Countermeasures - Recap

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Neal asks how the treasure map construction is coming along,and Mozz
says it's slow and steady. He's trying to stay true to when the design
was originally created. Mozz doesn't want Neal saying "good work" to
him, as it implies he has a job. June introduces Neal to a gentleman
named Ford. He worked with June's husband, Byron. Partners in crime?
"Something like that."

Despite Diana's colorful threats against it, Neal goes ahead and asks
her for a favor. It's not for him, it's for June. He wants her to run
Ford's prints. Diana pushes a bit, trying to see if Neal is just afraid
Ford is poaching his territory, but he's seriously concerned that she's
being taken advantage of.

Peter and Elizabeth return from the vet. Their lab swallowed one of
Pete's handcuff keys. Peter thinks he feels guilty. He's a good boy, but
he sure doesn't like going to the vet. Elizabeth thinks Peter shouldn't
leave shiny things lying around. She also feels an apology is in order.
He apologizes, and the dog accepts. He then asks Elizabeth out for
lunch, but she pauses. As expected, the phone rings. It's Diana, about
Caffrey asking her to run a print. Elizabeth takes a raincheck and a kiss.

At the office, Neal asks if everything is okay. Peter tells him it was,
until he asked Diana to red flag a murder suspect. Jonas Ganz. He's been
in and out of prison for the last decade or so. Neal looks at the file
and clears the guy. There was only one print on that coin, and it didn't
belong to Ford.

Jones brings in some intel on Ford. They can't figure out why he didn't
have any fingerprints. Neal shook his hand, he would have noticed if
Ford had taped or glued his fingertips. Turns out Ford was Ganz' former
cellmate, and his name is Bradford Thoman. Did time for real estate
fraud. He and June's husband got busted for running a rooftop casino.
Peter puts Ganz' probation officer on notice, and has Diana keep an eye
on him.

Diana takes pictures of Ganz chatting with several men.

June shares a personal photo album with Neal. She says the three of them
were inseparable. Ford asked her about a specific suit, and she shows
Neal a picture of it. Once she leaves, he heads for the suits and
searches the one in the picture. There's a receipt in the pocket. He
takes it. Ford arrives to set the record straight with Neal. He hopes,
given Neal's past, that he'll understand. They used to play right there
in Neal's place. June interrupts to see if Ford invited Neal to join
them for dinner yet. Ford says he's there for a second chance, Neal says
he's glad. He thought Ford was looking for something else.

He shares the receipt with Mozz and asks him to keep an eye on June for
the next few days. Mozz says no problem; book club with June is
tomorrow, anyway. Neal didn't know they had a book club. Mozz says it's
very exclusive. Peter calls to say that it looks as though Ganz is
pulling together a crew. More like muscle for hire. He wants Neal to
bring Ford in for questioning. Neal doesn't think he'll get anywhere,
but why doesn't he join the three of them for dinner? Peter thinks it's
a crazy concept, but Neal says it's perfect. Ford won't suspect he's a
fed. Peter refuses, so Neal does an end run, calling Elizabeth. She
promptly agrees. Peter tells her she's being used, and she doesn't care.
It sounds like fun.

Everybody arrives, and Neal tells Ford that Peter is a hell of an
outside patsy. Ford says he's got that look, but it sounds like he's
referring to a different kind of look. Ford plays the piano and June
sings. She asks Neal to accompany her, and he does so. June and Ford
take a little turn around the dance floor, and Elizabeth offers to join
them. She and Peter took salsa classes last year. Do they have pictures?
Neal would love to she the guys at the office.

Mozz calls and fills in some more back news on Ford. He masterminded a
big job, his credentials are impressive. He's very down-low, that's why
Neal never heard of him. Mozz notes that in their line of work, no
reputation is the best reputation. He's got some news on the receipt.
It's for a walnut leather coffee table. There was an extra charge for

June goes to grab the photo album, and Ford stops playing to offer to
put it away for her. Elizabeth notices, and Peter asks to see it. As
they settle in, Neal goes to search the table from the receipt. He
pushes a button that flips a section and finds a printing plate for $100
bills. He swiftly returns things to normal when he hears footsteps. It's
Ford, looking for Byron's record collection. He goes downstairs, grabs
Peter and hauls him upstairs to see. When they get to the table, the
plate is gone. Elizabeth comes up to tell them that Ford just hailed a
cab and left.

Neal and Mozz touch base about the plate. It was for the 1991 100's,
pre-security. Smart move. Neal tells Peter he'll need to borrow some
reading materials from the US Treasury.

Neal beams happily at the plate from the treasury, while Peter says he's
not comfortable with this. He's not comfortable? Neal has the men in
black trio breathing down his neck. Peter can't blame them, since Neal
looks like a 12 year-old who just discovered the lingerie section of the
Sears catalog. Peter notes that the cotton-linen feel of the paper is
hard to duplicate. Glancing at the MIB, he tacks on "so I've been told."

Julia arrives, Ford in tow. They were sitting on Ganz when he showed up,
so they grabbed him. In questioning, Ford tells Neal and Peter that he
told Ganz about the plate while they were in Rikers. The plate was
Byron's, he stole it from Ford. This was supposed to be a big take for
them, in Ford's estimation. But Byron took the plate to protect Ford
from himself. Ford paid it forward by getting the plate out of the house
before Ganz could go after it. He was trying to protect June.

