Taking Account - Recap

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The scene opens with Sara trying to get money at an ATM, but it says she has none in her account; much to her surprise. We find out a hacker has gotten into thousands of bank accounts stealing $126 million dollars. The FBI has a lead to a Swiss account under the name Dupont, where the same amount of money was recently deposited, but they can’t be sure yet; and thus are investigating the matter. Since Sara has no money and can’t pay for the hotel she’s living in while her apartment is being renovated, Neal asks her to stay with him. She accepts and moves in the same day. Mozzie is almost caught talking about the treasure with Sara in the room and he’s worried with her around while they work on their getaway.

Sara becomes a bit suspicious, but it seems she hasn’t said anything about that passport she found last week…yet; so maybe she won’t open her mouth after all. So what to do? What Mozzie and Neal do best! Try to catch the bad guy before the Feds do and before the money is gone and can’t be recovered. They come up with a plan; assume the hacker’s alias and to lure him out of hiding. Before this, Sara finally brings up the passport she found; catching Neal by surprise. Neal manages to dodge this one by pulling out a line about it being FBI work and needing a good alias, just like Mr. Dupont; thus convincing Sara to a certain degree. Later Sara, Mozzie and Neal go to the local branch of the bank to do their thing, all behind Peter’s back.

Basically, Mozzie causes a scene while Sara gets into the local computer system to change some personal questions so Neal can prove to the bank he’s Dupont to get a new debit card; thus setting in motion the wheels of their plan. The three of them working together, seem to be making a great team. All the while, Jones does some fancy computer thing and finds a signature associated with the hacking to one called “The Vulture.” Now that Neal has the card, it’s time for the spending! Their first purchase is a helicopter; even more interesting is the breakdown on screen of how much money they were spending. It is different, but fun to see Neal and Sara rack up all those costs, and apparently enjoying every moment of it. At the FBI, Diana says the bank hasn’t allowed them to freeze the account, but did report something unexpected with Dupont getting a new debit card on the account and everything that he’s purchased; which is out of the ordinary, from his present pattern of spending.

Peter sees right through the extravagant purchases and soon shows up at Neal’s to rip him a new one for robbing a bank, dragging Sara into the whole thing, and not telling him about it (again); he visibly very disturbed by this. Peter whisks Neal away from the expensive things to discuss next steps. Neal mentions that stealing is not the Vulture’s M.O. and Peter wonders how best to catch him, but Neal defers to Mozzie as the computer nerd. Elizabeth says she’ll give him a call. Yes, she has his number, because they chat. Meanwhile, Mozzie does his computer thing and manages to put a message out there about how the FBI can offer full immunity and the Vulture bites for a meet up; thus their plan is a success. Team is there, with Peter, Neal and Mozzie in a car scoping out the place. Mozzie is the one to correctly identify the real Vulture texter and it’s not a guy, it’s a girl! She texts Peter’s phone saying she wants the cute one to come out.

Neal automatically is set to leave, as he assumes she is naturally describing him, but her next text reveals that she wants Mozzie to come, much to his surprise. Before he can make it to her though, gunshot rings out. Diana manages to get Vulture and she gives them, who the shooter was, a guy named Brower. She knows because she helped him build the virus to infiltrate the bank; thus revealing her degree of involvement in the whole thing. Vulture, really Sally, says the hacking wasn’t supposed to be a theft, it was supposed to expose the corruption happening in the city; that was the actual motive of their whole operation. So she really isn’t all that bad, from all that has just been said and revealed. Peter figures that Neal’s stealing isn’t lost on the case and leaks images and a PO Box for a drop off to lure out Brower, while Mozzie goes to Sally’s to help protect her, as they anticipate something untoward happening, but really, the two are just smitten with each other, and are probably looking to spend more time with each other.

There couldn’t have been a better excuse than this for them to do so. Later, Neal and Sara have a moment discussing the past and he asks her if she’d like to continue living like they did, just spending. Sara, being more good than bad, holds onto a moral ground saying she doesn’t cross a line she can’t get back from; thus discouraging the whole idea. At the same time, Neal logs into his computer to see the treasure and Sara is able to read his password on the reverse on the guitar he’s holding. This can’t be good, from the looks of it. Brower didn’t show up to the PO Box, but did leave a flash drive. Peter immediately sticks it in to read it, but it’s a virus meant to infiltrate the FBI network. Yes, they had someone look it over already, but it was outside of their knowledge, but no worries, everyone unplugs their computers and Jones gets into the bank account to see Brower has changed the information back to his own. Now what?

Neal figures Brower has to go back to the bank to get the money, but the bank isn’t on the FBI’s side and without Brower’s photo, how to catch him? Oh, but looky here, they now have someone on their side to hack into the bank account. Sally! And there’s Mozzie! Shirtless! Mozzie has found a new gal in Sally and that they communicate via text. The whole thing is apparently very romantic. They get his picture and trace him to a busy transportation terminal. It’s a lot of people to track, but Peter has an idea and calls Mozzie and Sally.

They are super cute and geeky working together, hacking into the terminal system to put an alert out with Brower’s picture, thus allowing all the people at the station to track him. In a pretty anticlimactic end, the team easily catch him and, case closed. At Neal’s, Sara uses the password she read to log into Neal’s computer to reveal the treasure he’s been looking at. She’s quite in shock; “Neal, what did you do?” While Neal’s away, he and Mozzie talk about staying now they are both attached. Mozzie adamantly defends their leaving and cutting all ties saying they can’t be closet billionaires. The episode ends on this note.