Under the Radar - Recap

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Peter and Neal walk down the street, bantering about the box full of
Rolex knockoffs Neal is carrying. He feels like a gofer. When they
arrive at the office, Sara is there with big news. She'd like a moment
alone with Neal first, though. Peter goes to get the team together in
the conference room.

At first he's apprehensive, but then Sara says the other night was hot.
Neal agrees. Peter fills Diana and Jones in on the fake Rolexes, with a
street value all told of $2.5m. Diana glances over and reads Sara and
Neal's body language. "When did that happen?" Neal waves the three in.

The team convenes, and Peter fills everybody in on Adler, and how he
disappeared with $1,000,000,000. Sara Ellis (Sterling-Bosch) has come up
with a fresh lead. Adler is looking for a sunken U-boat, off the coast
of New York. U-boat 869 was launched from Germany in 1945. Neal tells
Diana they don't know what makes this thing so valuable. However, two
people are dead, and a third (Mozz) was shot because of it. Adler wants
this bad. Bad enough to leave a paper trail as he rents boats, sonars
and submersibles.

As the room empties, Peter asks Diana and Jones to find Alex Hunter.
She's an old acquaintance of Neal's. Sara recognizes from their closed
expressions that they already know Alex. When they walk out, Sara sets
some rules with Neal, gaining his respect. No lying. "I would never!"
"Yes, you would. So. Alex?" Lunch tomorrow. His place. She'll see him at

Mozz is uber-excited about the sunken U-boat. What could be in it, Peter
asks. Over Mozz' shoulder, Neal gives the throat slash "shut up!" sign,
but it's too late. Mozz is off and running. Neal tries to redirect Mozz
to the antenna while Mozz salivates over all the possibilities,
including Hitler's clothes. "Is he serious?" "Unfortunately, yes." Peter
banters with Neal about a picture of the Chrysler Building that he
painted. Neal's painting a lot these days, since it's a major stress
reliever for him.

Mozz thinks he hears something, but it's a false alarm. Peter wonders
how close they have to be to pick up the U-boat's signal. Mozz says very
close. Peter doesn't relish the thought of hauling Mozz and the fractal
up and down the eastern seaboard. Peter has a question: IF Alex knows as
much as they think she does about this thing, could she help them narrow
down the search?

Neal makes another one of many attempts to reach Alex. Adler picks up.
He wants Neal to call off Peter, and Neal refuses.

The team meets up again. Diana asks if there's any chance Alex and Adler
are working together. Neal gives a firm "no." Peter doesn't believe Neal
should be making definitive statements about what Alex would, or would
not, do. Given what just transpired, it is glaringly obvious that if
they can find Alex, they will find Vincent Adler.

Mozz and Neal discuss Alex. A few weeks ago, she tried to pawn some
silver through a small-time local criminal. Peter likes the man's rap
sheet. They can lean on him. Apparently, he likes moving hot jewelry.
Their Rolex knockoffs should play perfectly into this scenario.

Mozz and Neal meet up with Teddy. Neal tells him that normally, he'd
work through Alex, but he can't find her. Teddy suggests he check
Interpol's website. Mozzy is tired of their chitchat and starts
promoting the watches. Neal asks for $300, Teddy shoots for $200. They
both know he can easily double his money at $300. Sold. Peter moves, in,
flashing his badge and demanding "that man" be arrested. Mozz does what
any reasonable man would do in this scenario: RUN. Peter orders Teddy to
empty his pockets. Teddy asks if Peter has probably cause, and Peter
announces that that's what his badge does.

Teddy and Neal play Peter. As he's about to search Teddy, Neal gives him
grief and simultaneously lifts the watch from Teddy. Peter doesn't find
anything and announces that it's Neal's turn. As he and Teddy swap
places, he hands the watch back off to Teddy. Peter orders Teddy to pack
up and clear out, and Neal to follow him. Teddy owes Neal one, now. All
he wants for the 'one' is knowledge of Alex's last whereabouts. Teddy
says she was headed for the conservatory gardens. Peter tells Jones to
check security cam footage, see if he spots her.

Peter recovers the watch from Mozz, but not the $300. He denies
knowledge, and Neal just shrugs. Peter thanks him for his help. "Any
time, Serpico."

Peter tells Neal that security shows the gate they stand at as the one
Alex went in. No cameras show her coming out. Peter and Neal split up
and start checking the area for clues.