He gave the plate to Ganz, along with a laundry list of supplies he'd
need. Neal asks why he doesn't have any fingerprints. Old habits. He
uses a pumice stone every morning to remove them. Neal doesn't know if
Ford is telling the truth, but Peter thinks it's not about protecting
June, it's about making his last big score. He wants to send Neal and
Ford undercover to bust Ganz.

Jones hooks Ford up for his job on Ganz. He tells the men that he once
walked out of the Met carrying a Renoir. This ain't nothing. Ford and
Neal put on a little "we know each other well" show for Ganz, and as
Peter listens in, he says "It's like they're speaking 'criminese'." Ganz
tests Neal on fake id's, and Neal deems them all fake, explaining why.
Ganz loves him. Ford says something stupid, and Ganz gets jumpy. Peter
is ready to go in, but Neal sets him at ease. Ganz says he's in. Ford is
kicked to the sidelines.

Peter and Neal touch base back in the office. Peter wants to use Ford as
a cautionary tale, so Neal won't wind up running cons when he's elderly.
Neal figures it beats sitting in a cubicle. Peter tells him he can
either be a con or a man. He can't be both.

Ganz' gang is pretty low on funds, they're likely playing cash for
everything. It'd be great if Neal could remember the names he saw on the
id cards. He rattles them off. Why didn't he tell Peter before? He
didn't ask. It's simple word association, he has one for every cop and
crook he ever met. Peter wants to know what his is, and Neal won't tell
him. Neal figures out something about the dye and realizes Ganz is going
for the paper.

Julia got a hit off the Dowd name that Peter remembered. He's near the
BCU, which supplies the printing and engraving stock for the treasury.
If Ganz' gang tries to hit the BCU, they'll be waiting.

Mozz asks after Ford, and Neal fills him in. Byron must have wanted out
of the life, or he would have used the plate instead of hiding it. The
temptation of a last big job is strong, and hard to resist.

Jones, Peter and Julia touch base. Ganz is off the grid, and so is Ford.
Peter contacts the Treasury Department, and tasks Jones with contacting
the secret service. Peter is told to relax, the stock is being
transferred now. Why wasn't he told? He sends a team to Caffrey's place.
Neal answers the door, and it's Ganz. "Let's make some money." Mozz
answers Neal's cell, telling Peter "You're too late."

Ganz and Neal are in a vehicle with three of his thugs. They're going to
hit a truck en route, and need Neal to identify the archived paper. They
all put on black hoods, only their eyes can be seen. They order the men
out of the truck. They try to stay put, but one of the thieves holds up
a picture of the driver's daughter and promises to take good care of her
once he's gone. Somebody hears sirens, and Neil jumps in the truck,
picks the right paper box and starts unloading.

Julie tells Peter that the men made a clean getaway. Ford is missing,
and there's no good reason for it. They've got an APB out on him.

Ford closes a briefcase as Neal and Ganz walk in. It all went as
planned. Neal says "One last score, Ford?" Ganz keeps waving a gun
around, and Neal and Ford get to work. After working awhile, it becomes
obvious the job could take days. That's fine with Ganz. Get to it.

Ford was clever. He let word about a potential job slip, and let someone
pull it for him. Peter sees a likeness between Mozz and Ford. Mozz
accepts his accusation. Peter picks his brain. Where would he hide?
Someplace he's never been caught. Mozz figures if he's really pulling
the strings, Ford already has it set up, and he's got his tracks
covered. Peter thinks that Ford tried to hide the photo album from him
for a reason. Mozz sees the Lenox Lounge, June's mentioned it to him
before. Byron used to run the back room, 25 years ago. The building is
still there, for sale. That's where the team is doing the counterfeiting.

They hear sirens. Ganz confronts Ford. He said this place is clean, so
why are there police outside? He takes the plate and runs. Ford tells
Neal that all that was in the case was a bunch of newspaper. Neal puts
all the pieces together and runs it past Ford. He's been running this
from the moment they met, setting up Ganz. He put June's life at risk.

Diana intercepts Ganz, and he keeps walking, so she takes him down. The
case is full of money. Ford grabs a gun and a briefcase, and heads for
the door. Neal doesn't think he can make it. What about that choice he
had to make? Neal's going to give him another one. He can either become
a cooperative witness, help them clear the case, and take June dancing,
or take the case and run for as long as he can. He takes option two,
asking Neal to tell June he's sorry.

Neal is sad that he tried to help Ford, and he wouldn't take it.

Ford stops and opens the briefcase. His is the one stuffed with
newspaper. He's got nothing.

Neal says June's name, but she already knows. Why did she let Ford in?
To remember what she and Bryon had, even if it was only for awhile.
Maybe she wanted to go dancing again. Neal extends his hand, and they dance.

Mozz fills Neal in, but he's not listening. He wonders how this all is
going to end. There is a third option, besides the big house or the big
job. True love. Old con men never die. Their smiles just fade away. Mozz
asks if he got rid of the printing plate, and Neal says it may have
found its way back inside the table. For a rainy day.