Honor Among Thieves - Recap

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The episode begins with Neal laying flowers on Ellen’s coffin and saying “I am so sorry”. Peter then assures Neal that they will figure out “who did this”. Neal then tells Peter about Sam, the undercover cop, who Ellen had told him can help him out. He adds that, whoever Sam was investigating is possibly behind Ellen’s killing. Neal sees Sam hiding in a corner and calls out to him. He though on being spotted, makes a run for it. The two, then chase after him, but in the end don’t manage to catch up with him. Later Neal tells an impatient Mozzie “we do things Peter’s way, for now”. Neal later returns to work. Peter is working on a case at a museum, and Neal wants in on it. Peter warns him that they have to do things by the book.

Peter then shows Neal a device which is used to shut off security systems. The device as it turns out was found by a museum janitor in the basement of the museum, and was programmed to shut off the security in the museum at 3PM. Someone basically is planning to steal a priceless piece of contemporary art from the museum, and the two need to find out who it is. Peter and Neal later monitor the surveillance cameras, hoping to catch the thief, who probably still thinks the device will turn off the alarms. Peter and Neal then proceed to the museum, pretending to be patrons, and Diana on the other hand goes in as a docent. Inside the two notice a suspicious looking woman. Peter concludes that the woman is possibly timing the guards.

Peter then proceeds to look at the security footage in order to find out where all, the woman has been. The woman meanwhile walks up to Neal and Diana and discusses a painting with them. The woman then introduces herself to Diana, as Abigail and evidently seems interested in her. Later Abigail tells Neal she knows who he is, and also adds that she is “a fan”. Neal then tells her that, he only there as a patron and nothing more. Peter meanwhile is keeping a close watch on Abigail, through the security cameras. Abigail meanwhile makes a kid touch a museum artifact and the alarm goes off, Abigail immediately realizes that the device has been disabled by someone and walks out. Later Peter gives his team a brief about Abigail, and how her name has been linked to a few art heists in the past, nothing though could be conclusively proven against her.

Peter says Abigail might have assumed that either Neal or the authorities might have disabled the device. Peter then asks Diana to set up a date with Abigail, who seems interested in her and has already messaged her twice. Peter later tells Neal that the marshals are willing to cooperate with him regarding Ellen’s murder, but only on a very limited basis. Neal though isn’t happy with the outcome, and tells Peter that he doesn’t have time. Later Abigail runs into Neal and Mozzie on the street and tells Neal that, she has a proposition for him. She then assumes that Neal is now siding with the feds, as he wasn’t questioned for the alarm going off in the museum the other day. Neal though manages to convince her that he isn’t.

She then shows him a photograph of the piece of art he wants Neal to steal, on her behalf. In exchange she offers to steal the file on Ellen’s murder case, from the marshal’s building, for him. Neal then says “I need to think about it”. Later, Neal is in a quandary about what he should do. Diana on the other hand is meeting Abigail later, for a date. Neal thinking there is an angle is hence worried that, Abigail might end up getting her piece of art, and he might not get the drive with the relevant files in it. Later Peter finds it odd; that Abigail turned down an offer of Diana’s to see a painting in the museum in the night itself, and rather offered to see it the next day. Peter also gives Neal the bad news that the marshals might not give them the information, they want. Later at home, Neal meets Abigail.

Neal then tells her, he is not going to take her offer. She also warns him that she too should walk away, as she won’t get away with it. She then proves to him that she had broken into the marshal’s server, and blackmails him by telling him that she has left his hair under the data server as evidence. Therefore if he doesn’t do her bidding she will make an anonymous call, which would reveal his complicity in the crime. She then gives him 24 hours to think. Later, Neal decides to steal the piece of art, while Mozzie tells him that he will create a diversion, in order to throw Peter and his team off Neal’s scent. Neal shall then smuggle the piece of art out of the museum in a trash can, in the process making the piece of art, also look like trash.

Mozzie then as per the plan creates a diversion and disables all the security cameras in the museum, which attracts Peter’s attention. Neal meanwhile hides the piece of art in a trash can. Peter then enters the room and sees the piece missing; he then assumes that it’s Abigail who has stolen it, as Neal hides before he can be spotted. Later the trash can is taken outside by the museum staff, and left on the street. It is then later collected by Mozzie. Later from the security footage Peter figures out that Neal was somehow involved in the heist, as he was not with him and his team for a short span of time, as per the footage. Neal at home tells Mozzie, how awful he is feeling about stabbing Peter in the back.

Later, Diana pays Neal a visit and confesses to him that she has started developing feelings for Abigail. She adds that she told Abigail the truth. Later, Peter shows Diana, what he has discovered about Neal. He then figures out Abigail must have given him the marshals report in exchange for him giving her what she wanted. Diana is visibly angry with Neal over this revelation, and is disgusted at the fact that she confided in Neal and asked for his advice. Peter too is angry that Neal did this, after all the pains he took to cover Neal’s back. He then concludes, Neal has got to deliver the piece and when he does, they too will be there. Peter and his team then see through a security camera, Neal and Abigail walking toward each other on the street, to make the exchange.

Peter instructs his team to arrest the both of them the moment they make the exchange. Peter then finds out through the security footage that Abigail blackmailed Neal, into giving her the piece. Neal meanwhile hands Abigail the piece but doesn’t take anything in return, telling her “the price is too high”. Peter is surprised to see this, and asks him team to wait and see where this goes. Neal then calls up Peter and tells him that Abigail has the piece, and also gives him her location. Then before he can keep the phone down Abigail is arrested.

Peter then tells Neal how he knew about it since the time Neal had left the office after the heist. Later Peter pleasantly surprises Neal by telling him that he made a copy of the marshal’s files, before returning the drive to them. Then at home Peter tells Elizabeth how he feels, the whole thing might have been one long con that Neal pulled, in order to get the flash drive. The episode ends at this point.