Payback - Recap

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Matthew Keller pled down to manslaughter after Peter and Neal brought
him in for murder. He got 20 years at Barksdale, according to Diana.
Yesterday he contacted the DOJ, claiming he has information critical to
national security. Caffrey figures he wants a deal, and Hughes drily
jokes that they do that, sometimes. They make deals with con men. Keller
is refusing to speak to anybody but Peter. Peter agrees with Neal, he
doubts Keller has anything. Reese advises them to check it out anyway,
and leaves.

Diana wants to know who this Keller is. Peter tells her it's an old
rival of Neal's. They were baccarat partners in Morocco. Neal corrects
him. Backgammon, in Monaco. Close, Peter says. But they were never
partners. Diana wants to meet this guy, but Peter says he's more Ratso
Rizzo than Cary Grant. Neal preens. "I'm Cary Grant?" Only by comparison
to Rizzo.

Peter and Neal visit Keller in prison. He plays chess with Neal. Keller
wants to stay in his current minimum security prison. To facilitate it,
he's willing to trade information on fake passports. They're "Caffrey
quality"-perfect for terrorists and smugglers. He tells them they need
to pay a visit to one Jason Lang. Peter makes no promises, but will see
what he can do. As they leave, Keller says "We're both running out of
options, Caffrey."

Peter is getting ready for work. He calls upstairs to ask his wife, El,
if she sees his blue pin-striped jacket. She says she has it, and he
realizes he was supposed to pick up the dry cleaning last night because
she has a meeting today, and he is so sorry. He beats himself up, but
then questions why she didn't call and remind him rather than get it
herself. She says she knew he had a lot on his mind. Peter says he
doesn't want to be the husband that forgets to pick up the dry cleaning.
He talks himself full circle, and they actually wind up having a mild
spat. They still kiss goodbye. El leaves, and Peter has words with the
dog. "Yeah, that could have gone better. You didn't help!"

Mozzie and Neal really want to see Keller get what he deserves, and that
would be maximum security, as ordered.

Neal arrives at work, and Peter is happy. He thinks he figured out
Keller's game. He wants them to investigate Jason Lang. Keller and Lang
were suspected of working together on bond forgeries three years ago.
They were partners, but it went south, and Keller took two bullets from
Lang's gun. Peter spoke to the case agent. He said the partnership
dissolved, and Lang destroyed the bonds. Caffrey figures Keller is going
for the trifecta. Take out the man who shot him, secure his stay in a
federal hotel and tweak Neal in the process. Next case! Not so fast.
Peter says Hughes wants them to check out Lang. Peter teases Neal about
being like Keller, but Neal is not amused.

Peter whines to Neal about his 'fight' with Elizabeth. It's bothering
him because in their house, "Honey" means I love you. And this morning,
Peter didn't say it. Neal suggests he call El and leave her a voice
mail, rectifying his oversight. Peter's going to call her as soon as
they finish checking out Lang. He's happy to have a solution.

Just as Lang is about to shoot a picture, Peter places his badge in
front of the lens. Peter shares why they're there, and Jason asks who
told them that. Peter says "Your record." He suggests Peter take a look
at his price list. He really has no use for an illegal side business. He
takes a call, and Peter tells Neal he doesn't like Jason. His equipment
would suggest that he is in fact creating forged passports. Neal asks if
it's enough to bring him in, and Peter says it's enough to get a
warrant. When Peter goes to talk to him, Lang takes off running. Peter
follows, ordering Neal to stay put.

Peter comes out a backdoor and finds Lang sitting on the ground. His gun
is pointed at Lang, but two other guns are pointed at him. It's a set
up. Lang tells him to drop his weapon and his cell, and get in the van.
Neal sees what's happening, but he can't get there fast enough. A black
bag is placed over Peter's head, and he's gone.

His phone rings, and Neal answers. It's Keller. Neal swears at him,
"This isn't a game". Keller says of course it is. And if Neal stops
playing, Peter Burke will die.

