Unfinished Business - Recap

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The scene opens with Neal and Burke walking down the street and Neal is excited that they are going to go to Mortebello’s. Thinking that he is going to eat there, Neal starts telling that each plate is a work of art. Burke breaks the news that they are only going to be meeting someone. Neal finds out that it is a woman of his past. Sara Ellis, and insurance investigator, meets them and tells that $100,000 in Japanese bonds has been stolen and they believe that a Edward Halbridge is involved. She is distracted by an Emilio and she tells that he could do what he wants with the VIN numbers but it is still a Mercedes SLR and that is not allowed for him. He attempts to reach for something and Sara pulls out a baton and hits him with it. She tells that he can file a complaint with her friends the FBI. She gets in the car and Neal stops her. He calls her a white collar bounty hunter and she gives him her business card in case he wants to turn anything in. He tells her not to wait by the phone. It is clear that Neal is not happy to have Sara in his life again.

Mozzie is with Neal and they are looking at the plane wreckage of Kate’s plane. A guard walks up and asks who they are. Neal tells that they are from Sterling Bosh Insurance and tells that they need the voice recorder from the cockpit. Roy tells that they made a copy of it and Neal tells them to send it to Sara. Back at the office, Neal tells Sara that they started off on the wrong foot and Sara sarcastically and shows a recorder and tells that she is going to keep him talking. Knowing that he is being recorded, he buttons up. Burke tells that the case is with Edger Halbridge and Mr. Black who are talking about something big and that Mr. Black is a currier to get the bonds out of the country. Neal tells that Halbridge
Neal tells that Sara is welcome for him offering to get the bonds back and that it makes her cut $2 Million and she tells that the FBI recovery rate is 1 and 20. Burke tells that it is the Bureau’s recovery rate, not his. Burke fills Neal in about what Mr. Black is wearing and that the real Mr. Black is detained by the Canadian Police for now. Burke tells that the sign to move in is “Long Flight”.

Neal gets out of the taxi and sees a black limo pull up. The driver gets out and opens the door. Neal gets inside and sees a black briefcase and leather gloves. He opens the briefcase and the driver pushes a button that jams his communicator. Neal looks inside and sees a gun and silencer. Mr. Black is an assassin. The driver continues to drop to the target and the signal is still jammed. They arrive at the site and Neal gets out. They reestablish contact and Neal tells that Mr. Black has been sent to kill someone and that they need to get someone there before his does something. Neal enters the condo and it is Sara. Neal tells Sara to put down the gun and that he is not there to kill her. Burke calls and confirms and Neal tells that Halbridge needs to think that she is dead. Sara shoots 3 holes in her floor with Neal’s gun and Neal walks out and says the job is done.

Burke asks Neal about the gun and he tells that he had to ditch it. Sara comes in and Burke thought that she was going to the safe house. Sara tells that there is work to be done. Burke tells Sara that she should go to the safe house and Sara tells that she was woken up at gun point and she is energized. Burke has Jones bring up a cot for Sara to sleep on. Sara wanders why Halbridge would want her dead and Burke tells her that they will find that out for her. Mozzie is at Neal’s apartment and he tells that Neal is an hour late. Mozzie tells that the package is there at Sterling Bosh but tells that it is under lock and key until they investigate her death. Neal tells that he is going to have to find a way to get into Sterling Bosh and Mozzie tells Neal to simply kozzie up with her. He tells that she put a gun to her head and was ready to shoot. Mozzie tells that Neal has come back from worse.

Neal enters the office and brings Sara a copy of the Raphael that she “thinks” he stole years ago. She laughs at the gesture and Burke enters. Sara tells that Neal gave her a present and Burke tells that he never gets presents. He asks Sara what would make Halbridge want to kill her. They find that 5 weeks ago, Sara was digging on an apartment complex of Ridgemont. Neal offers that he will go as Mr. Black and discuss it with Halbridge. Neal talks with Halbridge and tells that he has to wire $2 Million into his account to avoid him going to the FBI about Ridgemont Apartments or he has a lot more to loose than he does. Neal goes to the van outside and tells that Ridgemont was the way in and tells that they can plant bugs to monitor him. Burke tells Diana to monitor Halbridge closely. Back at Neal’s apartment, Mozzie wants to know if Neal is in a Broadway production of “Greece” since his hair is all slicked back. He tells that Neal would make a good Danny Sooko. Neal tells that he is playing hitman still and asks why Mozzie is still there. He tells that Neal has a better wine selection. Neal tells that Sara is staying at the FBI and he tells that it is hard to stay like that.

Neal goes to the office and tells Sara to go with him. She tells that she can’t leave the FBI and Neal tells that she has to think outside of the box. They go to the roof for breakfast and they talk about how the whole experience has humbled Sara and she talks about her family. Sara asks what Neal wants from her. He tells that he would love the fortune cookie. Her fortune reads, “Excitement and Intrigue follow me” and Neal’s reads “I make good soups”. He informs that he does though. Neal gets a call from Burke and he informs that Halbridge is taking the bait and is digging up Ridgemont tomorrow. The next day, Burke and Jones go to the site and the crew digs up something. They have a crate and they open and find a body that us rotted to the skeleton. Burke talks to Elizabeth and she asks how the case is going. She tells to go talk to Sara and make sure that everything is good. Burke goes up to Sara and tells that they recovered a body and that they are waiting to see who the body belongs to. Burke tells that the clothing looks like from the mid ‘80’s and he tells Sara that she needs to rest and tells that the forensics are going to be there tomorrow. But she doesn’t want to sleep.

The next morning Neal comes in and they tell that Edgar Halbridge is the body and found that a Steve Price is possibly the man who killed him and stole his identity. However they are going to need more evidence. But Neal has a plan to get Price to confess to the murder and the bonds. Burke goes to Price’s and shows the picture of the dead body and tells that he still doesn’t have an ID. He then shows the picture of Sara and tells that she faked her own death. He then shows a picture of Neal with Sara and tells that they may be working together. He tells that Neal is Steve Price. Burke plants a bug on Price’s desk. In the van, Price is talking about how they got conned. Mozzie tells that his plan worked and the package was released.

Diana walks up to Steve Price at the bank and tells Steve to show some ID. Burke enters and arrests him for the murder of Edgar Halbridge and finds that Price has the Japanese Bonds as well. They load Price in the van and his associate. However, Burk sees chocolate eaten in the back seat of the limo and asks if Mr. Black is still being held by the Canadians. He is not. Burke knows that he is going after Sara. Neal and Sara arrive at her condo and Sara has the mail from her office. She puts it on the table and Neal begins to go through it. He finds the package but they are interrupted by someone jiggling the door handle. Neal and Sara back away and a man enters the place with a gun. It is the real Mr. Black and he has come to kill Sara. Neal and Sara are hiding and Mr. Black sees Neal and shoots but it is only his reflection. When he walks up to Neal, Sara puts a gun to his head. Burke and his team enter and arrest him. Burke wonders why Neal is there and he tells that Sara needed a ride home. As he passes the envelope, Neal is forced to leave the recording.