Stealing Home - Recap

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The scene opens with Peter filling out his paperwork for Neal's hearing; he wants to be well prepared for it. It sounds like Peter's testimony will be critical to this case; thus he is visibly worried. Meanwhile, they're watching Gordon Taylor a well-known con without a record. Taylor, a contract thief, is in town and the team is trying to figure out what he's there to steal; hence he is being kept under observation, as he must surely be up to something. He is apparently very popular, which makes finding witnesses difficult; thus he has never been convicted, and hence neither does he have a record. Meanwhile, after the meeting Diana tells Peter about Kramer not thinking Neal should have his sentence commuted; as he feels Neal’s crimes deserve a punishment. Peter tells her he hasn't decided what he'll say at the hearing; he is still contemplating his stance.

Kramer wants to look at Neal's prison letters, which supposedly contain codes no one's been able to crack; and probably wants to give a shot at cracking the codes himself. Peter instructs her to help Kramer even if he tries to go behind his back; as he is just doing his job. Meanwhile, Mozzie tells Neal that he's been hired to work on Taylor's next job. Taylor even asked about Neal being a point man. Neal wants Mozzie to help bring him down, but he doesn't like it. Since the case could get Neal off, he agrees only to help set up the meeting with Neal. Mozzie tells him the target is Yankee Stadium. Later, Neal tells Peter about his plan to help the feds from the inside of the job. They meet with the stadium's head of security who mentions the stadium's museum, which contains many a valuable memorabilia. Yankee fan Peter looks around while they wait for building plans and security info; he is clearly enamored by all that he sees. While the team watches surveillance footage we learn that Mozzie has been granted immunity and the plan is to arrest him along with Taylor to preserve his credibility; thus raising no doubts even in the mind of Taylor.

Meanwhile, Neal and Mozzie prep for Neal's "audition" to work with Taylor; so he can be the inside man and keep a close watch on things. The audition will be a game of pool. Taylor is a fantastic player; and thus a game of pool would be the ideal opportunity to get his attention. Meanwhile, Peter meets with Sara about being a character witness at the commutation hearing; to discuss things over. She had not heard he might be free. She plans to give the idea some thought. Meanwhile, Neal ends up making a preposterously difficult shot to both beat Taylor and in the process impress him, and also get hired for the job; thus confirming the fact that he has managed to win Taylor’s confidence. That night Sara drops by Neal's place and tells him she's not happy he didn't tell her about being up for commutation. She says they are going to talk about "everything" that night. It’s going to be a long night, from the looks of it.

The next morning Neal drops by Peter's place; he tells Peter about all that transpired between Taylor and him, and also the good news that, he is in. It also turns out that, Taylor has been hired by Robert Withrow Jr., a wealthy collector of baseball memorabilia; who wants to enhance his already enormous collection. The Yankees have rebuked Withrow in attempts to purchase items time and again; thus his decision to hire Taylor for the job; if you can’t buy it, then steal it; seems to be his mantra. Meanwhile, Elizabeth mentions that Peter had a professional baseball career that was partially derailed by injury; and it’s a fact that has always bothered him. Meanwhile, Kramer also asks Jones about Neal; in order to paint a clearer picture of him. Jones expresses concern about Neal after he loses the anklet; thus confirming Kramer’s fear to quite an extent. Meanwhile, Withrow shows up to meet his team and Taylor promptly turns on a device that prevents Peter and Jones from hearing anything; thus managing to keep their conversation under wraps.

Withrow wants his assistant Paul to join the crew; so he has someone who he trusts completely as a part of the whole operation. Taylor hates the idea, but agrees so long as no guns are involved; as he isn’t in the favor of any bloodshed or killing. The target is Babe Ruth's first home run ball; an extremely valuable piece of memorabilia. The plan is for Mozzie and Neal to create a forgery, and then switch it when Paul pretends to be an admirer who breaks the glass; thus lulling them into believing that, they are stealing the real thing. Neal will pretend to be a security guard and make the switch; so as to avoid raising any doubts or questions. Taylor orders no outside contact for the job -- watches, phones, etc; so as to avoid detection of any sort. Meanwhile, Kramer and his team are in New York doing research on Neal; and trying to dig up as much as they can about him.

Sara drops by to tell Peter she's made a decision. She wants to testify on his behalf, and she has made up her mind firmly about this. Meanwhile, Neal wants to get a message to Peter. The plan is to hide a note under the stitching of the forgery ball. Meanwhile, Taylor and the crew arrive at the stadium for a day game; they are ready for action. Paul breaks the glass and Neal makes the switch successfully. Meanwhile, sitting in a luxury box Taylor mentions wanting Mozzie to work for him in Paris down the road; oblivious to all that has just transpired. After Paul plays dumb in custody Peter wants to examine the ball left in the case. Neal hands the ball off to another guy. Peter cuts into the ball and finds the note from Neal. Peter, Jones and Diana grab Withrow and Mozzie in the parking lot; as planned, but for some reason Taylor isn't there; much to their surprise.

Meanwhile, Neal meets with Taylor, who says that Mozzie gave him a head's up; and thus he managed to escape arrest. Taylor pays Neal and mentions the Europe jobs coming up. Meanwhile, Kramer's team has cracked the code from Neal's letters. Diana tells Peter, who is worried. Later, Peter drops by Neal's place before the hearing; he plans to have a chat with him. He asks Neal about Taylor getting away and wonders about Taylor charming Mozzie; he is clearly bothered by this. Neal gives Peter his rookie card as a gift. Peter doesn't mention the letters to Neal; as he too has doubts that are plaguing his mind. Neal arranges for him and Peter to spend time on the field at Yankee Stadium. As they play catch Neal asks Peter if he has a shot at commutation. Peter dodges the question; as he is clearly not comfortable answering it. The episode ends, with Neal’s fate still hanging in the balance.