The Original - Recap

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The episode begins and Neal and Mozzie are outside the Empire State Building. Mozzie is keeping a close watch on things disguised as an ice-cream man. Peter arrives and tells them he knows what they are doing there. He reveals Elizabeth told him everything. He says that he knows Elizabeth asked them to keep him out of the loop. Later at the office, they meet their new boss Amanda Callaway. She gives the whole team a speech and personally introduces herself to Neal and Peter. She gives Neal and Peter their next assignment which is an art forgery case. Neal isn’t getting the right vibes from Callaway and feels she might be working for Senator Pratt.

Peter says he shall look into that. Later, Peter and Neal arrive at the gallery in question and see a bunch of sculptures. Neal spots one of them that looks like it’s a fake. They are informed that this piece that Neal is suspecting of being a fake is by an artist named Dubois. Turns out, this sculpture has already been authenticated and sold. Neal on his part isn’t somehow convinced even after knowing this. The piece of art was sold to the gallery by JB Bellmiere who as it turns out is Dubois’s protégé. They are informed that Bellmiere is considered to be the last word when it comes to Dubois’s work. Dubois has passed away.

During the time of his death there were four pieces of his artwork that still hadn’t been sold, of these the present work of art is the first one that’s been sold. Neal’s father gives him a call to ask him when it shall be safe for him to return. Also, he isn’t happy about the fact that Peter is involved in the matter. At work, Peter is informed by Callaway that he is being taken off the art forgery case. Peter isn’t too happy with it. He later tells Elizabeth that he doesn’t want to give up on the art forgery case because there is more to it than meets the eye. Peter does some digging and finds out Bellmiere’s actual name is Jeff Blantik. He informs Neal about this. Later, Neal and Peter pay Bellmiere a visit at his studio. There they see him giving a student a really tough time.

Peter questions him about the artwork and he reveals that Dubois had given him the piece before his death. Neal has a chat with a student of Bellmiere’s named Natasha and she reveals that no one has seen Bellmiere’s work. Bellmiere admits to Peter that none of his own work is for sale. Neal makes his way into Bellmiere’s private work area to snoop around. Later, Neal informs Peter what he has discovered. Turns out, Bellmiere is making two more fakes of Dubois’s artwork that hasn’t been sold yet. Neal concludes they can trap Bellmiere by making a fake of one of Dubois’s unsold work that Bellmiere is also working on and floating it in the market, thus forcing Bellmiere to hurriedly sell his other fake. Neal in other words, shall have to begin working on a forged sculpture of his own.

Later, Neal’s father lands up at his apartment much to his surprise. Neal feels it’s not safe for him to be coming out of the safe house like this. But, his father is eager to keep a tab on the progress Mozzie, Peter and Neal have made as far as his issue is concerned. At work, Peter informs Callaway about the inroads he has made into the Belmiere case. She in turn informs him that the case against Senator Pratt has to be closed. Peter concludes that this means she is in league with Pratt. Later, Neal informs Peter that his father has returned from the safe house. Later, Neal puts his fake Dubois up for sale. Other authenticators are convinced that it’s an original Dubois but Bellmiere arrives and looks at the sculpture and says it’s a fake.

He and Neal have a chat and he agrees to meet Neal the next day at his studio so they can come to an understanding about them both releasing fake Dubois’. Neal’s father concludes Ellen may have hidden the box in the ceiling of the office in the Empire State Building. Next day, Neal meets Bellmiere to strike the deal. They decide to split the profits 50-50. Later, Neal and Peter convince Callaway to let them buy an expensive high-resolution scanner to check the original forgery Bellmiere sold. She reluctantly approves the purchase but says that she wants to personally monitor this case from here on end. Neal suggests to Peter that they could use the scanner to find the box and they could do so without Callaway being any the wiser.

Peter isn’t down with this idea and makes Neal promise that he shall never even try to do such a thing. Neal reluctantly gives Peter his word. But soon after he breaks his promise by calling Mozzie up and informing him that he has acquired something that shall help them find the box. During the operation, Peter wants to remove Neal's ankle bracelet but Callaway is completely averse to this idea and refuses to give permission. Mozzie manages to stain the marble floor on the floor above the one they believe Ellen hid the box. Neal pretends to be working on a piece in Bellmiere's office, by planting a recording of marble being worked on. He then goes to see his father, who helps him reset the tracking device on his ankle.

At this point the marble cleaner shows up. While Neal’s father distracts the man Neal plants the scanner in the buffing machine. The man kicks his machine which shuts off the scan when it is only 90 percent complete. Callaway takes a look at the tracking device and concludes Neal is up to something. She tries to login using her information but she is denied access. She asks Peter to use his information but that too doesn’t work and he too is denied access. By the time Peter tries to log in again Neal returns to the studio. Neal scans the sculpture in the studio, but the calibration is off leading Peter to send him an abort text. Instead Neal begins to bait Bellmiere into a confession.

Belmier lunges at Neal when he realizes his game is up which knocks the sculpture onto the ground. The FBI arrives and they find he’s signed Blatnik on the piece of paper inside the work. He's then arrested. Later at home, Neal informs his father that they spotted something rectangular concealed in the ceiling when they looked with the scanner.

Neal suggests they wait for Peter before making their move. At work, Callaway tells Peter she shall give them anything they need and in return she wants results. After Peter has left, Callaway is informed by one of her men that the scanner was used in the Empire State Building. She then call’s up Pratt and says “I think I may have you answer”. The episode ends at this point.