Peter is immobilized on a chair in a cell. Lang watches him. Peter tells
him Keller will betray him. Lang says he'll take care of Keller, Peter
should worry about himself. Peter's not worried, but Lang assures him he
should be. Peter tracked exactly where he went. He's in the garment
district, and gives an approximate address. "You're not wearing a mask,
and I'm not dead. So you still need me for something." He tries to
strike a deal, but Lang says he trusts Peter less than he trusts Keller.
Peter tells him that whatever he's planning, Keller has something
different in mind. Lang is going to wind up dead, or in prison, unless
they work something out.

Lang shoots a mannequin. "No more deals."

Neal arrives at Keller's cell and physically attacks him. Where's
Peter!? They go for a walk, and chat. Keller will be in grave danger if
he's transferred because of a $2.5 million debt he owes to the Russians.
Neal can't help him. Everything is gone. Keller mentions something Neal
acquired six years earlier which is worth that amount. Neal says he got
rid of it, he didn't have any use for it. Keller says he does, so he
gives Neal three hours to get it back. As he walks away, Neal calls
after him. "You're going to lose, Keller. Again."

Neal calls Diana and tells her that Peter's been taken. She fills in
Reese, and he calls a meeting. Everybody goes to work on Peter's case,
vs Keller and Lang. Nobody is to talk to the press. When he finishes
updating his people, Hughes goes back to his office where Diana and Neal
await him. Neal tells him about Keller's wanting $2.5 million. Hughes
points out that Keller doesn't have Peter. Keller is behind bars. Neal
tells him that he's running this. Hughes adamantly refuses to deal with
Keller. They will catch Lang. He doesn't seem to realize that Peter's
life is in imminent danger. They will catch Lang, but at what cost?

Diana notes that protocol dictates that they lock Keller down until this
situation is resolved. However, that's exactly what he wants; to stay at
Hawthorn indefinitely. Hughes says Keller will be moved. Come sundown,
he's going to be in the Barksdale supermax, bunking with a 7' Russian
named Ivan. He sees that Neal is worried and assures him that they will
do their job, and bring Peter home safely.

Neal takes a call from Mozzie. He wants to let Neal know that somebody
called him to set up a meeting. Neal says he'll meet him at the park,
and he wants him to bring a hammer. He ends the call when Elizabeth

Elizabeth has been notified and arrives at the office. Reese excuses
himself, and she asks Neal what he thinks about Keller. He tells her
Keller is a chess player. Everything he does he thinks through 10-12
moves ahead. She asks him what he's doing, he tells her the agency wants
him to go home and sit tight. El asks if that's what he's going to do.
Neal asks what she wants him to do. "Whatever it takes to bring him home."

Diana is supposed to be escorting Neal home. He fills her in on Keller's
background. She agrees to help him help Peter. He has one hour.

He meets Mozz, who has an arsenal of hammers. He wants to help Peter.
Neal takes Mozz to a statue in a park. He asks Mozz if he recognizes the
area. He used to come here with Kate all the time. He thought their kids
would play here, someday. He was going to propose. Did he acquire a
ring? Yes. He figured it was safer to leave it here than in a safety
deposit box. He chisels it out of the statue. This is what Keller was
referring to being worth $2.5 million. Mozzie asks him if he's really
willing to give up the ring for the suit. Neal responds that keeping
Peter alive is more important than holding a candle for someone who isn't.

Peter removes the dry cleaning safety pin from inside his jacket and
starts working on his handcuffs. Lang's not paying enough attention to
him. His men arrive and tell him that Caffrey is on his way for the
exchange. The transfer is in motion. Lang leaves somebody else in charge
of Peter. Peter tells Lang what all he's figured out so far. Lang
figures Peter realizes that he doesn't care that he overheard them. That
means they don't intend to let him go. They intend to kill him. Not
Lang. Keller intends to kill Peter. He leaves, and Peter continues
working on the handcuffs.

