What Happens in Burma - Recap

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Peter and Neal banter as they walk down the street. Peter always wished
he'd traveled more. Neal: "I tried to get you to go to France!" Peter:
"You fled to France." Neal: "you're picking." They're being called to a
meeting with the State Department's undersecretary of Asian affairs,
Adam Wilson. Peter notes that Interpol warrants are just as good as free
tickets, when it comes to travel. Neal asks where Peter would go, if
there were no limits. Peter would want to be a Viking, in Sweden.

Wilson greets them with a handshake and quickly fills them in on the
case. An American college student named Christopher Harlow is being held
prisoner in Burma. He's accused of gem smuggling. Wilson thinks the
charges are trumped up. Harlow has no criminal record, no prior travel
and no contacts in Burma. Peter sympathizes, but he doesn't know what
this has to do with them. Wilson says the gem is in Manhattan. Peter
figures if they find the real smuggler, the case against Harlow will be
dismissed. He agrees to help.

Peter fills in his team, showing them a picture of the Mandalay Ruby.
It's a 237-carat pigeon blood jewel. The jewel would have been virtually
impossible to get to by the average citizen. Neal talks about what all
it would take to even get within reach of the gem.

Peter and Neal visit the Burmese ambassador. He shows them Harlow's
confession video. Harlow will be sentenced in a week. Peter asks the
ambassador if they would release Harlow if evidence is provided to clear
him. The ambassador will only go so far as to say that he would bring
that evidence to their courts.

Neal tells Peter that if Harlow is found guilty, there will be no way to
overturn the verdict. Wilson is happy to hear that they got their hands
on the video. Another agent was actually responsible for pressuring the
Burmese into handing it over. Peter says they wouldn't have handed it
over unless he was alright. They watch the video, and Harlow follows
instructions to say what they want him to say. Wilson refers to him as
"Chris". Peter puts everything together and asks if Harlow is his son.
Wilson says yes, but they are estranged. But if the Burmese become aware
that they have his son, that could make things much worse for
Christopher. That's why Peter and Neal are going to handle things
outside the system.

Neal and Peter discuss tough love, and how Wilson is handing the
situation with his son. Peter's dad was a bricklayer, but he knows
nothing about Neal's dad. His history before 18 is sealed. He tells
Peter that his dad was a cop. That's all he's willing to share.

Neal gets home and finds Mozzie wallowing in his wine. He heard that
Neal went to somebody else for information. Neal assures him he was only
trying to keep Mozzie on the low-down, but Mozz doesn't buy it. Neal
went to his arch rival. Neal points out that everyone is Mozz' arch
rival. From now on, Mozz gets first veto on not helping. Gems are his
specialty. Neal asks as an afterthought if Mozz has ever wondered about
his birth parents. He hasn't - has Neal? No, just talked to Peter, dad
came up. Mozz asks if Neal wants to lie down on the couch, and he'll
grab his notepad. "No thanks, Dr. Freud."

Neal shows up for the meeting wearing glasses. Since his vision is
20/20, Peter finds it odd. Neal tells Peter that Randy is a friend of a
friend, and to let him do the talking when they get to Randy's. Upon
arrival, Randy greets him as Mr. Donnelly, and Peter hisses that "An
alias is not a 'friend of a friend'." Randy asks how the family is, and
Neal whips out a picture and starts talking about his wife and son, to
Peter's stunned disbelief. He introduces Peter as his brother-in-law,
"Mr. Satchmo." Their cover story is that Peter forgot his wedding
anniversary, and now they need something special. The rarer, the better.

Randy shows them the necklace and starts chatting up the story behind
it. Peter and Neal excuse themselves, and Neal explains why the story,
and the necklace, are fakes. He's going to handle it. They go back to
Randy, Peter whips out his badge and places him under arrest. Neal is
peeved that Peter just burned a perfectly good alias. Peter tells him he
can name the next one after himself. Peter demands to know the name of
the man who sold him the ruby. Randy doesn't know the guy's real name,
so they set up a trunk show to draw out the thief. He's going to want to
check out the competition, and when he does, they'll take him in and get
a confession to clear Chris. However, the gems have to be flawless.
Peter can handle that.

