Prisoner's Dilemma - Recap

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The scene opens with Burke and Elizabeth at home and they are in a hurry. Burke tells that they need a little time together and tells that tonight is going to be dinner and a movie with no work talk. Burke tells Elizabeth not to be late. Neal and Burke walk to the office and Neal tells that it is the weekend and that he wanted to go to an art museum. Burke tells that if Neal can find another FBI Agent to go with him, then he could go. At the office, Burke’s boss is there and he has to go. Neal walks up to Diana and asks if she wants to go to the whiteboard art museum. She tells that she went last week. Neal sees that the U.S. Marshalls are there in the office and asks. Diana doesn’t know but says that it is important. John Decker from the U.S. Marshalls says that a FBI Agent, Jack Franklin, is a fugitive that used to work for the White Collar branch. Decker found the information and they tell Burke and his team to look into it more as well as they will look into it. Neal tells it feels weird to be on the opposite side of the manhunt.

Burke sets up a meeting and they plan their route to get to Franklin before the Marshalls do. Neal looks at his file and tells that Franklin was a good agent. Burke tells that he got mixed in with a C.I. named Rebecca Vidal and that he got transferred and went off the map. They go to the dealership where her Alias works at and Burke asks for Rebecca. Burke tells Neal that she used to be a car thief before she was a C.I. Rebecca comes up and Burke tells that he would like to take a car for a spin. Rebecca shows her skills as a car thief and tells the specs of the car. Burke tells Neal to be good while he is away. Neal sees the office of Eddy Van Mueller and walks up to a customer named Dan. He poses as Nick Holden and tells that he wants to test drive the car. Seeing that security guards have switched shifts, Neal tells that he is taking a car out for a test drive. The guards tell that the guy is a looker, not a buyer. Meanwhile, Burke is having fun driving the car and he stops the car. He shows his badge and Rebecca tells that the Marshalls were already there at her apartment and that they are not getting anymore information because she doesn’t know where Franklin is. He takes her back and Neal has Dan at the computer and is printing out Rebecca’s test drive record. He convinced one of the guards to log him into Rebecca’s computer. She walks in and Neal tells that Dan wants to buy the car.

Outside the building, Burke asks what Neal was doing and Neal shows him the report. Rebecca took a car out for 1½ hours with one of her Aliases. They need to find out where she went and Neal mentions the GPS tracker on the cars. At the office, Burke shows that the car was parked for an hour and a half and they think that a file shows that Franklin was working on a case that involves Decker. Neal feels that Decker is on the Sullivan case. Decker comes in and asks what Rebecca told them. Burke wants to know how Decker knew that they talked with Rebecca. Neal tells that Decker traced his anklet and Decker asks if Burke has anything new. Burke lies and says that he doesn’t and walks away. Burke tells Neal that he is going he is going to go home and work while Neal stays at the office. Burke is at home getting ready for his date with his wife and the casserole is in the oven. He goes to check on it and notices a shadow outside. He gets his gun and realizes it is Agent Franklin. He tells that Rebecca told him to talk to Burke and says that he could listen. Burke gets him to lower his gun and enter the house.

At Neal’s apartment, Mozzie is encrypting the message and says that he is tracing the phone number that Kate called before the plane explodes. Neal congratulates him and leaves. Back with Franklin and Burke, Franklin tells that he was looking into a case and that he was transferred because he got a little too deep. He tells that Decker knows that Agent Franklin is on to him and so that is why he is after him. Burke tells that he showed Decker that you were at Volker’s office and Franklin knows that Decker is going to destroy the case linking him to Volker and the money. Burke tells him that they are going to take down Decker together and that Franklin needs to surrender his weapon. At the office, Neal is trying to convince Jones to go with him to the Whiteboard art museum and he tells him no. They walk into the conference room and see his assistants. They ask where he went and they tell that he had to run some errands. Jones and Neal call Burke and tell him that Decker knows that they were going to Volker’s place and that he might be in there. They enter Volker’s office and there is a gun shot. Burke enters to see Decker shredding papers and Franklin tells that he is destroying the only evidence he had on Decker. They run away from Decker and go to the parking garage and jam the door shut. They see two Lamborghinis and they try to call their Rebecca and Neal to see how to hotwire the cars. Neal tells that there is a hideaway key and Burke beats out Franklin. Burke and Franklin drive to the harbor and Jones and Neal pull up and Burke asks if he could take off the GPS tracker. He does successfully and Burke and Franklin tell that they have to disappear. Neal knows exactly the place.

Back at the office, the big boss calls Neal over and asks where Burke is. Neal knows that Decker called and the big boss tells that Decker saw Franklin destroying evidence and that Burke protected Franklin. Neal corrects him and tells that it was Decker destroying the information. Neal tells that he needs him to find Burke more time. Burke and Franklin arrive at Mozzie’s hideout and he tells that no “suit” will go there again. They walk in and it is a Zen garden. Burke tells that he didn’t take out the pot-roast. Back at the office, Neal asks about Decker and Volker and Diana tells that they are not going to get him because he is too tight. Decker comes in and tells that him, Neal and Jones are going to stake out Burke’s home. He asks who Diana is and the main boss tells that she is a transfer. Decker buys it. Burke tells that he needs to use the phone and Mozzie tells that it is in the Dojo. On his way there, Burke breaks Mozzie’s Zen rake and tells that he will fix it.

Elizabeth gets home and wonders why there is smoke everywhere. Meanwhile, Jones and Neal are with Decker in a surveillance van spying on the out side of Burke’s apartment. They talk about how it is silly to stay outside of Burke’s house. Neal sees that Decker has a key to his anklet and it tempted to take it. They see a visitor enter the residence. It is Mozzie. She tells Elizabeth that he will be her date for the evening. They sit around and talk about Burke and the types of things that are going on. Meanwhile, Diana has Volker in the office and tells that his Lamborghinis have had an accident. Back in the van, they see Mozzie get out and he gives Neal a signal. They follow Mozzie into the car dealership where Rebecca is and Neal takes Decker’s keys. Mozzie tells Rebecca to pretend to know him. Neal gets a call and it is Burke. He tells that everything is falling into place. The big boss is on the phone to. Decker wants to know who he is talking to and grabs it from him. He hears the big boss’s voice and tells that he is sorry for not trusting Neal.

Decker sees Volker enter the dealership and sees him signing a piece of paper and Neal tells that Volker took a deal with the FBI and that he rolled on him. He doesn’t believe it and gets up and points his gun at the window. Jones tells for him to stand still and he is then meeting from all the rest and he stops where he is. Later, Mozzie knows The FBI agent who set up the flight, Agent Fowler. All Neal has to do is find him. Neal walks in and tells that he is going home and the big boss asks if he is going to the Whiteboard Museum and he tells Neal that he has always wanted to go. Neal agrees with him and he offers to go with Neal so he could experience the expedition too. Neal agrees. Later Burke has a Zen Rake for Mozzie and the Dojo is all packed up. In the sand is written, J. Edgar Hoover was here. Burke draws a line in the Zen Garden and walks away.