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Judgment Day - Recap

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The scene opens with Neal being briefed by the committee running his commutation hearing. He's told there will be interviews over the course of the next few days, followed by Peter making his recommendation. Meanwhile, Mozzie notices that Neal doesn't have him on his witness list; which surprises him. Neal still isn't sure what Peter will say. They also see that Agent Kramer is scheduled to speak, which concerns Neal; as he is aware of how Kramer feels about him. Neal drops by Peter's place; to discuss things over. Elizabeth has baked two commutation cakes for Neal, one for each outcome. Peter says he hasn't decided what to say and he's not sure what Kramer is going to say; he still is swimming in the sea of uncertainty. Meanwhile, Diana tells Peter Kramer respects Neal, but is dead-set on using the cracked code to find something. Meanwhile, Kramer tells Peter he that he's been covering for Neal in his reports.

He also says he wants Neal in DC, working for him; as he knows what Neal is capable of. Meanwhile, June is interviewed by the committee. She says she thinks of Neal as a son and tells them he deserves to be set free. Meanwhile, Peter tells Elizabeth about Kramer's plan for Neal. He also mentions the 24-hour immunity he had given Neal and that if the stuff Neal told him gets out Neal could go back to jail. She advises him to talk to Kramer. Neal eavesdrops on Peter speaking with Kramer about a CI/friend he used to have. While they talk Neal breaks into Kramer's briefcase and sees the letter and that his code has been broken; much to his surprise. Kramer admits that goal is to extend Neal's sentence and use him on his team; for assistance. Neal spots a subpoena of Sara in the case. Neals tells Sara her files are going to be subpoenaed; much to her surprise. She realizes this means she was close to finding the Raphael he stole. He sent her the address, which Kramer has now de-coded, but he never gave a zip code.

She found the zip code and had it in her possession. There is an electronic record of the zip code in her company's files but she is locked out of the system; and hence can’t access any information. The FBI has arrived and Kramer calls to tell her his agents are there to look into the painting. Neal asks her to buy some time and she tells him they recovered the painting. If the painting isn't there by 6pm he'll charge her with obstruction of justice. Meanwhile, Neal tells Peter he's looking for the painting and asks him to extend the radius of his tracking. Peter does it, in order to help Neal. Neal calls Mozzie and asks for transportation back from getting the painting. Neal drops in on his stepmother, who has the painting. They reminisce for a few minutes and she asks if she did the right thing telling him about his father being a dirty cop. Neal isn't upset with her and asks whether his father was always corrupt; as he is curious about this one fact.

She tells him Kate came looking for the painting five years ago but she said she wanted him to have it. He takes the painting and leaves. Outside Neal runs into Peter and the two take the tram together. Diana calls to say that Kramer knew where Neal was and they are waiting at the tram station, in order to apprehend him. Meanwhile, Elizabeth testifies before the committee. She says Neal's sentence could be commuted; as she too is in Neal’s favor. Meanwhile, Neal ends up jumping from one tram to the other. Mozzie calls to say he's figured out an escape route with Sara. When Peter gets off the tram he blames Kramer for boxing Neal and forcing him to run. When Kramer asks if he had the painting Peter says "not that I saw”, thus hiding the truth from Kramer. Kramer wonders if Peter is becoming Neal; as he begins suspecting Peter too. Kramer has his team continue its pursuit of Neal and leaves for Sara's office.

Meanwhile, Mozzie is waiting with an ambulance and takes them over the bridge; thus helping them escape unscathed. Meanwhile, Jones tells the committee that Neal should finish out his two years with the FBI. It will be a long shot for Neal to get to Sara's office in time, from the look of things. Mozzie tells him that he moved Neals half of the treasure out of the country and there is still time for them to run and ensure he doesn't go back to prison; as Mozzie is afraid that the judgment might go against Neal, and hence there is no point taking a chance. Meanwhile, Neal calls Sara to tell him he's close, just so she is prepared for his arrival. Peter calls Sara and tells her to schedule a meeting with her boss. While Neal runs from Kramer's agents, Diana picks him up in her SUV and tells Kramer they lost Neal; much to his disappointment.

Meanwhile, Sara, Peter and her boss meet and discuss a plan that would have him making $15 million in a matter of minutes. Her boss signs some papers. Neal walks into the lobby and runs into Kramer with a few of his agents. Kramer tries to place Neal into custody, but Sara's boss tells him that they hired Neal to authenticate the painting; much to Kramer’s surprise and irritation. Peter takes the cuffs of Neal and tells him to head home; with Kramer looking on with surprise. Kramer is furious at Peter, convinced that Peter has become Neal's "mark." He assures Peter "this isn't over yet.” although at the present moment Kramer is completely helpless, and apparently very angered by this fact, he can do nothing. Later, Neal speaks to the committee. Neal tells them that it isn't his job to decide whether or not he should be free; thus throwing the ball in their court.

He says that either way he doesn't plan on leaving. He has a partner, family and best friend in place. They will give him their answer later in the day; as they need time for contemplation. Neal tells Peter it doesn't matter either way, that either way he'll be at work on Monday. Neal tells Peter that when the process is over "I'll tell you everything." Peter leaves for his testimony. Before Peter can walk in to testify, Kramer approaches the scene with some agents. He says that after the committee is finished he's going to place Neal in custody.

Neal's tram-jumping, combined with other factors will be enough to keep him in an ankle brace permanently and have him working in DC for Kramer. Peter and Neal lock eyes; there is something more than meets the eye, from the look of things. While Peter testifies we see Neal return to his apartment, remove his ankle monitor and get on a plane. Peter tells the committee that Neal's sentence should be commuted. At that exact moment Diana walks in to say that Neal is gone. We see Neal and Mozzie on a plane together as the episode ends.