Pilot - Recap

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The scene starts with a prison inmate is shaving. He has a uniform of a Correctional Officer there and slicks his hair back. As he walks through the halls, no one is paying attention to him. He scans his identification card and another Correctional Officer stops him for a second and then lets him exit out the door. His name is Neal Caffrey and he was convicted of Bond Forgery but suspected of counterfeiting, securities fraud, art theft, and racketeering. He hotwires a vehicle and then drives to get a yellow jacket. He pretends to be an employee to park cars and takes a nice car from someone going away for a month. Meanwhile, at a bank vault, a man is trying to open a safe slowly while other members of the FBI are watching the progress. FBI White Collar Crime Unit member Peter Burke is leading a team to open up a safe. The safe is ready to be opened and Burke tries to tell him to stop but it explodes with dust. Burke is angry that he is trying to catch “The Dutchman” and that the evidence is destroyed. He knew that the FBI was going to be there.

Diana walks over and tells Burke that Neal Caffrey escaped from prison and that Director Thompson wants him to help along. Burke meets up with U.S. Marshalls Thompson to see if Burke can help put Neal back in prison. He had 3 months left on a 4 year sentence. Burke watches camera footage of Neal in his cell and wants to know what make Neal stop shaving. He goes back and sees that on the day that he stopped Kate Moreau visited him. They watch the visitation video and Kate tells that she is telling him that it is over. They need to contact Kate. At an apartment complex, Burke enters and finds Neal sitting on the floor with an empty bottle of wine. Kate moved out. Burke tells Neal that they are going to give him another 4 years for the escape. Neal says that he doesn’t care. Neal finds a fiber on Burke’s suit coat and asks if it is worth Burke meeting him in prison in a week if he told what it is. Burke agrees and Neal tells that it is a security fiber from the new Canadian $100 bill. The Swat Team enters and arrests Neal. Back at the bank, Diana tells that the Canadians are upset that Burke knew that it was a security fiber to their new $100 bill. Burke visits Neal and asks how he knew to which Neal replies, “That’s what I do”. Neal tells that he knows why Burke calls the guy he has been looking for “The Dutchman”. Once he gets close, “The Dutchman” disappears like a ghost. Neal says that he can help Burke catch him. He mentions that Burke could release Neal under his care and Burke is hesitant. Neal tells that the new GPS tracking bracelet cannot be tampered with. But Burke is still not convinced and leaves Neal.

In his cell, Neal is upset that he is going to have to spend another four years in prison and that Burke will not take his deal. However, at home, Burke is contemplating the deal and wants to take him up on it. His wife tells that Burke should think to give Neal the chance. The next morning, Neal is released to the custody of Burke and they go to a rundown hotel room. Neal doesn’t want to stay but Burke tells that it cost $700 to house him in prison, and it cost $700 to house him in the hotel. He tells Neal if he could find any better then the hotel, then he can move there. Neal goes to a thrift store to pick up some clothes. An older lady named June comes in and tells that she wants to donate the suits from her deceased husband Baron. Neal notices that they are designer suits and the lady tells that she has a guest room full of clothes. She lives nearby. Burke goes back to the hotel that he left Neal and the manager tells that Neal left a note. It is a new address that he is staying at.

Burke arrives at June’s place and finds that Neal is on the roof. Neal is sitting back with a million dollar view of Manhattan sipping espresso. He tells that he followed the rules and has the room for $700 a month. He has to help out and take care of June’s granddaughter. She walks in and she is very attractive and in her 20’s. Burke tells Neal to get dressed and sits down and enjoys an espresso. June comes in and he informs her that Neal is a felon to which June replies, “So was Baron”. Neal comes down the stairs in a classic “Rat Pack” suit and Burke is jealous that he has to work hard to have what he has and Neal walks in and gets everything handed to him. Burke warns Neal that this is how the crime starts and to watch out.

They go to an airport where Diana, Burke’s probationary agent, has customs holding a rare book dealer, Tony Field. Neal impresses Diana with the hat and he thinks that he has a chance with Diana. Burke tells him that she is not into men. In the customs holding room, Burke is trying to get information from Tony. He tells Burke that Snow White and the Seven Little Dwarves was a classic way before Disney. Burke impresses the dealer when he mentions other classics and wonders why he has 600 books of the same book. A man in a suit enters and says that he is the dealer’s lawyer. Outside the room, Burke is furious that the custom agents didn’t tell him that the dealer asked for a lawyer, but he never did. They run inside and find Tony with a needle in his neck.