Neal can't believe that the FBI has a gem vault, and Peter never told
him. Peter figures it would be like giving an alcoholic a drink. Jones
arrives with the stones, and only two of them are flawless, and neither
of those is a pigeon blood ruby. Neal decides Mozzy will make what they

Mozzy is very excited to be hard at work. Neal wants to create
perfection but takes one look at Peter's face and amends "close enough
for government work." That's what Peter wanted to hear. Mozzie says the
supplies are much appreciated. Peter says "You told him he could keep
the equipment, didn't you." Neal returns that Mozz doesn't work for free.

They finish working on the ruby, and it's perfect. Perfect isn't good.
They give the stone a good bang, and perfection is a thing of the past.

Diana wears the ruby on a catwalk. Randy looks out front and sees the
seller. Neal goes over and starts chatting him up. The man admits to
stealing the Mandalese ruby. Neal suggests they work together, double
their earning abilities. The man says it's a good idea, but he doesn't
discuss business in public settings. They agree to meet downstairs.

Collins takes a few minutes to join Neal. He wanted to make sure nobody
saw them leave it the same time. He pulls a gun on Neal, and Jones
returns the favor, as does Peter, and finally Diana. As she cups him,
Diana says that he's being charged with attempted murder of an FBI agent.

In questioning, Peter tells the smuggler that the Mandalay ruby theft
was well executed. He thanks Peter, as it is rare in his line of work
to be recognized. He gave a deposition that covers every aspect of the
theft. Peter holds up a picture of Chris and asks if Collins had ever
seen him before, and the answer is no. He prefers to work alone.

Wilson fills in Peter and Neal. Chris will be fine just as soon as the
Burmese ambassador finishes speaking with Collins. His dad says he will
not believe anything until he is free and home. Neal asks, and Wilson
tells him he hasn't seen Chris for eight years. His divorce was very
messy. Ultimately, his son said he doesn't need him. Neal points out
that a 12 year-old would not know what he does or doesn't need. Wilson
says if Chris didn't want to be his son there was nothing he could do.
Neal points out that he should've kept on trying. Wilson says he knows
that, that's why he's here now.

Diana arrives to inform Peter that the ambassador's aide just called.
They want to see him. When they arrive, Collins claims that Chris
helped him. When confronted about not recognizing Chris before, he
claimed that Chris had a beard when they worked together. Peter tries
to take him home on the attempted murder charges, since he broke the
deal. The ambassador refuses, as he will need to testify against Chris.
Peter points out that they had a deal, and Neal points out that
apparently he got a better offer.

Peter informs Neal at the Burke household that the Burmese government
gave Collins political asylum. At times like this, Peter does crossword
puzzles to help him focus. Neal doesn't multi-task. He stays focused.
Peter asks where he thinks that trait comes from. Neal points out
that it's a nice try, but he refuses to discuss his father. Peter says
he's known Neal for four years, and the first time he mentions his dad,
it's to say "He was a cop." He can't just leave him hanging like this.
Neal says fine. He'll tell Peter what his mom told him. Because he never
knew his father. He died when Neal was two. Peter extends sympathies,
and Neal says his mom told him his dad went down in a hail of gunfire,
taking several bad guys with him. That's it, so now Peter knows.

Diana calls and tells Peter she got a copy of Christopher's confession
video. They're going to want to see this. Neal says if it's that good,
they're going to need to buy her friend at Amnesty International a
seriously expensive dinner. Diana says it's so good, she'll have to
build her a new kitchen. Using hand signals, Chris spells out his
girlfriend's nickname: Rocker. The team fears that if they figured it
out the Burmese may as well. They need to find Rocker, ASAP. It's good
that Chris used Maggie's nickname, as it would be more difficult for the
Burmese government to locate her.

Wilson joins them and they go in the conference room to speak with
Maggie. She tells him what she already told them; somebody broke into
her apartment that morning. They stole her external hard drive, but she
keeps everything backed up on a flash drive. Chris is doing a
documentary on the democracy of the region, and he was investigating the
rebel movement. He had hooked up with somebody that was going to take
him to a camp. The government faked the ruby theft to end Christopher's
investigation. Wilson begins blaming himself for everything that's
transpired, and Maggie tells him Chris doesn't blame him for anything.
When she sees the doubt on his face, she tells him he needs to see
something. Chris quotes a wise man, then realizes his dad said it. He's
quoting his dad, and he thinks it's pretty cool. He stops transmitting
when the camp is attacked. That attack was documented by the Red Cross
and Physicians Without Borders. They have proof of where Chris was when
the ruby was stolen.

