In the Red - Recap

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The scene opens with Neal waiting for something. Burke, Jones, and Diana are in a van running surveillance and Burke’s gut instinct bets that the crook is on the inside. Jones takes that bet and a car pulls up. Burke zooms in on the plates and it belongs to Catherine McMillian, assistant of Bloustein. Neal tells that he is not going to show the money in the open. Neal asks if she is alone and tries to talk her out of the deal. But she tells that she wants her money. The FBI move in with their guns and Neal shows a toy car and tells for no guns. Burke opens the back seat and her son is in the back seat. Neal walks into his apartment and Mozzie is there and he tells that he wanted to thank him for doing a lot for him. Mozzie shows that he got the package back and tells that he went to her apartment and used a thermal scope to get the code. He found the tape and gives it to him. He tells that he will listen to it later.

Neal meets with Burke and asks about Catherine’s son and Burke tells Neal that Catherine’s son, Aullie, is in child protective service. Neal tells that Catherine is not a jewel thief and that she is like a Carol Brady. Burke gets a call from Jones who tells that Catherine is ready to talk. Catherine tells that Aullie is a child from Chechnya that she adopted and an adoption agency owner, Luke Donovan told her that the birth mother wanted money to be quiet about the adoption. She was desperate and had to come up with the extra $100,000 to keep things quiet. They ask if the adoption was legal and she tells that it is and that he has all the paperwork that he needs. Neal tells that Catherine could be right and Donovan is a crook.

Burke visits with Donovan and Burke tells about Catherine McMillian and asks why he asked $100,000 from her. He asks him to prove that the birth mother came forward. He tells that he could give the name of hi Chechnya contact. When Burke walks out of Donovan’s office, he bumps into a man that goes inside Donovan’s office. They look up his name as Clark “the shark” Maskodoff. He is part of the Chechnya Mafia. Sara walks into the FBI offices and she tells that Neal broke into her house again. She tells that he is going to take a Polygraph. Neal tells that he’ll take it. He reaches for a tack. In a separate office the test begins and Neal answers Sara’s questions without showing up that he is lying. She asks if he knows about the stolen painting and Neal tells that the interviewing is over. In Burke’s office, he tells Neal that he didn’t cheat the test. Burke still doesn’t believe him. Burke tells that a warehouse is holding a poker game and they tell it is supposed to be shut down.

They go up to the place where the poker games are supposed to be ran and it is password protected with a guard outside. Neal asks for Burke’s phone and calls his own. He tells Burke not to hang up. Neal walks up to Barry, one of the Chechnya Mafia’s men, and puts the phone into his suit pocket. Neal walks back to Burke and listens as he gives the password “Sunnydale” to the guard. Neal gets in using the same password and sees Barry talking with people around the poker room. Neal walks up to Barry and Clark and asks to be put into the tournament. They say that they are full and Neal tells that he is really good and tells that his name is Nick Holden. They allow him in the game and tell that the entry fee is $100,000. Neal walks up to the counter and gives a lady his routing number and account number. She walks off and Neal turns on the laptop and finds that there is -$200,000 on Donovan’s name. The lady tells that the account came back with insufficient funds and Neal tells that she could overlook the error. She tells him to bring the $100,000 in cash the day of the tournament. Neal walks out and tells that he has an angle to take down Donovan.

Jones and Diana tell that Donovan’s adoptions are all legal. Burke tells that Neal found out that Donovan owes the Chechnya Mafia $200,000 and plans to win it back at the tournament. Neal is going to make sure that he won’t win and Jones and Diana are going to go undercover as a couple looking for a child to adopt. Donovan is going to get desperate and try to shake down Jones and Diana. Back at Neal’s apartment, Neal tells that he used a tack to trick the lie detector. Mozzie wants to know how Sara knew she broke in and Neal tells that it was possible the large amounts of tries to her keypad. Mozzie asks when Neal will listen to the tape and he tells that Mozzie wasn’t there. But Mozzie tells that he was there for the aftermath. Mozzie asks about the case and Neal tells that a man is messing with adoptions. Mozzie tells that Neal needs to win the poker match because Mozzie went through foster care and knows about it. Meanwhile, Diana and Jones are ready to go to Donovan and they have the script down perfect. Burke tells them to be careful and they have every document they need. Jones and Diana sit down with Donovan and they say that they have been going on with the adoption for five years and that they are having trouble. Donovan asks where they heard his name from and they tell from Gilbert. Donovan tests them on the identity of Gilbert and eventually takes the bait. He tells that $50,000 is the retainer and that he will do his best. Diana and Jones come back in and say that they are all set. At the office, Neal tells that he is going to need to know Donovan’s signs that he is lying. Burke tells that he is on it.

Sara arrives at Neal’s apartment with a search warrant and police. They search Neal’s place and they find the tape. At the office, Burke is questioning Donovan about his business and tries to find out when he is lying. Diana enters and he tells that Donovan blinks twice when he lies. Diana tells that Neal is getting arrested. Burke enters Neal’s apartment and sees that Neal is getting handcuffed and tells the detectives to take Neal away. He tells Sara not to press charges because they need Neal for bigger things. She agrees. Neal gets ready for the poker game and Burke tells him to be careful. Neal enters the game and Donovan and him take out each player one by one. Donovan goes all in when it is just the two of them and Neal sees that Donovan blinked twice about his hand. Neal shows his hand and beats Donovan. He is not happy. Back at the office, Burke is certain that Neal cheated but Neal tells that he won’t reveal his secret. Burke goes home and calls Elizabeth, who is on a trip. He tells that Neal and Sara are going back and forth and that she is investigating Neal and Neal likes it. He gets another call. It is Diana and Donovan wants to talk. He tells that the birth mother came forward and says that he needs $200,000 cash. As Donovan is saying this, the Chechnya Mafia is there.

Burke, Jones, and Diana are in a van and Diana tells that Donovan pushed up the meeting by a half an hour and Jones wonders why. Neal calls and tells that Donovan hooked the red eye flight to Argentina last minute. Diana walks out and walks up to Donovan’s office. But she is interrupted by the Chechnya Mafia and says that Donovan wanted them to collect the money for him. She is told to stall but one of the men grabs the money and Diana draws her pistol on one of the men. Burke and the rest of the team enter and say that they only want Donovan. The next scene shows Donovan with the Clark’s men and they escort Neal. Donovan doesn’t know what’s going on and they escort Neal downstairs and there are noises of Neal getting beaten up. But downstairs, it is Burke and the others hitting things and Neal screaming. Donovan tells that he can cut them in on the adoption scam to spare him getting beaten up. He admits that he has done 10-12 times before and Burke enters. Donovan tries to say that he was taken but he sees Neal that he is alright. Clark tells Donovan that he thinks that Donovan is a bad man for messing with Chechnya children. Later Sara enters Neal’s apartment and asks him to talk about Kate. She tells that she is in. Mozzie and Neal listen to the tape and it is Kate calling someone before the explosion.