Peter starts calling Neal's name when he reaches a fountain. His phone
rings, and it's Adler. Peter gets out his gun and asks where Adler is.
"Holster your gun and get in the car." He walks to the car and finds
Neal is already inside. Adler is a voice over the speaker from the front
seat. He has the men disarmed before dropping the division glass. He
tells Neal he's glad to see him. Neal retorts that he'd be lying if he
said the same. "You killed Kate." Adler differs. In his world, Neal is
responsible for Kate's death. Neal changed her. The Kate Adler knew
would still be alive.

Neal asks where Alex is. Adler sidesteps the question and tells Peter to
give Neal the key to his anklet. Peter complies. Adler orders Neal to
take off his anklet, and then gives the two a knockout drug to drink.
Peter wants to hear Plan B, but there isn't one. Adler talks to Neal.
"Take the drink, and you may wake up to find all the answers you've been
looking for." He reaches for the glass as Peter urgently tells Neal
"We're not playing this game." Neal drinks it down, followed by Peter.
The divider glass goes back up.

Neal wakes up and looks into the eyes of Alex. She says to Peter "Should
I?" Peter thinks it will help, so she slaps Neal. Hard. Peter smiles and
helps him up. Alex hopes they'll tell her the FBI is right behind them.
Alex tells the men that Adler drugged her, too.

Adler joins them, and Neal asks why they are there. "Better if I show
you." He turns a key, and three windows are uncovered, overlooking a
warehouse containing the U-boat. Adler fills them in. During the last
days of the war, this U-boat was destined for Argentina, but something
happened. The crew scuttled it off the coast, here, with the intention
of retrieving it after the war. That never happened. Peter wonders how
Adler knows all this. "Because one of the crewmen survived. He was my
father." Neal still doesn't get where he fits in. Adler says the boat is
basically booby-trapped with explosives, and he wants Neal to disarm it.
Neal believe he has the option to refuse, but Adler tells him that Alex
is his insurance. He plays mind games with Neal, saying that he can
pretend he's doing it to protect Alex and Peter, but they both know the
truth of the matter: Neal wants to see what's inside.

Neal starts listing the equipment he'll need, and Adler interrupts to
tell him it's all been taken care of. Neal says opening the hatch is a
two-man job. Is Adler going to help him? No, he'll be behind blast-proof
glass. Burke can help.

Sara arrives to see Neal, but Mozzie answers. He tells her that it's not
a good idea for her to get involved with a con man. Sara says she's not
involved with anybody, but Mozz isn't listening. Sara pours herself a
drink, and Mozz finally puts things together. Sara is 30 minutes late
for their 1:00 date - but Neal is never late. Something's wrong. They
start making calls.

Peter and Neal work on getting into the U-boat. They're bantering, and
Adler snaps over the PA for them to stop talking. Neal retorts that if
he doesn't like it, he can come do this himself. They open the hatch and
lift out what looks like a typewriter. They agree that there's a lot of TNT.

Diana is on the phone with Sara, trying to figure out what happened to
Peter and Neal. Diana discovers that Peter has removed Neal's tracking

Neal and Peter decide to each cut one of two wires simultaneously. Neal
says "Okay, in case this doesn't work -" and Peter says "Hmm-mm. Me
too." They cut the wires. Something starts ticking, and Alex grabs the
mic and reminds Neal about King Midas. Neal types in Midas and stops the
explosion. They can go in the hatch now. There's more TNT under the cap.

Diana and Jones meet up with Mozz and Sara.

Peter and Neal start walking through the U-boat. Neal warns Peter to
watch for trip wires. They see boxes with swastikas on them. Upon
opening one, they discover a portrait worth millions. The boxes are full
of Naxi plunder from all over Europe. It's got to be worth billions.
Neal reckons it as the greatest collection of art that's ever been
found. Neal says "Adler, you seeing this?" Adler says yes, and Neal says
"Not anymore." He takes off his video glasses and tosses them on a
crate. Adler becomes angry, and Alex smirks.

Peter and Neal move around the boat, looking for the fractal. Peter
finds it, and Nela pockets the transmitter. They hope to attract
Mozzie's attention with it.

Adler is in the boat, and tells security to take Alex, Neal and Peter away.

Mozzie picks up the transmitter signal, and the FBI is in pursuit.

Looks like Alex, Peter and Neal are going to be drowned by their
captors. They're in a dry dock, handcuffed and laying on the ground when
the security guys turn the water on. Peter says they have to get freed.
Alex has a knife on her, despite being searched by the thugs. It's in
her cleavage. Neal uses his teeth to recover it. As they hit the top of
the stairs, they're sighted by the security guys, who open fire. Jones
and Diana arrive in the nick of time. Neal helps Alex up. He hugs her,
and they kiss. Sara sees. Neal looks quite discomfited. Sara walks away
without a word.

