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Message Posted On Saturday, June 25th 2011 at 7:28 am
Episode discussion for: 03x03 | Deadline (Jun 21, 2011)

Mixture of love and hate.#

Love all the FBI work case stuff thing. Calling in the FBI to help with her secretary work and all that stuff.

But all the sneaking behind his handler with Mossy, trying to get the list, lying and manipulating his 'collegues' - at the party - getting his "welcome to the family" under false pretences - all THAT stuff I dispise. Can't warm to the fellow when his being so damn underhand to the FBI people. Maybe this whole arc with resolve itself with him waving Mossy off as Mossy flies off with all the goodies, him (just What IS his name) staying behind wtih his new Family to continue his FBI work and rebuild all the trust bridges - but if this doesn't happen soon I'll be gone as a viewer.

btw: I left Nurse Jackie first ep into the new series as she was being so darn mean to everyone. Realised I had maybe missed the whole "journey into a better person" arc thru the series and was considering returning. Found out in the finale she's still being a btch, so am glad I didn't stick around.