Power Play - Recap

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Elizabeth is training the museum staff when the man in charge of the
event, Andrew Stanzler, arrives. He's very demanding. His employee,
Brooke, is a friend of Elizabeth's. She asks if Peter works for the FBI,
and Elizabeth says yes, is everything alright? No. It's not. Elizabeth
buzzes home to talk to Peter about it. Stanzler is allegedly an energy
trader, which would be bad enough. But Brooke thinks he's been creating
the blackouts. She thinks he's withholding energy during peak hours,
then selling it to the city at triple rate. This is very serious. These
blackouts have caused three confirmed deaths, and are costing the city
millions. He wants her to come into the bureau for questioning.
Elizabeth says she'll refuse, but maybe if he comes down to the museum,
he can speak to her there. El suggests he bring Neal, as well. He has a
calming smile.

Neal and Sara run into each other. She figured out where the crates are
being smuggled out of. It's an estate in southern Argentina. Said estate
is now a pile of ashes, as somebody torched it. Sara is pretty sure it
was Vincent Adler. She thinks it was his hideout, after he fled the US.
One of his staff confided in Sara that Adler was obsessed with finding a
German soldier named Gerhard Wagner. He tells her excellent work, and
he'll pass her results on to Peter.

Neal arrives. Brooke is a bit of a nervous wreck. Peter is running late,
and Andrew is on site - his meeting was canceled. He had to borrow
Diana's car, and a wreck means he's taking the scenic route. He's going
to be at least another 20 minutes or so. Peter tells him to do whatever
he has to do to keep her calm, but don't let her go. Neal walks over to
Brooke and introduces himself as Peter, giving Elizabeth a kiss on the
cheek. She handles it fine, and Neal starts questioning Brooke. Stanzler
is right outside, and she has to go, but she agrees to help. Neal votes
that Elizabeth be the one to tell Peter that Neal impersonated a federal

Peter isn't amused, but Neal is right. If he tries to tell her he's not
Peter, she'll never trust any of them, or the bureau, again. The phone
rings, and it's Elizabeth. She thinks Neal should be Peter, too. When
Brooke and Elizabeth arrive, Neal kisses her on the cheek and hugs her
while Peter's jaw clenches and Elizabeth sends him fluttery "I don't
know!" signals over Neal's shoulder. Elizabeth introduces him as Neal.
Everybody heads into Peter's office, and Brooke starts talking.

She wants to speak to "Peter" alone, so Neal sends "Neal" out for
coffee. She promptly tells Neal that she didn't want to say anything in
front of his criminal consultant, but she thinks Stanzler is looking for
a burglar. She overheard a very cryptic phone conversation he was
holding with someone named Bill Roscoe.

Jones finds Peter/Neal at the coffee machine and teases him. Diana asks
what's going on, and Jones fills her in. She wants to bring in a file on
Gerhard Wagner. Peter takes a look, and it's empty. His information was
moved to classified 50 years ago. Peter's going to make some calls, try
to get the file declassified. He goes to find out what Brooke told Neal.

Neal brings Peter up to speed about Stanzler seeking a thief. This would
be the perfect job for Neal, but Stanzler already made him. So it looks
like the new Neal Caffrey (Peter) will have to take the job. Peter
orders Neal to talk to Brooke and have her put "Neal Caffrey, Thief" on
his books. "That's you?" "That's me."

Mozz is welding while Neal works on his "Peter" ID. He fills Mozz in on
the case thus far. There's a knock at the door, and Peter and Sara
arrive. Neal slips his fake ID into his pocket as he lets them in. Peter
figured out why Adler is so interested in Wagner. Mozz is very excited.
Top secret movies, awesome! He'll make popcorn.

Wagner was a U-boat radio operator. He claimed to have intel he wanted
to share with the States. He escaped from a detention center on Ellis
Island, taking the intel with him. Neal believes the intel is somehow
connected to the antenna Mozz is assembling. Peter thinks Wagner may
have hopped the fence over to the naturalization line. Change his name,
fill out the forms, and he's a US citizen. Peter's going to do some more

Sara and Neal are being followed. They pretend to be a couple for a few
seconds, to see what the guy's next move is. He leaps into a black sedan
and is gone. Neal notes that now whoever it is knows that Sara is
working for the feds.

Elizabeth and Peter flirt as he prepares for his meeting with Stanzler.
Goodbye, Peter Burke and hello Neal Caffrey. Elizabeth talks him through
what makes Neal, Neal. She makes him leave his wedding ring behind. He
feels naked without it. She suggests he wear a hat.

Brooke walks "Neal" out for his meeting with Stanzler. Stanzler is
sceptical until "Neal" starts sharing his thievery knowledge.

Neal, Jones and Diana tease Peter about how he convinced Stanzler to
hire him. He'll be stealing a flash drive from another energy trader,
Francis Luntz. He filmed a meeting with Stanzler, and Stanzler wants it
retrieved. The two Neal Caffreys squabble about how they'd handle
things. Peter wants a warrant for Luntz' home. As the meeting clears,
Neal tells Peter about being followed the night before, with Sarah. He
thinks Adler is behind it. Sarah is at the archives, and Neal will be
meeting her there. Before he leaves, Peter tells Neal he's going to need
some training, for his break-in.