Jones has good news as well. A bank ATM cam shows a vehicle with
diplomatic plates arriving at, and leaving, Maggie's building at the
time of the break-in. Peter thinks it's time to pay the Burmese
ambassador a little visit. Upon arrival, they search not only the
vehicle, but the ambassador's aide as well. She refuses to allow them
to look in the diplomatic pouch. The ambassador joins them, highly
aggravated. Peter informs him that they can be cleared if they give him
access to the diplomatic pouch. The ambassador quotes law and refuses,
directing them to the State Department. He leaves them on the sidewalk.
Peter thinks they can maybe file a grievance with the State
Department, buy Chris some time. Neither he nor Neal think this will
help any.

Neal gets a call and takes a meeting with Wilson. He tells Neal there
are a million things he'd do different if he could. He wants Neal to
help him get the hard drive back. If it goes, he loses any chance he has
of getting to know his son again. Neal tells him the drive is inside
the Burmese embassy. Wilson says "I know who you are, Mr. Caffrey." He
wants Neal to steal the drive.

Peter wraps up a call with Wilson as Diana arrives in his office. Her
contacts have given her diplo-speak for "Stop beating a dead horse."
Peter doesn't know how her dad can do what he does for a living. She
assures him it has its perks. He understands, as he has seen what
diplomats do with parking tickets. Peter asks if her father knows
Wilson, or if Wilson has any other contacts at the bureau. Something
has been bugging him since the beginning. Why did Wilson come to them?
Diana says it's because Peter is the best, but they both swiftly
realize it's not about them: it's about Caffrey. It's always been about
Neal, because Wilson is willing to work outside the box to save his son.
He has Diana pull Neal's tracking records for the past 36 hours.
Suddenly he's very curious about where Neal has been.

Neal and Mozzie hash out their plan. The ambassador's aide will be in
possession of the Mandalayan ruby from now until she arrives in Burma.
She'll take the limo, and then the plane. The pouch will be in her
possession the entire time. Anything in the pouch is the possession of
Burma, stolen or not. Neal is going to give her a small wooden box
which ostensibly contains the Mandalayan ruby. He figures she'll take a
quick peek before placing it in the pouch. When the clasp is fastened, a
smoke bomb is ignited. This however does not happen. Neal goes on to say
that when it starts smoking, she'll dump the contents of the pouch on
the ground, which should be inclusive of the stolen hard drive. Once
it's no longer in the pouch, diplomatic immunity will no longer apply.

Peter arrives and Mozzy puts the box in his breast pocket. As Peter
walks in, Mozzy's breast pocket starts smoking. Peter inquires, and
Mozzie informs him that it's a "smoking jacket". Peter asks Neal not to
do it, but Neal won't back down. He knows if it was his or Peter's son,
they'd do exactly what Neal has planned. Peter knows he can't stop him,
but reminds Neal that if he makes one wrong move in the consulate they
will extradite him and he will wind up in a cabal prison. There will be
nothing Peter can do to help him. Neal says he's not asking him to.

They move forward with the plan. Just as when they rehearsed, the box
doesn't start smoking as expected. Diana informs Peter of Neal's
whereabouts, and he races to the scene. Neal asks Peter to stall, and
he heads over to the car. He grabs the parking ticket off the vehicle
and insist that the ambassador prove that this car is registered to the
embassy. As the minutes tick by, the box finally kicks in and the aide
empties the pouch. Neal scoops up the hard drive. The ambassador is
livid that they tampered with the pouch, and demands the hard drive be
returned as stolen property. He's informed that it actually is stolen
property; just not his.

Neal and Peter wait with Mr. Wilson and Maggie to be reunited with
Chris. A new ambassador arrives to replace the old one, citing health
reasons. Maggie leaps into Chris' arms, and father and son are finally
reunited. Neal tells Peter the truth. His dad was a dirty cop. Neal
thinks "certain things" are in his blood, but Peter doesn't believe it.
Neal's actions indicate otherwise. As they walk away, Peter asks about
Neal's mother. "Not a chance." "Did she wear hats?"