Ancient History - Recap

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The episode begins with artifacts being stolen from a storage facility by masked men. The men are then apprehended by cops. Neal as it turns out is one amongst the masked men. Peter then reveals to the cops that Neal is an “FBI asset” and was a part of the operation on FBI’s behalf. Peter then takes Neal and leaves. Later at a team briefing, Peter reveals, the job the three robbers along with Neal were trying to pull, possibly had a patron. Peter and team suspect that the patron must be Alex. Peter then asks Neal and Alex to play “catch up” and see if she is actually involved in the heist. Later Diana gives Peter a file of the information she has collected about Sam. Peter then asks Diana to keep a watch on Sam.

Later Moz tells Neal that he is worried about Alex’s return as they had stolen her treasure “from under her”. Neal then sees a package addressed to him; it’s from a Katherine Hill. Neal tells Moz, Katherine Hill was Ellen’s name, before she went for Witsec. The letter with the package says that, 30 years ago Ellen had asked the marshals to give him the package if they never saw each other again. The two of them ended up in Witsec together, so there was no need for the package to be given to him up until now. Inside the package is an old cassette. Neal decides to watch the cassette “alone” with Sam. Moz doesn’t think it’s a good idea, but Neal says “this is my call”. Later, Alex pays Neal a visit at his home. Alex denies that she had planned the job.

Then before her leaving Neal asks her to have lunch with him “tomorrow”. Next day at office, Neal informs Peter about his lunch date with Alex. Peter in turn tells Neal, he isn’t her only date and shows him pictures of Alex with another man, which were taken right after she left Neal’s apartment. In the photograph she is seen handing a yellow envelope to a man. Neal on the basis of the photographs feels that Alex is probably working for someone else. Later, Moz meets Peter at his home and tells him about the beta max cassette that Neal earlier received. Moz feels Sam’s dangerous and is therefore worried about Neal. Peter though reassures him that from whatever he has found out about Sam, he doesn’t seem dangerous.

Later, after their lunch date Neal and Alex are on their way back to her hotel, Peter and team on the other hand are keeping a close watch on their movements. Just then Peter sees Moz entering Alex’s hotel room. He proceeds to get Moz out of their before their plan is busted. Peter then enters Alex’s hotel room and tells Moz that the room he is in isn’t Sam’s, unlike what Mozzie is assuming. Turns out, Moz had seen an address in a file on Peter’s desk at his home and had assumed it to be Sam’s. Moz then helps Peter looks through Alex’s stuff. Moz then eventually finds the yellow envelope in Alex’s purse in her bedroom. While the two are at it, Neal and Alex are shown making their way to her hotel room. Peter is warned about their impending arrival. He and Moz then proceed to hide.

Peter later informs Neal with a text that, he is in the bathroom. Later in the bathroom, Moz, Peter and Neal find photographs of exhibits from a museum, in the envelope. Peter and Moz then manage to make it out of the hotel room, without Alex being any the wiser. Later the DNA on the envelope Peter finds out is of Rasmus Spiteri, Greece’s new general secretary for culture and tourism. Turns out, he doesn’t want to rob the artifacts for profit, instead according to Peter Rasmus is on a “cultural reclamation project”. He basically wants the antiquities returned to Greece. Peter then asks Neal to talk to Alex once again. Later at his apartment, Neal tells Alex that, he wants to help her avoid going to prison once again. Neal then tells Alex that, Peter has enough information on him to put her away.

Neal then convinces her to assist the FBI in getting Spiteri. Neal also offers his assistance so she can get out of this mess. Later, Neal tells Peter that the only way to get Spiteri is to put stolen property in his hands. Peter agrees with Neal and thinks his plan makes sense. Neal’s plan is basically to pretend to be a prominent artist and attend the Greek exhibition at the gallery in question. Later Alex arrives at the gallery, and the two then proceed with their plan. Alex as it turns out shall pretend to be Neal’s assistant. Inside the gallery, Neal pretends to be the popular artist, as planned. Alex too plays her part as the assistant quite deftly. Then with a little help from Moz, Neal and Alex gain exclusive access to the part of the gallery which is featuring the Greek exhibits.

Neal and Alex then get to work, with Alex working on the security system and disabling it. The two then begin gathering the exhibits. The two then load the artifacts in a truck parked near the gallery. Peter and Diana on the other hand keep a close watch on the proceedings. Then after the artifacts are loaded in the truck, Neal finds out that Alex has disappeared, and the NYPD is there to arrest him, as the silent alarm was triggered. Neither Peter nor Neal can figure out as to why Alex took off. The two then later find out that, Alex has made off with artifacts from the NYPD evidence warehouse, where artifacts from two botched burglaries were kept. Also, Alex was caught on tape busting out from the NYPD warehouse.

Alex as it turns out cleverly made NYPD put all the artifacts in one warehouse, so she could steal all the artifacts at one go. Neal and Peter leave to apprehend Alex and her truck with the artifacts in it. The truck is apprehended by the NYPD. Neal and Peter arrive at the scene and find Spiteri sitting inside the truck. Spiteri informs Peter that Alex has escaped in a “black car”. The two then discover that, the truck is empty. “She has been one step ahead of us the whole time; she is gone Peter” Neal interjects. Later at home, Neal finds Alex standing in his balcony. She tells Neal Spiteri was using her as much as she was using him. Neal then tells her “I could call Peter right now”. “You wouldn’t; you owe me the treasure” she says with a smile. “Now we are even” she then tells Neal, and leaves.

Neal later arrives at Peter’s house with the cassette in hand. Moz too is there. “I am happy you decided to watch that with us” Moz tells Neal. Moz then inserts the cassette into player. “Ready to see what Ellen wanted to show you when you were three years old?” Mozzie asks Neal. “I am” says Neal, with apparent anticipation on his face. The episode ends at this point.