Burke's Seven - Recap

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Mozzie is brought by ambulance to the hospital, where he promptly flat
lines and is brought back. In the hospital room, Peter tells Neal they
need to go. Mozzie is in a medically-induced coma, and there's nothing
they can do for him, hanging around his room.

The shooter is Julian Larssen. According to Fowler, this Larssen is the
right hand man to whoever has been manipulating Neal. He's gone to
ground, and Peter wants to make sure Larssen doesn't leave town. To do
so, they're going to burn all his aliases in the hopes he'll have to get
a new one from someone local.

Peter starts finding all the aliases, while Neal talks to all the
forgers he knows. He's giving everybody cards that say When
everybody arrives, Caffrey tells them that when they see Larssen, they
are to give him a specific alias. Justin Springer. They don't want to
hear him out until he says this is the guy that shot Mozzie.

Caffrey is at the hospital when Mozzie comes to. His heart had a near
miss with a bullet. He's very upset, not that he almost died, but
because he's back on the grid. Neal tells him no worries; he didn't give
the hospital Mozzie's real name. He gave the real name of the Invisible
Man. He asks Mozzie to ID his shooter but he can't. He can't remember.

In the office, Peter gets a call from Neal. They fill each other in on
burning aliases and Mozzie's condition. As the call ends, Larssen shows
up about 15' behind Caffrey and follows him. He sees Caffrey's hat on
the ground right before Neal grabs him. Larssen turns the tables and
immobilizes Neal. He offers to make a deal, but Neal refuses. Larssen
says then he guesses Caffrey will never know who ordered the shooting.
Or who killed Kate.

Neal fills the Burkes in on the confrontation. He wants to do things the
right way. Peter's way.

Peter tells Neal the FBI is not going to pay for his combat training.
Absolutely not. New York is safer if Neal Caffrey is lacking in at least
one skill set. When he gets to his office, his coffee mug is missing.
Peter's secretary walks in and asks him to guess who just booked a
flight to Samoa, a week from Tuesday. Justin Springer. He's currently in
an apartment in Queens, and the judge is putting through a search
warrant as they speak.

They arrive at the apartment, and Peter informs Larssen he's under
arrest for murder and attempted murder. He says they could have knocked.
The FBI goes to work on the apartment, looking for evidence. Jones finds
a gun at the base of a house plant. Diana figures ballistics will make a

Neal visits Mozzie. He's still focused on the music box. There's an
equation involved. It "builds something." He thinks he was shot for the
code, and he doesn't want 'them' to beat him to it. Mozzie says he
betrayed everything he believed in when he told the shooter that Neal
was going after Fowler. He continues beating himself up until Neal
thanks him. Fowler didn't kill Kate. Mozz did Neal a favor.

Neal arrives at HQ and asks Diana how long Peter has been in with
Larssen. "A long time". Larssen stonewalls, and Peter's boss comes and
asks him for a moment of his time. A print was found inside the gun, and
it belongs to Peter. The only way his print could have gotten in there
is if he assembled the gun. Agent Rowe from the Department of Justice
places him under suspension. Hughes asks for his gun and badge. Larssen
is released. As he is un-cuffed, he tells Peter he'll send him a bill
for his door. Neal asks what happened, and Peter responds that Larssen
destroyed him.

Back at the Burkes', Elizabeth has a care package ready for Mozzie, per
his personal requests. Neal and Peter try to figure out how on earth
Larssen got his hands on Peter's fingerprint. It must have been the
missing coffee mug from his office, the one that Elizabeth gave him. And
if he went into HQ and got it, then they would have it on video.

Julia and Jones look at the surveillance videos, and find Larssen
carrying the mug. He's dressed to look like Caffrey. With a bit more
digging, they discover that Larssen was on Peter's computer. Clinton
tells Julia he knows something's going on, and he's been patient but
what is it? He needs to know. She tells him Peter should be the one to
tell him.

Peter shows Neal the picture of Larssen. He got in by flashing a
maintenance badge at the security guys, who are used to seeing a guy in
a hat going in Peter's office. Peter has a key logger on his computer,
so he compared past with current files and discovered that Larssen
erased a name from his own file. Frederick Bilal. Peter says he's a
Nigerian prince. Neal thought those only existed in spam email. The
Prince is big into international horse racing, and owns a number of
shipping companies. He handles a lot of import and export out of New
York Harbor. He can be found at the Rogers Yacht Club. Neal thinks they
should do a con, but Peter just calls in a favor so they can get in.

Peter goes into the lounge and asks the bartender to turn on racing. The
prince is relieved to find another racing enthusiast, people around here
only seem to want to talk about sailing. Sara, Peter's contact to get
into the yacht club, and Neal stand outside and spar. They've met before.

