger, Val is surprised to learn that she has married her Plumber, Toad, during a wild night in Atlantic City. Meanwhile, Holly has hidden out in the back of Vince's car as he travels to Florida to tell him she loves him, but is heartbroken when she realizes she may have lost him forever.
Guest Stars: Dan Cortese as Vic | Minka Kelly as Ricki | Patrick MacManus as Jonathan | Hannah Leigh Dworkin as Little Girl
Director: Shelley Jensen
Writer: Caryn Lucas
Songs: unknown --

70 :04x02 - Surprise

Holly and Vince now an official couple, Holly is determined to maker her relationship work even though they must spend a few months apart while Vince is in Florida. Meanwhile, Val and Lauren devise a plan to force Val's new husband Vic out of her apartment so they can end their "quickie" marriage.
Guest Stars: Dan Cortese as Vic
Director: Steve Zuckerman

71 :04x03 - The Redo

Holly and Vince have their first fight when Vince takes Gary to a basketball game instead of her. Holly feels that she and Vince should attend sporting events, plays and other events together, though she quickly realizes this idea may not be for the best. Vic still refuses to sign the annulment papers, but it seems that his persistence may be winning Val over.
Guest Stars: Dan Cortese as Vic
Writer: Jim Reynolds

72 :04x04 - I've Got a Secret

Tina admits to Holly that she may have feelings for Gary. gary tells Vince the same thing. Things go bad when Holly and Vince reveal it to each other by accident.
Guest Stars: Dan Cortese as Vic | Matt Battaglia as Joe

73 :04x05 - The Perfect Date (1)

Val tries to convince Vic that their marriage is meaningless by going out on a date with Charlie, a customer in the bakery. Though Charlie quickly becomes obsessed with Val, the date causes Val's feelings for Vic to deepen. Meanwhile, Holly demands that Vince clear out the phone numbers of all females in his cell phone, resulting in an argument that involves Gary and Tina.
Guest Stars: Jason Priestley as Charlie | Sarah Kruger as Stacie
Director: Shelley Jensen

74 :04x06 - Halloween (2)

When Holly feels that she is ready to take her relationship to the next level with Vince, she is determined to make Vince feel the same. Meanwhile, Charlie proposes to Val, who doesn't want to tell him that Vic is actually her husband. When Vic feels like the 'monkey in the middle', he decides that he and Val should take a break from each other. Then Val realizes she really does need Vic.
Guest Stars: Jason Priestley as Charlie
Director: Shelley Jensen

75 :04x07 - Someone's in the Kitchen with Daddy

Jack Tyler drops in from Japan with some news about his new business and business partner.
Guest Stars: Dan Cortese as Vic | Barry Bostwick as Jack Tyler | Kipp Shiotani as Toshi Yamamora
Director: Steve Zuckerman

76 :04x08 - Jazz Night

It's Jazz Night at the bakery and Val finally asks Vic to be her date to the party. He agrees to the date and things go awry when the lawyer shows up with annulment papers, Lauren spills champagne on the papers to allow Val and Vic to talk.
Guest Stars: Dan Cortese as Vic | Kipp Shiotani as Toshi Yamamora | Barry Bostwick as Jack Tyler | Sabin Rich as Darnell | Joe Souza as Lawyer
Director: Shelley Jensen
Writer: Nancy Steen

77 :04x09 - Ground-Turkey-Hog Day

On Thanksgiving, Holly and Vince discover Lauren kissing Rick, Val's ex-fiancé, and do their best to hide the truth from Val. Meanwhile, the situation leads Val straight into Vic's arms and the two decide not to sign their annulment papers.
Guest Stars: Dan Cortese as Vic | Edward Kerr as Rick | Dana Galinsky as Pie Customer | Nikka Costa as Bianca
Director: Steve Zuckerman
Writer: Caryn Lucas

78 :04x10 - For Love or Money

Vince feels like less of a man when he learns that Holly makes more money than he does. In order to help Vince, Holly decides to polish up and submit Vince's resume to companies without his knowledge. Meanwhile, Val is excited about her first official date with Vic (guest star Dan Cortese), but a fight with Lauren distracts her from showing up on time. Val's guilt for missing the date turns to shock when she learns that a dangerous fire has injured numerous firefighters.
Guest Stars: Sara Erikson as Robyn Marquette | Patrice Jennings as Store Clerk

79 :04x11 - Coming Home

Now that Vic has returned home from the hospital following his accident, Val has to wait on him hand and foot and even give him sponge baths. When they both learn they are not allowed to take their relationship to the next level for six weeks, the situation grows tense.