The team discuss Adler's disappearance. Sara looks very closed, almost
angry, but she does participate in the conversation. Alex has some
welcome news. He's shipping the art to Europe, but he can't until the
end of the week. That gives them some breathing room. Based on Alex's
recollection, Diana tries to narrow down the sub's location.

Peter and Neal need some sleep. They're going to leave the project in
able hands.

Sara chats with Alex. Jones points them out to Neal. He's going to go
talk to the two of them. He says if he's not out in ten minutes, Jones
should send backup. Upon his arrival, Sara excuses herself. Alex says
Sara is great, and Neal says "It's not like that." "Yeah. Yeah, it is."
She fills Neal in on what her grandfather told her about the U-boat when
she was little. An SOS tracker was encoded into the music box. On his
deathbed, he gave Alex a key. The key to the music box, and he told her
to find it. She did. Neal reminds her of the treasure. Some wonderful
fantasy, that's just out of reach. Alex kisses Neal, saying goodbye.

Sara is still pretty brittle with Neal. Peter invites Neal to dinner.
Sara as well. They don't have the option of saying no.

El and Peter banter as they set the table. Elizabeth notes that they're
very quiet, and ask if they want more wine. They say "Yes" in unison.

After dinner, the men play chess while Sara and Elizabeth talk. She
tells Sara that Neal is a lot of things, but when it counts, you can
trust him. Neal watches anxiously from the next room, asking Peter "Do
you think I'm in trouble?" Peter says no. They're probably discussing
shoes. Peter grins. Neal has a lot to learn about women. He loves his
wife, and his life. Neal doesn't think that's the life for him. Peter
says he just needs to figure it out, and when he does? He'll be the
luckiest guy. Before she leaves, Sara chats with Neal, then kisses him.
"You owe me lunch."

The team goes to work. They have 15 warehouses to search. Adler is in
one of them. Neal and Peter agree, Adler's not getting away this time.

As Neal tries one of the doors, Adler tells him he admires his
persistence. He's flanked by two of his men. Adler makes Neal an offer
he may not be able to refuse. There's an 18-wheeler inside, loaded with
a priceless art collection. If Neal helps him past the FBI perimeter,
half of it is his. Neal figures Adler's mistaken him for an idiot. No,
Adler thinks he's an opportunist. Neal reminds Adler that he took
everything from him. Only after Neal tried to do the same to him, Adler
responds. All's fair in love and war.

Neal has one question. Why did Kate have to die. If Adler wants his
help, he's going to have to spit out that answer. He blames Peter.
Because he showed up, Adler had to blow the plane up early, and she
didn't get to escape. It was a near-miss for Neal's life, as well. Neal
asks if he expects him to be grateful. Adler's non-related answer is
"You're as close to a son as I ever had." Neal doesn't buy that. He's
nothing like Adler, who thinks there's nothing sadder than a con man
conning himself. He says he and Neal need to bring this thing full
circle and finish it, just like old times. Neal advises him to go to
hell, as there is an explosion from the second story of the building
behind him. They could lose everything.

Peter, Diana and Jones see the explosion. Where the hell is Neal? They
run toward the explosion. The main floor blows as well. Neal is first
back on his feet. Adler is ready to run in, and Neal stops him. Adler
aims a gun at him. He figures Neal did quid pro quo, for Kate. His last
words are "You won't get away with this. He's about to pull the trigger
on Neal when Peter shoots him from behind.

He asks Neal what Adler meant, but Neal doesn't know. Peter looks at
Neal with doubt in his eyes. Diana and Jones walk Neal away. A fragment
of painting flutters to Peter's feet. It's from the picture of the
Chrysler Building that he saw in Neal's apartment the day before. He
murmurs "Dammit, Neal" before following the three of them. He calls Neal
back and says "You did it. The fire, all of this." Neal says the
paintings were masterpieces, he would never have done that. Peter knows
that. But he also knows Neal would steal them. Neal claims he doesn't
know what Peter is talking about. Neal tells Peter he didn't do it, and
he's not lying. Peter tells Neal he doesn't believe him. Neal says
"Prove it. Prove it." before walking away.

Neal finally gets home. He finds a key alongside an address on his
table, with a typed message "You'll thank me." He goes to the address
and unlocks the door. All of the plunder is there. As he stands in the
midst of it, Neal smiles.