Peter asks the prince to tell him something illegal; quid pro quo. He'll
tell the prince if one of his jockeys is going to be pulling the reins
in an upcoming race if the prince will tell him how to circumvent the
mandatory quarantine period, as it's killing his profits in
international racing. Outside, Caffrey and Sara decide they will be Mr.
and Mrs. Wellington, the owners of the yacht club who rarely make an
appearance. They approach the captain of the prince's ship, and she
knows Frank Wellington, so Sara says he's Frank's son. Junior.

Neal uses the pretext of wanting to take his wife around the harbor on
the boat to gain access. The captain says they're all booked up. He
figures he probably knows some of the clients, maybe he can get somebody
to give up their spot for him. While he looks over the list, Sara takes
the captain aside and asks her some questions. Neal takes a photo of the

Peter comes back outside and Sara takes her leave, thanking Neal for the
shotgun wedding. "Any time", he replies. Neal's big discovery is that
one of Larssen's aliases was on the list he photographed. What is
Larssen smuggling that is bad enough for him to break into FBI HQ to
destroy the proof of it? If Peter wasn't suspended, they'd go through
the normal steps to bust Larssen and Bilal. Since that's not an option,
Neal figures he'll do everything Peter just said - Peter says "A con.
Alright." before Neal even finishes asking to be heard out. Peter is
down for whatever it will take to bring Larssen down. Neal welcomes him
to the other side.

Peter and Julia fill Jones in on everything at the same time as Neal
fills in Sara. The music box is the focal point of the chats. Neither
one of them wants Larssen to get away with his actions. Neal tells Sara
they just need her equipment, but she wants to be included.

Elizabeth gives Mozzie his care package.

Neal asks Sara why she's helping them. She flippantly answers that she
likes having Neal Caffrey owe her one, but then says he is fun to work
with, and she likes getting inside his head. She starts telling him
about how they're going to use her equipment to change Neal's voice to
sound like Larssen. He has to stick to the 99 words available. He tells
Sara he owes her one.

Peter, Julia, Jones, Elizabeth, Neal and Sara are happy to see Mozzie
joining in on the sting. Peter goes over the high points. They're going
to spook Bilal into contacting Larssen, forcing his actions every step
of the way. Once they catch Bilal smuggling red-handed, they flip him on
Larssen. Mozzie questions the incompleteness of the sting, since Peter
will still be framed for his print on the gun. Peter says "one con at a

They run the sting, and it goes off without a hitch except that a
gentleman whose cell is scrambled starts using the phone they want the
prince to use. He keeps calling back, so Elizabeth sweet talks him into
getting off the phone. The sting picks up where it left off and the
prince calls Larrsen/Neal. Neal sends him to 426 85th Avenue and ends
the call. Peter hopes it worked.

The prince arrives and is handcuffed. They open the box and find antique
china. Doesn't seem like any big deal until Neal flips the plate over
and finds a swastika. The prince calls Larrsen and tells him that Agent
Burke won't leave him alone.

Sara arrives at HQ and asks to talk to the agent in charge of the Burke
case. She's directed to Agent Roe, whom she informs that her client is
being harrassed by Agent Peter Burke. Hughes can't believe it, but she
tells him Burke is there now, if they would like to go see for
themselves. As they're leaving, Hughes asks Jones what the hell is going
on, and he quietly answers "Peter needs our help."

Larrsen is setting up Peter yet again, wearing latex finger prints. Rowe
and Hughes arrive, and Hughes realizes how Peter got set up the first
time. Rowe asks for the fingerprints to be taken into evidence.

Neal, Peter, Julia and Sara watch from afar. Neal asks if they could get
a little further away, as his nose isn't bleeding enough. They see
Larrsen walked out in handcuffs. Larrsen grabbed a tweezers when he was
arrested, and he uses it to pick the lock on his handcuffs. He promptly
relieves the arresting officer of his gun, and takes off on foot. Peter
takes a NYPD horse and catches up. He punches Larrsen and takes him back
into custody. Neal tells him "Looking good, Butch!" and Peter responds
"Thanks, Sundance!"

As Julia and Peter walk away, Neal calls Mozz to give him the good news.
Mozz raises him one. He built the equation. He wants Neal to come see it.

Sara asks Peter where the china is going. He tells her outside the FBI's
jurisdiction. Argentina. She says her employer does business there, and
she has some vacation time. He tells her it could be dangerous, and she
returns that it could be fun. Tell Junior she'll send him a postcard.

Julia delivers Peter's welcome back gift; a new mug. He sees Larrsen
being walked into interrogation, and follows. Larrsen asks him what his
offer is. He's just the bullet. Peter wants the man pulling the trigger.

Mozz tells Neal that this (a fractal design) is what the music box
encoded. Fractals are used in everything. Neal is agitated. He's seen
that design before. He knows who is behind everything.

As Peter walks out of the interrogation room, Larrsen says "His name is
Vincent Adler."

Neal says to Mozz "We both know who he is. He's the man who made me who
I am today."