Dentist of Detroit - Recap

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The scene opens with Mozzie trying to sell his spy gadgetry to help Mr. Jeffries, his old mentor at a group home back in Detroit; he shown trying to help him as much as he can. It’s a heartwarming gesture. He’s already sent some money, but knows it won’t be enough; hence he resorted to other options to procure some money to help the old man out. Elsewhere, Peter and team are getting their week’s assignments that aren’t too interesting, but one does catch Neal’s interest; and thus he wants to probably be a part of the investigations. Frank DeLuca from the Detriot mob is in town and looking for someone; to help him carry out a job. He shows up at Mozzie’s sale looking for “the dentist of Detroit.”

DeLuca leaves a picture with a knife in the back saying that if the dentist doesn’t show to his appointment, his friend will die; thus making his threat as clear as can be. The picture is of Mr. Jeffries, Mozzie’s beloved mentor. Mozzie is shocked to no end to see it, and surprisingly reveals the fact that he’s the dentist; truly an intriguing turn of events. Meanwhile, Peter figures Neal knows something and he shows up at Mozzie’s sale place while Moz is making plans to meet DeLuca; so he can know exactly what DeLuca’s intentions are. Neal reveals what has happened and Mozzie insists that he equipped to take on DeLuca completely on his own, but Peter puts him in protective custody, as he doesn’t want Mozzie trying anything foolish. Neal also tells Peter that Mozzie is the dentist of Detroit, who is linked to a bunch of crimes spanning decades, some of them violent; Peter is visibly surprised to hear this.

Mozzie doesn’t fess up to the crimes Peter discusses and Neal insists Mozzie tell his story to Peter to help himself from staying out of prison; thus Mozzie relents on Neal’s insistence. So we go back to 1969, when baby Mozzie was orphaned and found by Isaac Jeffries. Baby Mozzie already has his signature glasses and a cute stuffed bear named Mozart. Everything shown is too adorable for words. Apparently no glasses did him no good and made childhood difficult for our little Moz. The kids even throw his bear in the dirt! Jeffries fixes the bear and teaches Mozzie to learn and keep ahead of everyone; so began his training at a very young age. Susequently, Mozzie does a lot of reading and uses the knowledge to fight his own wars; thus he is no more shy and timid as before. So Jeffries became Mozzie’s mentor and saved his life; hence Mozzie understandably feels a huge amount of gratitude to his mentor.

Their relationship continues to be so close that Mozzie can read into Jeffries’ clues; who is currently missing from his home in Detroit. At his home were stuffed animals, including a bear holding an apple. Mozzie=bear; apple=NYC. Peter isn’t completely convinced by this reasoniong. The later one with the stuff on his car dashboard is even better. Anyway, Neal is all about protecting his friend, so he goes in as the dentist’s assistant to make the appointment; and help him any way he can. DeLuca doesn’t want to talk to him and says no deal, but Neal’s quick thinking saves things, as always. Apparently answering a question about the dentist’s favorite ice cream (bubble gum) does the trick, and convinces DeLuca. DeLuca says the dentist pulled a big con (worth $500,000) on his dad and now he wants to pull the same con to the head of the Irish mob, Patrick O’Leary, thus starting potential mob war.

If the RBI can set it up, they can DeLuca on extortion and Mozzie and Jeffries are home free. But first, they have to know how Mozzie pulled the con. We also find out that he was only twelve when he did it; a truly astonishing revelation. Mozzie reveals how he had to run away after being pinned for a crime he didn’t commit. And we get younger Moz! Young Mozzie finds a job making book for a numbers guy, where he learned the job be better than who he was working for. But since adults aren’t going to listen to a kid, Mozzie gets himself a patsy who becomes the face of the dentist and he the brains; again an exhibition of true genius on Mozzie’s part. So why the dentist name asks Peter? Because Moz was twelve and that was the scariest thing to him at the time. He therefore chose the name, in order to build his reputation. All is well until DeLuca senior comes along not liking that the dentist was cutting into his profits; he is visibly displeased by this fact.

Mozzie wants payback and eventually gets DeLuca on a wire con that netts him the $500,000 and then goes to NYC and retires the dentist moniker once Mozzie’s partner rats him out. So everything that has been attributed to the dentist since is actually not his doing at all. It actually turns out that, the whole story about the dentist being involved is basically something DeLuca made up, since he didn’t want it getting out that he was conned by a pre-teen. So Peter and Neal go on to run the con while Mozzie gets sent to a safe house. Neal is able to get O’Leary with money in hand to this race horse betting location. Unfortunately, O’Leary isn’t making the high bets that Neal and Peter want, even after Neal tells him that their feed is delayed three minutes; so they think of something else to prompt him to shell out the big bucks.

Peter makes a change in plan; he fires Neal in public. They really get into it, and it works (after some convincing from Neal) and O’Leary makes the big bet and is caught; thus they manage to achieve what they set out to do. One mobster down. One more to go. All the while this is happening, Mozzie is at the safe house scheming to get out. He does so by pulling a “Ferris Bueller,” and escaping through the bathroom window. June even plays a role in it as well. The FBI keeping watch figures it out and Mozzie leaves a note saying he’s going to meet DeLuca; he has to after all settle the score. Mozzie meets up with DeLuca with O’Leary’s money in a briefcase and reveals to DeLuca he himself has been set up; just so he can win DeLuca’s confidence.

For the FBI to get DeLuca though, he has to take the briefcase; that is the only way the FBI can implicate him. He does and pulls a gun on Moz, but Peter and team are fast and the second mobster is down. Just one more to go. Later, Mozzie thanks Peter for saving him although he knew he would. Mozzie is soon reunited with Jeffries, who reveals how Mozzie’s name came about. That bear named Mozart, when Mozzie was a kid; he could never pronounce its name and kept calling is Mozzie. Hence his odd sounding and very unconventional name came about. The episode ends.