Peter arrives, and Mozz starts working with him. He asks Peter to take
the pebble from his palm, and Peter refuses. He then tells Peter to give
him $200, and Peter gives him $20. Lesson #1. We don't give, we take.
Peter asks for his $20 back, and Mozz refuses.

Sara tells Neal that she was told it could take up to four weeks for
them to gain access to the files. Neal uses his fake FBI ID to check the
files, and they're given instant access. 1946 is an entire room.

Mozzie calls Peter "sausage fingers". June arrives to to assist. Peter's
first task is to drop a bug into Stanzler's jacket pocket without
getting caught. That's not the hard part. Getting it back is. Every time
he tries, he jingles the bells on the label of the jacket. Mozz shows
him that it's not, in fact, impossible. June tells him that the index
and middle finger are used as tweezers. The thumb is not involved.

Sara tells Neal this is going to take some time. He sets the papers
aside and asks why she's helping. She likes the mystery. That, and she
knows what it's like to have a lot of questions. When Sara was 13, her
older sister ran away, and they never heard from her again. She never
had closure regarding her sister. But maybe if they find Adler, Neal can
have some closure with Kate.

Peter makes his final attempt, and it's successful. He gets his $20 back.

Neal tries to give Peter the "be careful" speech, but Peter invented it.
They arrive, and Peter plants the bug as Stanzler tells him he has 20
minutes to find the video and get back out again. Twenty minutes, or
he's on his own. Peter was transported in the trunk of Stanzler's
vehicle. He heads for the basement door and goes to work on the lock.
He's in. He overhears Stanzler talking to Luntz before he heads upstairs.

Mozz and Sara continue to work on the record search. The lights go off
and Mozz goes to investigate.

Neal talks Peter through the master bedroom. He finds a safe key and
goes in search of an in-wall safe. He finds it, and the flash drive is
inside. He downloads the contents to the van, and removes the original.
Julia tells the team they need to hear what's being said on the bug.
They hear Stanzler telling Luntz that there's an executive named Chip
Wheelock with East Coast Hydroelectric. Stanzler says Wheelock wants in.
They're all going to be at a party on Saturday night. Peter says they'll
take the three of them down at the party. He reassembles and heads out.

Stanzler lets him out of the trunk, and he hands over the flash drive.
As Stanzler closes his trunk, Peter retrieves the bug. Stanzler pays him
and offers him another job, at the party Saturday night. No questions.
He'll pay him double.

The team goes over their intel and what they can expect next. Peter is
going to the party as Neil. Thanks to Brooke, they installed a camera on
Stanzler's suit that she picked up from the dry cleaners. As a
precaution, Neal will be escorting Elizabeth. Peter adds with a smile
"As my wife's husband." Diana just laughs.

"Peter" and El talk to Stanzler and Brooke. "Peter" introduces "Neal" to
Elizabeth, and as he shakes her hand he says "You married up."
Elizabeth's eyes dance with laughter. Brooke informs Stanzler that Luntz
has arrived. Stanzler asks "Neal" if he can have a word. He's ready to
discuss his assignment. It's showtime in the van. He asks "Neal" to
babysit his friend Francis, who is not having a very good day. That's
the assignment that pays double? Babysit Luntz? Yes. Stanzler will have
more work for him when he gets back.

"Neal" approaches Luntz and immediately realizes that Luntz thinks he's
Wheelock. Not only that, but he feels like he's in way over his head. He
wants out. Peter tells Luntz that Stanzler is planning to double-cross
him. Luntz doesn't believe it, because he has leverage over Stanzler.
All the doors are locked. Peter thinks Stanzler is going to try to kill
both of them. That leverage he has is past-tense, since the flash drive
was stolen. Peter radios his location in to Jones, who gets a call
saying there's another blackout incoming. He tells Diana to approach
Elizabeth and ask her about a back-up generator. She says it's downstairs.

Luntz asks who Peter is talking to, and he answers "The FBI." Of course.
Perfect! Peter starts picking one of the locks as he fills Luntz in.
Once the power goes out, it's Peter's educated guess that Stanzler will
come back there and kill them. The security cameras will be down due to
the lack of power. Neal starts following Stanzler just as the lights go
out. The entire FBI team starts giving chase. Jones informs Peter that
Stanzler is armed and on his way.

Somebody disengaged the generator. Jones tells them to get it running.
Stanzler opens fire. The lights come on, Neal takes down Stanzler, and
he's surrounded.

Peter and Neal exchange notes. They enjoyed being each other. Elizabeth
gives Peter back his wedding ring, and they kiss.

Neal returns to the archives and brings Sara food. She was starving.
Mozz is looking at microfiche. Neal and Sara kiss and things heat up
very fast. The lights come back on. Sara apologizes, but Neal tells her
not to. Mozz rejoins them. Urgency transcends awkwardness. He found
Wagner. His new name was Michael Hunter. He's deceased. He has one
surviving relative, a granddaughter named Alexandra Hunter. Mozz and
Neal recognize the name.

A young woman on a cell says "This is Allie" and she's on her way to the
location now. A gentleman wearing a black hooded sweartshirt follows her.