Mozzie claims he's selling magazines. Elizabeth lets him in. They go out
to the patio, she thinks Neal sent him. He says no, he just wants to let
her know that between the suits and Neal, Peter will be home for dinner
tonight. She tells him they had a fight this morning. This is the first
morning they didn't resolve their fight, and it's going to fester. She
thought he would have loved that she picked up the dry cleaning. Mozz
says "Seriously, this is about dry cleaning?" He knows he has no room to
talk, since the longest relationship he was ever in was 11 days. She
tells him the last thing she said was "have a nice day". Mozz guesses
that as dry cleaning fights go, that was pretty severe. El points out
that they aren't like most couples. They work. She doesn't want to lose

Mozz gives her an earpiece. He's going to drop a bug in the house so El
hears everything the suits hear, when they hear it. She thanks him.

Lang meets Neal. He wants to see the ring, but Neal won't budge until he
knows Peter is alive. Neal didn't agree to any terms, so he's not going
to do things their way. Neal starts to leave, and Lang buckles. Neal can
ask one question. They'll text it to Burke, and he'll text the answer
back. Neal wants to talk to him, but Lang refuses. The guard asks Peter
what cell phone number Caffrey was using the first time he called Peter.
The guard holds up the phone, and Peter tells him he doesn't have his
glasses. Bring it closer. The guard warns Peter that he's lucky Neal is
paying up or he'd be getting a very different message right now. Peter
tells him to give him a break, it's been a few years since Peter first
contact him.

Lang reads the results to Neal. Neal says it's right, and hands over the
ring. Isn't he going to authenticate it? Lang says if it's not real,
Neal will never see Burke again.

Diana can't believe he gave up the ring, and they still don't have
Peter. He uses the alpha keys for the number Peter sent, and after
several false starts realize it reads "no transfer". Diana calls Jones
to stop Keller's transfer. He says it's already moving. She tells him to
radio the drivers, and he agrees to do so. They ignore his radio call,
and proceed to break Keller out. The bus stops, and Keller locks up the
guards who helped him. Jones is right behind and sees Keller leave the
bus. He gives foot chase. He radios Diana and fills her and Neal in.

Reese is filling in his team when Neal and Diana arrive. He barks their
names, ordering them into his office.

Peter tells Lang that Keller is late. What's he planning? He plays
mental chess with Lang. Lang aims a gun at Peter, but he still talks.
Peter explains how Keller survived the last time Lang shot him. He
finally gets free of his handcuffs. He taunts Lang that he couldn't hit
a man 3' in front of him, with a full magazine. Lang gives it a try.
Peter grabs him arm and bounces his head off the cell bar, knocking him
out. He can't quite reach Lang's phone, so he breaks off a mannequin arm
and uses it to get it.

Reese continues berating Neal. Diana tries to defend him, but Hughes
won't hear her. As they leave, Jones takes a call from Peter. He wants
to talk to Neal. He explains his situation and wants to know how he can
get out. Neal talks him through. El can hear and insists the suit put
him on speaker. He refuses, but she insists and he does so.

The agency creates the cell so Neal can figure out how to help him to
get out. Neal talks him through to successful escape. The last step uses
his cell phone battery. They were able to trace the call, and there's a
team on the way. They lose the call while Peter uses his battery, and he
calls back to say he's out. He has Lang at gunpoint. They better hurry,
since Keller is en route.

Neal and Peter hug. Keller has the ring and probably no intentions of
showing up. Since Keller never showed up, Peter recovered the ring from
Lang. If it's legitimately his, he will give it back to Neal. Neal says
it's been missing for a couple of hundred years, and nobody reported it
stolen, so. But it's not his. Peter can keep it. There's a museum in
Scotland Peter may want to contact.

Elizabeth and Peter are reunited with a kiss. They exchange 'hons' and
all is well.

Neal gets a call from Keller. He thanks Neal for helping him escape.