Withdrawal - Recap

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The scene opens with Burke in a meeting with Internal Affairs and they are talking about Gary Fowler and the fact that Neal Caffrey did not have his monitoring anklet on when the plane exploded. Burke tells that he wasn’t leaving the country and they break from the meeting. Burke is off suspension and Diana has information about a secret meeting with Fowler and another person. He sets his calendar and tells that he has to go see a friend. Burke is in the prison of his “friend” and it is Neal. Mozzie arrives and pretends to be his lawyer and Burke tells that he needs to convince Neal to reconsider their original deal. Mozzie tells Neal that he can get him out but it is going to cost most of his money that he has saved up.

Fast forward two months later and Neal is pushing a cart around. He sends a tube up the pipeline and unbuttons his outfit and he has a suit and tie on. He goes up and tells a secretary that his name is Nick and that he is starting his first day. She tells that she has to check Human Resources and finds the tube that Neal sent up. His identification and welcome packet are there. She escorts him in and his badge doesn’t work. The lady says that it is first day glitches and while she is distracted, Neal takes her badge off of her. He walks up to the vault and starts filling up his suitcase. He walks out. Jones and Burke are waiting outside and he gives the briefcase to Jones. Burke hands over the new anklet to Neal and he reluctantly puts on the anklet.

Burke enters his office and meets with the bank executives. He tells that he ran the test that they wanted of their security and tells them that there are many errors. Neal tells that they need to update their codes daily and not weekly and that the staff needs to be aware. Burke shows a card. “The Architect” is a bank robber and he is going to rob their bank if they are not careful. The head of security meets with Burke and asks what she does when the bank executives start to panic. They tell her to calmly tell that everything is fine. She brings up that everything was not fine in Chicago and Boston when “The Architect” robbed those banks. Neal gets to his desk work and practices his drawing. His hand starts shaking and he tries to hide it but Burke sees it. Burke meets with Mozzie in the park and they talk about Neal and the fact that he has the shakes. Mozzie tells that it is going to take some time but Neal will bounce back.

Neal enters his apartment and Joan tells that she kept it the way he left it. They pull out the files and go over what they know of the people who were involved with Kate’s death. He tells that he needs to be able to find the music box because if he has that, then he could find whoever wanted it is involved with killing Kate. Mozzie sees the card of „The Architect” and notices that the font on the “A” is a custom font with a Russian tone. Back at the office, Neal is looking at Russian art and Burke wants to know why the Russian thinking. Neal tells that “The Architect” stole the “A” from the famous Russian painter Ivan Aivazovsky and that he is a fan of collecting them. Burke tells that they need to cross reference buyers in Boston and Chicago but Neal and Diana have already done that and came up with a name. Edward Walker.

They visit the home of Edward Walker and he is hitting golf balls into the Hudson River. He asks what Neal consults in and he tells that he has many talents. Burke questions him about the card and Edward tells that he never saw it before. He tells Neal to hit the ball and Neal obliges. Edward notices the anklet and tells that Neal must have been a good criminal to be working with the FBI now. Burke asks him about his whereabouts and he tells that they are going to have to get a warrant for the information. Later Burke and Neal are walking down the street and Burke tells Neal not to do anything stupid with Edward. Burke leaves to go have lunch with Elizabeth. In his office, Burke is with Diana and she shows where the meeting is going to take place. He tells that he is going alone but Diana insists that she come too.

Neal meets Wittney, Edward’s assistant, at a cafe and sits down with her and has lunch with her. Burke and Elizabeth are having lunch and Elizabeth tells that it is going to take some time for him to be himself. Neal gives Wittney’s phone to Mozzie and he copies the SIM card. Back with Burke and Elizabeth and Burke tells that Neal was going to say something before the plane exploded. Back at the restaurant, Mozzie gives back the phone to Neal and he slyly puts her phone back and she ask if he wants to go back to her appointment. Neal shows his anklet and tells that she is the first girl he’d had a drink with since leaving prison. Mozzie comes back and says that Edward’s itinerary is marked in green with a meeting with a bank. Neal goes to Burke and he tells that Edward is going to hit the bank tomorrow. SWAT team is in place and they hear an alarm. SWAT moves in and they find an Alarm clock in Burke’s safe deposit box. Edward is at the bank and they were just scammed.

Back at the office, Burke is in a meeting and Neal is worried that they are going to lose the case. Burke gets in and Neal tells that he can catch Edward. He tells Burke about what he was going to tell him the day the plane exploded. He wanted to tell that he didn’t run anymore and that he was not going to be totally free deal or no deal. He tells that he has a life in the FBI and they know exactly what Edward is going to do because all the alarms going off is a test.
Rene changed the access codes and that no one can get in without her. And they are headed to Midtown Mutual Bank. They arrive and Neal tells that they have to get into the bank. Neal and Burke get to the roof vent and there is one of the men robbing the bank. They sneak in through the vent and get inside the bank. They see the guys and follow with the security card that Neil stole from one of the workers. The crooks enter with Rene and two of the men take Rene and tie her up in the office. Neal creates a distraction and Burke rescues Rene.

Edward is at the FBI office and he tells that he is suing the FBI for harrassing him. He admits that he did the bank robbery but not openly. Burke tells him to enjoy his time. He tells that “The Architect” has already won. Jones comes in with the total numbers of the bank loss and it is $8,200,00. But Neil tells that they could only have stolen $6,500,000 and that $1.5 million is unaccounted for. Neal and Burke enter the bank and talk with Rene. They go to deposit box 213 and she tells that it is the property of the customers and Burke tells that the box is registered to Rene. Burke takes out the box and Rene points a gun at Neal. She tells that they need to put the money in the bag. Neal shows that there are ink explosions on the money and they get into a pretend fight. Rene tells them to shut up and Neal sets off the ink dye and it gets in Rene’s eyes. They arrest her.

Edward gets an envelope and it is the FBI’s card. Neal and Burke enter and they arrest him. Neal rubs it in his face that he got caught. Later, Burke meets with Mozzie and tells that he needs to know if Neal is going to do anything stupid so that he can help him when he needs it. Mozzie meets Neal and tells that he has more information on the music box was transferred from its location and is in the wind. Mozzie tells that they can change their direction to accommodate their needs. In the office, Burke gets a call from Diana. He is going to Fowler’s mystery meeting. Diana is in front of a safe. The music box is inside. She tells that she is on her way to assist Burke.