By the Book - Recap

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The scene opens with Neal making fun of Mozzie for wearing and ascot. He tells that he has a meeting with someone. Mozzie is organizing the table and puts a book in front of him. Gina, the waitress comes up and tells that the book is amazing. It is Gina that Mozzie wanted to see. Gina asks if Mozzie has friends in the FBI as two men, Vince and Mike enter. They ask when Gina’s next break is. She walks over to Mozzie and tells that he needs to read “Snap of the Twig” and leaves with the two men. In the FBI office, Burke talks about a case. Burke offers a pen for anyone who has the best information. Neal gets on the elevator and gets a text saying to meet on the 20th floor. Mozzie gets on the elevator and tells that he needs help with Gina, the waitress from the dinner. Neal tries to tell that the FBI doesn’t work cases like that and Mozzie tells that they owe him. He tells that Gina gave Mozzie the name of a book to read and tells that “Snap of the twig” is about a woman that gets in too deep with things and that she is the woman. As the elevator goes down and stops at every floor, Mozzie finds some excuses to keep them off the elevator. Burke and the rest of the agents are waiting for the elevator. Neal tells that he will see what he can do and Mozzie gives Neal Gina’s profile. Mozzie leaves and Neal goes back to the FBI office. Burke signs with relief, and Neal comes out and tells that the building has stairs.

Neal has the new agent run Gina’s name and he tells that she made some phone calls but they have stopped and shows that her cards have not been used either. Neal and Mozzie go to Gina’s apartment and Mozzie’s gadgets allow him to see that her house has been tossed. He tells that they need to get in. Neal helps Mozzie enter the apartment. Burke is having lunch with Elizabeth and he is wondering why Neal was shifty when he came off the elevator. Elizabeth is going away for a week and Burke tells that he won’t talk about Neal. He gets a call and it is new FBI agent Blake and Elizabeth tells that Mozzie was mentioning a girl he has been courting named Gina. Neal and Mozzie are in the apartment and they find that Gina has a boyfriend. Neal asks if Mozzie has a fingerprint kit. He starts dusting and can’t find any. But when he puts it on the top of a dresser, there is a name written on it. Diana shows the elevator footage of Neal’s meeting with Mozzie and Jones gives Burke a folder and Burke needs to know where Neal is. Christopher Nevaro is the person involved with Gina.

Neal and Mozzie arrive at Sal’s and Neal breaks in. He hears Navaro talking about how a driver stole $100.000 from him. Neal’s phone buzzes and Navaro knows that someone is in there. Mozzie texts Neal and tells that they have guns. Neal goes in a office and locks it. Burke enters in and says that he got a report of a breaking and entering. He gets Neal and they go outside. Mozzie comes out and Burke tells that they can fill him in at the Bureau. Mozzie enters the FBI office and he is overwhelmed with fear as he stares at all the badges and suits. In Burke’s office, Mozzie and Neal sit down and he tells that Christopher Navaro is a weapons dealer and that they have walked into trouble. Burke tells that Gina has a boyfriend with a record and that she is involved with it. Diana walks in and tells that Gina used her credit card to buy peanuts. Mozzie tells that she is allergic to nuts and they head over to the park. Burke tells that the vendor recognized her and Burke looks at all the cameras people have. He calls Jones to get names of people who were there 2 hours ago and to get their video footage. At the office, they are watching the tapes and Mozzie complains of there is provolone cheese on his sandwich. Mozzie sees Gina on the tape and they realize that she turns to the right, that something is wrong. Mozzie tells the tapes they need to canvas the area. On the tape they see that it was Tommy that she was trying to warn. He gets the message and he drops something in the trash as he leaves. Burke and his team go to the park and find Tommy’s cell phone with a message. It is Navaro and he tells that 5 PM tomorrow with the money or the girl is dead.

At the office, the team strategizes and they all turn to Neal for what Tommy would do. They narrow it down to a Taxi cab as Tommy’s transportation. Mozzie asks what team he is on and he tells that Mozzie is going home with Neal. Burke tells Jones to keep an eye on them. Back at Neal’s apartment, they talk about Tommy might want to change his ID. They tell that the only person doing that is Devlin. Neal asks if Jones is still out there and Mozzie tells that he is. The next day, Neal calls Jones and tells that he needs a favor. They go up to Devlin and Neal tells that Jones is a Fed and Mozzie plays around and tells Neal to watch it. Neal tells Mozzie that he couldn’t tell that Jones works for Navaro. Devlin asks what they got into and Neal tells that Navaro thinks that Mozzie made a fake ID for Tommy Barnes. Jones walks up and Mozzie tells Devlin to back him up. He tells that he has his back and rats out Mozzie telling that Tommy has a new name. Jones walks away with Mozzie and Neal and tells that they have more fun then the Feds do.

At the office Neal tells that they are going to bring Tommy in no matter what. Diana walks in and tells that Tommy took a cab and said that he would pay $4,000 to him if he drove him to Chicago. But he only paid $400 because he had the driver turn off on the Jersey turnpike. Jones calls and tells that Tommy has a new name. Tommy Barnes is walking and Burke calls his name. He turns around and Diana is there too. Burke asks how Tommy got the money and that he tells that the money was there when he did a drop for Navaro and he took it. Burke tells that there is a way to make things right. They set the plan up and Mozzie sees Tommy getting ready. Mozzie scares Tommy and he tells that he doesn’t want to do it. Burke tells Mozzie to sit down and read a book. Mozzie gets up and tells Tommy to man up. Tommy tells that Navaro will kill him. Jones says that they have a problem. Mozzie walked out into the drop. He gives Navaro some of the money and Navaro tells that he can guarantee Tommy a quick death. Mozzie calls Navaro and idot and mentions a page number from “The Book” and tells that Feds are surrounding them. He tells that there is a way out in the subways. Neal looks at Mozzie’s book and realizes that Mozzie was saying Perfect Exchange.

Mozzie and Navaro enter a condo and Gina comes out unharmed. Mozzie calls himself “The Broker”. He asks for a chair and a coffee and tell how it is going to go. Burke meets Neal at his apartment and Burke asks what the “Perfect Exchange” is. Mozzie and Neal are talking about what happens in the perfect exchange and it is designed to make everyone to win and Burke tells that nothing is perfect. Neal tells that they need to stakeout the library and follow the guy to Navaro. Neal and Burke are on stakeout and they see Navaro’s man. Burke asks about the middle man. Mozzie is the middle man. Neal tries to get out but has a plan. He points a gun at Navaro’s head and tells him to take him to Navaro. Mozzie and Gina are talking and she tells that she had hoped that he’d share the codes with the FBI. Navaro’s man gets back and Navaro tells Mozzie that they don’t need him any more. Mozzie realizes that he was the middle man. Burke enters and tells Navaro to drop his weapons. Mozzie takes the gun from the distracted man and points it at him. Navaro tells that he doesn’t have any intention of going to jail and aims his gun at Burke. The rest of the team enters and they arrest Navaro and his men. Neal tells Mozzie that he needs to rewrite the “Perfect Exchange”.

Mozzie is back at the Dinner and Gina tells that Tommy and her broke up and that she is going to California for an adventure. He is a little heartbroken but he is alright. Gina gives him a coded message that says “You’re cute too”. Neal tells that he was worried about Mozzie and Burke tells that he knows how it feels. Mozzie tells that he broke it off with Gina and asks if they are going to the Bureau or not. Burke tells that he got Neal in but is not sure if he could get Mozzie in. Neal says thanks to Burke for the pen and says that he earned it. But Burke tells Neal to give it back to which Neal tells him no.