Need to Know - Recap

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The scene opens with Diana and Peter Burke waiting for someone. A man enters but he is hiding his face with a newspaper. Burke and Diana are trying to find out what happened to Kate and the plane explosion and Burke has the idea that the mystery man knows something. But when Burke flashes his badge and tells that he is FBI, he runs. They lose him. Neal comes into the office and Burke tells that Gary Jennings is running for re-election and Neal tells that Mozzie votes. Surprised, Burke tells that he is in the middle of a scam but they don’t know all the details. Burke meets with Dylan, Jennings’s campaign secretary and he tells that Jennings started a straw donor scam and that he has a second book for his secret dealings. Burke tells that they need to get Dylan within the inner circle to get information. Neal recommend that he will pose as a fixer so that he can trick Jennings into thinking that Neal will be fixing things and that they are going to bring up a loan scandal to throw Jennings off.

Gary Jennings enters his office and complains about the meetings where he has to shake hands with everyone. Dylan tells that someone is here to see him. Burke enters and talks about the Loan Scandal that he was cleared months ago but he is going to reopen it and bury him. Dylan calls Burke and tells that Jennings has called a war room and he is very upset. Neal grabs the paper to gets inspiration. Neal gets an alias from the FBI and gives him a background too. Neal’s alias Benjamin Cooper meets with Gary Jennings and Reggie Mayfield. He tells that he is going to distract the press that he cares more about the city’s children then athletes.

Burke is in his office and Neal enters and tells that he got the Fixer job from Jennings. Neal offers to go out for a drink but Burke has plans for a stakeout. Burke is at home and Diana enters in. Diana comes over and shows pictures of the mystery man and the location of the music box and Diana knows. They are keeping it from Neal about Kate’s location and they are trying to figure out who the face belongs to. As they talk there is someone outside taking pictures. Neal walks into Jennings’s office and tells Dylan to distract Jennings if he comes in. Neal opens the desk and finds a matchbook with a flower. CiNNaMoN212 is written on the inside. He slyly sneaks out and meets Jennings. He asks about his payment and says that he wants to do it off the books.

Outside, Neal calls Burke and asks about the symbol he sent of the flower. The symbol matches a High-Class escort service. He tells that Jennings called a man named Barrow. Burke puts the code into the website while talking to Elizabeth on the phone and the escort service advertisement is plays. Elizabeth can’t wait to hear the excuse for that and Burke tells that it is only work. Meanwhile, Neal tells that Jennings is going to set up a meeting and tell that he is meeting with executives and that he is trying to defuse the scandal claim by telling that he likes the children’s park and that he is better then his opponent. Jennings and Reggie invite Neal in private and show the pictures of Burke and Diana. They want to know who the girl is and Neal tells that she is a prostitute. They tell that they have a guy that could set up another meeting with Burke and the prostitute.

Back at the office, Neal shows the picture to Burke and Burke tells that the stakeout was canceled and they were just talking about the case. Neil tells that he never lied to Burke and for him not to lie now. Burke doesn’t know how they are going to tell Diana that she is posing as a prostitute but he tells that Neal told Jennings that she was a prostitute and she is alright with it. Neal meets with Mozzie and Neal knows that Burke is hiding info on Kate from him and Mozzie tells that the FBI has secrets but so do they so it’s even. Diana’s alias Lana meets Barrow and he asks about the FBI agent. Barrow tells that she can work for him and she tells that he needs to know that he can trust her and asks her to seduce a businessman at the bar and get $10,000 from him to Barrow. Neal walks in front of a business man and asks if he can buy her a drink. Neal tells Burke to meet a “mutual friend” for the $10,000 to pay Barrow.

Burke meets with Mozzie and he asks for Burke’s shoelace, a magnet, and a Sports Illustrated. Burke finds a News Journal. Mozzie asks for $20. He opens up a light switch and pulls out a key with the magnet and shoelace. He tells that he needs a Hammer, Crowbar, and a radio and Mozzie quotes Jimmy Buffet. Back at the bar Neal is trying to get Diana interested in him and she flirts a little and tells that it is doing nothing for her. At a warehouse, Mozzie tells that they are looking for container R-39 and asks for the Radio. He turns on classical music. Burke tells that they are using the money to take down a crooked politician and tells that it is Jennings. Mozzie likes Jennings and has bought the whole stadium news that Neal made up. Mozzie tells that he is only helping under duress. Eddie, a worker, comes and meets Mozzie who is called Mr. C. by Eddie. Back at the hotel, Neal and Diana enter the Penthouse suite and Neal tells that they need to enjoy themselves. They are getting the money and Mozzie tells that needs to stay back while he goes and gets the money.

Back at the hotel, Diana and Neal are lying in bed in robes and Diana tells that there is a little mark underneath paintings that people living out of hotels and they leave their own mark on the hotel to make it their own. She uncovers a painting and there is a drawing of a drawn on picture. She tells that she grew up with a diplomat family and that her bodyguard taught her all she knows about guns. She tells that Charlie, the bodyguard, was killed protecting her. Neal talks about a hotel that he and Kate stayed at and there was a view of a bridge that was beautiful. Diana asks for a pencil. Back at the warehouse, Mozzie gets the money and tells that they should go. Burke returns to the van and get the serial numbers. In the hotel room, Diana tells that Burke had a mustache a while ago and they hear someone entering the room. Diana gets on top of Neal and kisses him. They look up and it is Mozzie. He has the $10,000.
Mozzie looks at a wall and it is a picture of the bridge that Neal was talking about drawn on the wall.

Burke is upset that Neal gets to always be with beautiful women and he gets stuck with bald me. Neal asks about the mustache and Burke tells that he burned them all. Jennings calls and
Later Neal and the rest of the campaign members are watching the interview. Jennings tells that he used to play stick ball with Timmy Nolen and tells that he is fighting for the park for the children. Reggie gets Neal’s attention and he tells that Jennings has his sites higher and that they need to take out Burke. He told that he set something up with Barrow and he is going to take out Diana. Burke gets a text that says “SOS Diana”. Diana enters the hotel room and Barrow tells for her to get away from the door. She tells that she is an FBI agent and if he draws his gun, she will put a bullet in his shoulder. He draws and she shoots him right in the shoulder just like she said. Burke enters but it is too late. Barrow is on the ground and they have enough to arrest Jennings.

Burke enters the campaign office and tells Neal that Burrow rolled on Jennings and that he can arrest him. Jennings is posing for his victory poses and Burke enters and tells that he is under arrest. He introduces Neal to Jennings and he is shocked. Neal turns on the news and a reporter is reporting that they are going to build the park and name it after Timmy Nolen, the fictitious character Neal made up. He tells that they are going to have to invent him. Back at the office, Diane hands Neal a folder. Thinking it is the information on Kate, Burke is worried. But it is a picture of Burke with a mustache. Neal runs around showing everyone. But Diana has another file. The facial recognition came back and they have nothing on their mystery man.