Copycat Caffrey - Recap

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The scene opens with Neal reading the newspaper. A work of art was stolen and it is right up Neal’s alley. Louis Fair’s #2 was stolen and is worth $4 Million. They meet with Ms. Jeffries and the artwork was cut out of its frame. Neal tells that is the only option they have to rob a high security place. Burke tells Neal to check his “street contacts” to see what is going on. He calls Mozzie and tells him about the painting stolen and to try to find out the word on the street. He tells that he will look around. He meets with Mozzie and he is doing his normal system of things that people have to do. This time he keeps tapping his cane. Neal walks up and Mozzie tells that he is asking a reward for information. Neal doesn’t think that Mozzie is being completely honest with him. He walks around the corner and sees Alex, an old friend. She tells that she was here to speak to Mozzie and Neal gets a call. It is Burke and they have more information on the painting. Mozzie asks Alex what they are talking about. She tells that she has a big problem. Back at the office, Burke says that they found the painting. But Neal says that he found it in Dubai. Jones and Diana walk in and says Scotland Yard has it. They have forgeries going around and it looks familiar of a copycat. Diana asks who the thief is copycatting. It is Neal.

They meet with Ms. Jeffries and she verifies that they are forgeries and Neal finds out that there is something strange of the forgeries. He tells that whoever painted these, did it in person and had the afternoon light. Burke sees that a Justin Magery was there at the time. They go to the University that Justin attends and walks into Art Class. There is a nude model there that Neal can’t keep his eyes off of and Burke tells him to focus. They find Justin and he admits that he answered an ad requesting 7 copies of the original painting and that he never talked to the girl in person but he saw her drop off the money in his box. They ask if he could tell a sketch artist, but he has already drawn her. Neal visits Mozzie and Alex is there. Mozzie tells that Alex thinks someone is coming after her for information of the music box. She tells that someone is going to sell her out and she needs help. Neal tells that he won’t let anyone hurt her.

Diana found the girl from the sketch. It is Veronica Naylon and she is an honor student. They look at her class schedule and finds that she is getting an A in Criminology. Burke asks Neal how many players are involved in the heist. Burke shows Neal that a Criminology class spends a week on Neal and his forgery crime and he is flattered. They need to find out more and so Neal tells that he will enroll in class and that the FBI will take off the anklet so that he can go. Neal takes the Criminology class and catches the attention of Mr. Oswald the teacher. He asks Neal to answer some questions about his crimes and he obliges. He answers their questions and afterward, Neal goes up to Oswald and tells that he copycatted his crimes. Oswald denies it and Neal tells that he just wants a cut into it. Oswald tells that a group of students meet at a bar after class if he is interested. Back at the FBI, Neal plays back the tape recording from the class and they tell that there is no evidence of the crime and that they can’t arrest him. But he has a plan that will steer them to reveal their secrets.

Neal goes to the bar and meets with the Oswald and his students including the student Veronica Naylon. Neal shows his skills as a pick-pocket and tells that he could con any of them. One student dares that could guess his card in a card trick. Neal tells that he cannot with a girl at the bar. The student walks up to the girl. It is Alex. He tells her to get a card and then put it back. She puts it back but then takes it away again. He starts to go through the card and guesses the wrong card. Oswald walks up and takes the card out of Alex’s purse. Oswald tells that Neal and Alex are working together and are going to take your money. But Alex tells the student to check his pocket. He does and it is the $200 they bet. Neal teaches the student a lesson and he admits that he is not the best. Alex goes out and Neal follows. He tells that he is going to get Russell Smith off her back by getting him into custody of the FBI because of the Krugerrand. She tells that she is in with his idea. Neal tells Burke that the kids do all the leg work and he tells that he knows the petty crook named Russell Smith with Krugerrand and he is going to convince them to go for the heist. Neal meets with Oswald and the other students and they talk about a diamond heist scenario and how they would get out. Alex comes up and plays her part and tells that she trusted him. She quietly asks if she can slap him to add to the affect and he agrees. The students and teacher see Neal get slapped and Neal walks back. Oswald asks if it was a lover’s quarrel and he tells that he is “reformed”. Oswald tells that it was a theoretical discussion. Neal tells that it is a mail and drop and the prize is gold.

At the park, they spot Russell and the FBI stops him. He sees Neal as he is escorted. Russell tells that the Krugerrand fell off a truck. They get set up to stake out for the heist to catch Oswald and the kids. Jones plays the part as Russell and bumps into on of the kids. Another student comes and switches out the briefcases and goes to the drop point. Neal covers the briefcase with a foe one and stores it in a locker. In the van, Burke, Diana and Neal are watching via surveillance. There is no activity. Burke gets interrupted by Jones and hears a message of Russell calling and mentioning Alex’s name. Burke finds out that Alex is back and Diana tells that she doesn’t think that Oswald is going to show up. Neal tells them to check the locker. They check it and it is empty. Neal finds that the back of the locker was taken off and that there is a hallway behind the building. Burke tells Neal to get back the Krugerrand fast.

Burke enters Neal’s apartment and Mozzie is there. Burke tells that he wanted to talk to Alex and Mozzie tells that he will represent her. He wants to know what they are supposed to do because someone important wants those. Mozzie tells that Russell was working for the Boston Mafia and that they want them. Mozzie tells that Burke could pose as a mafia member requesting that the gold be returned but then recants and says that it needs to be coached with an expert. Neal and Burke look at Mozzie and he becomes the “expert”. Burke enters Oswald’s classroom and tells that he is the “Peacemaker”. Mozzie is coaching him through audio surveillance and tells Burke to tell that he is going to cut off his hands if he doesn’t give up the money. Oswald agrees.

Oswald meets with Alex to discuss the payment and he shows the original piece of Artwork that he and the students stole and gets $2 Million for it. The FBI moves in and Oswald sees Burke as one of them. He tells that he wants his lawyer. Alex gets a ticket to Italy on a secured jet and tells that Neal told her that Burke was the best. Burke walks into the Criminology class and tells that Mr. Oswald won’t be there and that he is there to recruit. The other FBI arrest Veronica and the other two boys. Manny tries to talk to get a deal. Burke gets a call and it is Diana. Neal suspects something is up. Diana tells that she has something to show him and for him to meet her right away. Burke meets with Diana and she tells that she found a hole in the music box and doesn’t know what it could be.

Meanwhile, Neal says goodbye to Alex and tells that there was a Maltese that Oswald was suspected of stealing but couldn’t find it. She has the Maltese but she doesn’t say anything. She gives Neal the last piece of the music box and tells that Kate is gone, but the rest of them are still there. Back with Burke and Diana, they see the hole and Burke says that it is a keyhole of some sort. He tells that their “mystery man” might know where it is. Cut back to Neal and he is holding the key to their problems.