Company Man - Recap

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The scene opens with Burke and Neal walking in the office and they talk about the crimes that people do. Neal shows Burke the disappearing coin trick and asks where the quarter is. Burke tells that it is still in his right hand because he never made the switch. Neal tells that he is right and that he never should let his eyes off the quarter and gives back the quarter to Burke. In a meeting, Burke tells his team that Joseph Haze was murdered. He was carrying a NexGen Quantum Processor to be able to break codes. Burke tells that someone killed him for it. They ask if there are any leads and Burke tells that Wesley Kent has avoided them and that they need to get in the company to get close to the information. Neal assumes it is him and gets up. Burke tells that they have someone better for the job. Later, Burke is putting on a shirt and tie and it is clear that he is the undercover agent going in. He tells that he was good at accounting and changes the subject to Kate’s Black Box recording from the plane. He tells to allow them to work together and to arrange a meeting with Mozzie to work with Diana.

Burke enters the offices of Wesley Kent and Ellen Samuels meets him and says that she is Mr. Kent’s personal secretary. Burke meets Kent and he tells he can get to work right away and Burke asks where his office is and Kent tells that he is sitting in it. Burke is surprised by the size of the office. Meanwhile, Neal meets with Diana and Mozzie and they are arguing about having to work with each other. Mozzie tries to tell that he has a system for her to follow and Neal gets a call from Jones and tells them to work it out. Neal goes to Jones and he tells that they are almost into Haze’s laptop. Ellen comes in the office of Burke and offers to get him an espresso. He tells that whatever she feels is good is fine. She walks away and Burke plugs in a sync device and Jones gets connection and starts transferring files. Ellen brings back the espresso for Burke and the system transfers in time. Back in his suite that the company paid for him, he is on Skype with Elizabeth and shows her the place. He tells that he has the best view and shows a picture of Elizabeth. There is room service at the door and it is Neal. He comes in and tells Burke that he could have had all of the rich life if he would have stayed where he was. He asks if there are no regrets and Burke tells that there are not. He tells that he is getting in with the company but needs someone else inside too. He tells that he is going to offer him a job in the marketing department to get close to the employees.

Neal takes to his new position easily and wins the hearts over everyone besides Trent. Ellen comes up to Neal and says that the “auditor” wants to talk to him. Neal visits Burke and compliments the office. He tells that he was offered for drinks after work and that he will get the information he needs to get the right information from the employees. Burke suggests that he hint that he is looking at their personnel files. At the restaurant, they talk about the death of Haze and tells that he saw the folder on the auditor’s desk and they had all of their folders too. The check comes and it is $2,000. Neal shakes the hat and pulls a card to the top for the waitress to grab. It is Trent’s card. Later at the office, Neal catches a person in Burke’s office. It is Jessica Breslen and she tells that she doesn’t like anyone looking at her personal files. At his suite, Burke loves the good life and is talking to a picture of Elizabeth and tells that the life could have been his. There is a knock on the door. It is Neal and he tells that the mole is Jessica. He tells that she has been sending out mail to White Plains. Burke shows that Kent is inviting him out to dinner tomorrow.

Mozzie and Diana get to it and Mozzie tells that he did a full background check and there have not been any hits on anything. Diana shows that they only have the resignation letter from Fowler. June comes in and asks about the forms that Burke sent over. While she is talking to Diana, Mozzie sees Mozart’s Sonnet in her bag. Back at the office, Neal sneaks in Jessica’s office and uses a can of compressed air to uncover an imprint of a flight arrangement of Kent. Jessica comes back and sees that her file holder is moved. Neal meets Burke in the hall and tells that Jessica is tracking the travel arrangements of Kent. Neal meets with Mozzie and he tells Neal that Mozart’s Sonata in her bag and tells that Diana has the music box. He tells that Neal is being tailed and he follows Jessica. She draws a gun on Neal and tells that she wants to know who killed Haze. They bring Jessica to the office and question her relationship with Haze. She tells that he and her were close and that she wants to know who killed him. Jessica tells that she would do anything to get Kent and was trying to get into Kent’s office to get information and she can’t do it. Burke and Neal build a plan and they figure out that the only way to get the voice print of Kent’s is to get it from him personally. Burke remembers his dinner date with Kent.

Burke meets with Kent on his dinner date and he reminds him to call him Wesley. He tells that he wants Burke to work for Novice and to quit his old one. Burke quotes Latin to Kent and he tells that he is about to put through a deal that is going to set the company and those involved for life. Burk turns it down and tells that he likes the position he is in. Burke gets Kent to say the password. Outside, he gives it to Neal and now all he has to go is get the security badge to get in fully. Neal sneaks by someone and gets her key card. He goes to the top and uses the voice print that Burke got. He walks over to the shredder and puts the device that is going to make a copy of the document before shredding it. He goes to Jessica and tells that the job is done and that they are going to get Kent on a lot of things. Peter tells Neal that he is going to tell Kent that Jessica was looking into Haze’s death and that he will probably go after her. At Kent’s office, Burke gives his report and Neal tells that they are going to go to the safe house now. Burke has a drink with Kent and tells that he is going to have to turn down the position.

Outside of the building, Neal tells that an agent will pick her up and Mozzie calls. He tells that he needs to be sitting down. He tells that Burke knows that Diana has the music box. Neal sees the recorder pen with Kent’s imprint. She tells that she poisoned the alcohol and Neal tells that Burke is there too. Meanwhile, Burke and Kent are dying and Peter is trying to ask how much time. Neal runs and asks to get to the top floor. The guard tells that he is not going to allow that, but Neal runs to the elevator and hot-wires it to gain access. He makes it to Burke in time and Diana arrests Kent. Jessica is arrested for attempted murder. Back in his office, Burke is looking better and Neal tells that Burke misses it. But Burke tells that he would have never met his wife or the others in his life and doesn’t want to imagine who he would be without that. Neal tells that Burke has the music box and tells that he wants to see it. They get the music box and Neal pulls out the missing piece. There is a click and they open the box. The episode ends with Neal and Burke agreeing to “No more Secrets”.