Point Blank - Recap

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The scene opens with Neal and Burke walking and going to see Mozzie. They get to Neal’s apartment and show Mozzie the music box. They give him the missing piece and let him open it. The music box plays and Neal asks if Mozzie knows what it is. Mozzie tells that it is a code used Run escape’s encrypted flute solo type of thing. Burke takes the box and Neal takes the key. Later, Mozzie tells that the code is old, but Neal tells that the box and the key were together and feel that Alex was the one to last have the music box. Mozzie tells that Alex disappeared to Italy, but Neal tells that he knows where to find Alex. Meanwhile, Burke and Diana meet and Diana tells that they got a hit on Fowler. She tells that it is an old bank account that belonged to Fowler. Burke tells that they are going to put a trace on the account and notice when they draw him out to put money into it. Burke tells Diana to keep the box safe and she deposits it into the safe in her apartment.

Meanwhile, Mozzie and Neal visit Hale and he tells that he knows that Alex is still in town because of the fact that she is still trying to steal silver again. Hale tells that NYPD is on her tail and Neal asks what he owes Hale and he tells that he will remember him when he does his next heist. Neal tells that it is going to be a long time. Mozzie asks how they are going to be able to get FBI resources to get Alex before the NYPD do. Neal tells that he is going to con the FBI. This involves them getting a file on Alex and make a fake FBI file that has been around for a while. Joan comes in and tells that she is going out of town and that she needs Neal to dog sit for her. He agrees. Mozzie and Neal get to work and Neal uses his FBI staff knowledge and they create a story with the way that the file has been aged. The trick is now that it is done is to put it in Burke’s paperwork and make him pick it and think it was his idea the entire time. Meanwhile, Burke gets home and goes through the files with Elizabeth and he picks the doctored file.

The next day, Burke tells Neal that he chose the new case they are going to follow. He organizes the meeting and all the agents are on this. Diana comes into Burke’s office and tells that Fowler was spotted at the ATM and tells that the money that they deposited was withdrawn within minutes. Meanwhile at Neal’s, Mozzie is trying to figure out the code that was played on the music box. Neal comes in and he asks how the code breaking is going. Mozzie tells that he is not getting anywhere, but knows a guy who is a code maker and might be able to have a chance. Neal tells Mozzie to be careful about who he gives the code to. He tells that he will. Later at the stakeout on the place where Alex is supposed to be at, Diana tells that Fowler was using the alias Aaron Bourgous. The name is wanted for buying explosives. She asks if he is going to tell Neal and he doesn’t know if he can handle it.

Neal meets Alex on the top of the opposite building and she asks what he is going to do. He tells that she needs to be careful because the NYPD is close to linking the thefts. The music box’s code hasn’t been cracked by Alex and Neal tells Alex to steal the music box and turn it to the Russian Museum. Back in the van, Burke tells her to get Fowler as the new target. Neal comes in and Diana tells that she is going home. Neal attempts to stop her, but allows her to go. Burke shows the reciept of the bomb and tells that Aaron is Fowler’s alias. Meanwhile, Alex is in Diana’s and is stealing the music box. Diana comes inside, but Alex is too quick and leaves with the box. Diana calls Burke and Burke asks if Neal had anything to do with the theft of the music box. Neal tells that he is not involved, but Burke doesn’t believe him.

The next day, the music box is in the paper and it tells that the Russian Museum is hosting a private viewing and Neal is called into the office. Burke tells that Neal is trying to lure Fowler out and tells that he is going to his, but Neal is not going to. Neal is upset that he is not going to be able to go. Mozzie meets with Akhiro. He tells that he will help make a copy of the code. He does. Neal comes in and tells that he told Alex to steal the music box. Mozzie realizes that Neal is trying to draw Fowler out and he tells that Fowler is the one that purchased the explosives that blew up Kate’s plane. Akhiro comes back and tells that it is a two part code. Mozzie is invited back and Mozzie tells Neal not to do anything stupid. Neal eyes a pistol that is in Akhiro’s shop. He grabs it and walks off. Diana comes up to Burke and gives Burke the outline of the building and they tell that they are going to grab Fowler.

They go to the event and Burke and Diana are staking out the event. Meanwhile, Neal is getting ready for the event regardless of what Burke says. He takes out the anklet key and unlocks it. Back at the event, Fowler gets in and Burke tells that he is going after Fowler. Inside, Fowler sees Burke and starts to run upstairs. He locks a door behind him and shoves a screwdriver in the door. Back at Neal’s Mozzie comes in and tells that Akhiro and him have done something with the code, but sees that Neal is not there. He sees that the dog has Neal’s ankel bracelet is around its neck. Mozzie calls Burke and tells that Neal is not there. Burke calls Diana and tells her to keep an eye out for him. Meanwhile Neal walks inside and has the gun that he took from the shop. He walks outside and sees Fowler.

Neal goes up the stairs and goes out onto a balcony. He sees a curtain. Diana sees Neal on the balcony and tells that he has nowhere to go. He goes inside and grabs a knife. He cuts the rope holding the curtain and cuts it. He flies through the window Fowler is in and puts a gun to his head. He asks if he killed Kate and Fowler tells that he didn’t. Burke and Diana get in and talk Neal down from killing him. They take Fowler into custody. At the office, Fowler tells that he doesn’t know who wanted Kate and Neal dead and tells that he only did it because a man had a video of Fowler and that he tells that the man pulling the strings is a lot bigger. Neal is escorted home and he is frustrated of the recent news. Burke shows Fowler the picture of the intermediary and Fowler recognizes him as Julian Larsen.

They look him up and Diana comes in and tells that the NYPD called in a homicide and it is Akhiro and they find out that Akhiro was working on the code. The surveillance tape was cued at earlier footage. Neal is the next target. Meanwhile, Neal invites Alex inside. She asks if the target is off her back and he tells that it is. Alex tells that it is sad that it is all coming to an end. Burke and Diana burst in and Alex is only leaving her number. Burke and Diana tell that Akhiro is dead and that the video was cued to him earlier at the shop. He tells that he wasn’t alone. At the same moment, Julian walks up to Mozzie and shoots him. He goes up to Mozzie and searches his pockets. Mozzie falls over and his eyes close.