Neal, Burke and Diana are closely examining the books to see why “The Dutchman” would want 600 books. They were printed in 1944 in Madrid. Neal finds out that he wants to print the money on original paper. They are going to counterfeit using the paper. They find out that Tony went to the National Archives last week to see the Spanish Victory Bond. Neal is inspecting the Bond and realizes that it is a forgery. Back at the office, Burke, Diana, and Neal are looking at the fact that the original was stolen. “The Dutchman” plans to make 150 million dollars off of this heist. Elizabeth calls and Burke tells that he forgot and hopes she didn’t cook dinner. But she did. Neal asks Burke of his plans for the weekend and reminds Burke that it is his anniversary. Burke has completely forgotten.

Neal gets home and there is a visitor. Pal Mozzie is there and he wants to know how Neal is doing. Neal asks if Mozzie can pick the ankle bracelet that he is sporting. He tells that he can’t pick it for him. Neal asks where Kate is but he doesn’t know that either. He tells that she melted away good. Neal shows Mozzie the copy of the bond to see who did the artwork. Meanwhile, Burke snoops through Elizabeth’s CD’s to see what she likes and what the best gift to give her is. Jones calls Burke and tells that Neal’s anklet activated. He rushes out and finds out that Neal is in his living room. Neal tells that he knows who “The Dutchman” is. His name is Curtis Hagen. Neal points out that Hagen signed the Bank Bond in the pants of the peasant. They visit a church in which Hagen is restoring. A priest stops them but Neal tells that Burke needs to visit the church to fight temptation. He allows them 5 minutes.

They go to the painting that Hagen did at the church and Neal points out his signature. Hagen asks if he can help. He recognizes Neal as an art thief and Burke tells that he is only a friend. Later in Burke’s office, Burke needs Neal’s help with finding out the best gift and asks about $800 Bottle of wine. He tells that Kate and him used to fill up the bottle with all the cheap wine and tells that it was a promise of things changing but it never did. Neal tells that Burke needs to give Elizabeth a nice gift that she will like and not some empty promise.

Neal meets with Mozzie again and asks if he found Kate. He shows a picture of her and a man’s hand on her shoulder. Neal is walking with Burke and tells that Kate has changed her name to Kate Perdue, which means “Lost” in Frech. She tells that he needs to go to San Diego and find her. Burke tells Neal to give it up and that there is a deal they have and that he needs to follow through. Neal tells Burke that he is right. Neal asks if Burke has his anniversary plans yet. Burke has nothing. Neal sees Mozzie and tells Burke that he needs a smoke. He mixes with Mozzie and he gets an address to Hagen’s warehouse. Burke has an idea to what to give Elizabeth.

Neal and Burke are at the address that Mozzie gave Neal and they hear the workings of a printing press. Burke tells that they can’t go in without a warrant. That evening, Neal is reading Warrant Law. He gets up and gets the keys to a car and Burke gets the call. Neal has run away. Neal pulls up at the warehouse of Hagen and starts taking pictures. He tells that he is in photography class, but Hagen’s guys bring Neal in and put him in a glass bulletproof office. Neal locks the doors from inside and Hagen tells that the keys are on their way. There are sirens and Neal shows his anklet. Burke and his team enter outside and tell his team that they have a “fugitive” inside and that they need to get Neal. Burke and the FBI enter in and tell that they can get inside the warehouse regardless of a warrant and get all the evidence that are inside of the place that the suspect is hiding. They arrest Hagen and his men and Neal is sitting in the glass box.

Burke takes Elizabeth on the balcony of Neal’s apartment and it is outfitted in Caribbean garb. Burke tells that she has always wanted to take her to the Caribbean but never had the time, but he shows that he got the time off to go to Belize, a beach front resort. Afterwards, Neil and Burke meet and tells Neal that he will be back in a week. They make Neal a consultant with the FBI and Burke owns him for 4 years. After Burke leaves, Neal looks at the picture of Kate again and the hand of the man with the ring that he recognizes.