Meanwhile, Holly's jealousy over Vince spending time with his new co-worker ends up costing him the job.
Guest Stars: Dan Cortese as Vic | Sara Erikson as Robyn Marquette
Director: Madeline Cripe

80 :04x12 - Desperate Girlfriends

Lauren lies about a surprise party for Valerie so she can see Rick, but the truth comes out when the affair lands Rick in the hospital, and Val cannot forgive her friend for the deceit. Meanwhile, Vic has a special gift for Val, but has trouble finding the perfect time to give it to her.
Guest Stars: Dan Cortese as Vic | Sara Erikson as Robyn
Director: Steve Zuckerman

81 :04x13 - The Other Women

When Val meets Vic's mom, Eileen, for the first time, she does her best to impress her. In doing so, Val unknowingly causes her mother-in-law to fall off the wagon. Meanwhile, Holly's jealousy over Vince's new partnership with his co-worker causes them to re-evaluate their relationship.
Guest Stars: Linda Dano as Eileen | Sara Erikson as Robyn Marquette
Director: Dan Cortese
Writer: Nancy Steen

82 :04x14 - Your Money Or Your Wife

Holly and Vince fail to see eye-to-eye regarding his new working relationship with his female co-worker and decide to spend some time apart. Meanwhile, Vic receives a clean bill of health from the doctor and he and Val are finally able to take their relationship to the next level. However, when Val decides to abruptly end her newly created special offer - free coffee and food - for Vic's firehouse, it causes a rift in their relationship.
Guest Stars: Dan Cortese as Vic | Sara Erikson as Robyn Marquette | Scott Weinger as Rubin | Mark Wilde as Marcus
Director: Shelley Jensen

83 :04x15 - Garden State

Val and Vic learn that they are not legally married. SO they are forced to wait 24 hours before getting married in a civil ceremony. Elsewhere Holly is having regrets of breaking up with Vince until she meets his family.
Guest Stars: Dan Cortese as Vic | Scott Weinger as Rubin
Director: Shelley Jensen

84 :04x16 - Friends and Lovers

Val and Vic plan to finally consummate their relationship, but a romantic evening is ruined when Holly, upset by Vince, turns to Val for comfort. In order to get away, Val leaves Lauren in charge of Holly, but the two of them end up behind bars. Meanwhile, Vince accepts a new job in Chicago.
Guest Stars: Dan Cortese as Vic

85 :04x17 - Now and Zen

The day before the wedding, Lauren treats Val, Holly and Tina to a spa day to celebrate the big event. Upset over Vince’s decision to move to Chicago, Holly has yet to learn that Vince finally realizes that his co-worker has feelings for him.
Guest Stars: Sara Erikson as Robyn Marquette | Dan Cortese as Vic

86 :04x18 - Finally

The girls are trapped in a spa, but Holly and Val commandeer a horse in an attempt to make it to the wedding on time. Meanwhile, Gary and Vince say good-bye to each other, as Vince heads to Chicago for a new job. Vic and Val finally tie the knot, Holly has a surprise visitor, while Lauren, Gary and Tina all find love.
Guest Stars: Dan Cortese as Vic | Scott Weinger as Rubin | Barry Bostwick as Jack Tyler | Kipp Shiotani as Toshi Yamamora
Director: Shelley Jensen
Writer: Caryn Lucas
Songs: Alice Peacock -- The Beginning, Frank Sinatra -- The Way You Look Tonight
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Comedy | Drama
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: WB ( USA)
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: September 20, 2002
Ended: March 24, 2006
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