Season 2

23 :02x01 - Bawl And Chain

Whitney and Alex celebrate their unofficial wedding day and Whitney is thrilled when her mother Candi (Jane Kaczmarek) pays a visit. However, she is soon brought to tears when her mom leaves abruptly. Alex's response to the situation makes things even more awkward. Meanwhile, Lily and Roxanne try to decide on an appropriate wedding gift for Whitney but cannot agree on the perfect present.

Source: NBC
Special Guest Stars: Jane Kaczmarek as Candi
Director: Andy Ackerman
Writer: Eric Zicklin

24 :02x02 - Poor Whitney

Alex and Whitney decide to share a joint checking account as Whitney is hard up for cash. The plan goes awry after she is less than impressed with Alex's finances and from there the penny pinching begins. Meanwhile, Mark makes a rash decision and buys a bar to the chagrin of everyone.

Source: NBC
Co-Guest Stars: Marie Del Marco as Ramona | Lauren Burns as Lorraine | Leslie Thurston as Bank Lady
Director: Andy Ackerman
Writer: Liz Astrof

25 :02x03 - Sex, Lies, and Alibis

After Alex reveals he "faked it," Whitney decides they need to come clean about their past lies. Lily reveals too much about Whitney's former life to Alex. Meanwhile, Mark hires R.J., (Tone Bell), the new bartender at Low Bar, proving to be fresh meat for Roxanne and Lily.

Source: NBC
Director: Steve Zuckerman

26 :02x04 - Hello Giggles

When Alex takes an accidental dive off stage while speaking at his alma mater, Whitney's reaction is less than heartwarming. Meanwhile, R.J. (Tone Bell) tries to school Mark on the art of chivalry using Lily as an example.

Source: NBC
Co-Guest Stars: Phillip Garcia as Student | Lili Fuller as Student #2
Director: Andy Ackerman
Writer: Dan Levy

27 :02x05 - Three's Company

When Alex agrees to let his ex-fiancé Chloe crash on his couch during her stay in town without notifying Whitney, he finds himself in trouble. Instead of consoling his current significant other, he has to cater to his ex, putting Whitney in an awkward situation. Meanwhile, Roxanne lets Lily use her apartment for some alone time with a date and ends up crashing for the night with Mark.

Source: NBC
Guest Stars: June Diane Raphael as Chloe | Hope Solo as Herself
Director: David Trainer

28 :02x06 - 2 Broke Hearts

While trying to uncover what has been making Alex's allergies flare , Whitney reveals a heart condition that has plagued her since childhood. Meanwhile, Lily introduces the gang to her new beau, but they find that he tends to have a hard time getting to the point and Mark, Roxanne and R.J. find themselves rushing to finish his sentences.

Source: NBC
Guest Stars: John Ross Bowie as Eddie | Maz Jobrani as Dr. West
Director: Andy Ackerman

29 :02x07 - Sorry!

When Whitney is contacted by a terrible ex-boyfriend who is looking to make amends, Alex warns her to stay away, but Lily encourages her to arrange a meeting. However, when Whitney meets him she finds out that old habits die hard and Alex is forced to defend her honor. Meanwhile, R.J. reveals to Roxanne that she may have a thing for Mark.

Source: NBC
Guest Stars: Lance Barber as Nate
Director: Andy Ackerman

30 :02x08 - Space Invaders

In an effort to have some time by himself, Alex lies to Whitney about going away for a tech seminar. However, Whitney soon uncovers the truth and makes them go to couple's counseling. Meanwhile, to Lily's surprise, R.J's eight-year-old niece takes a liking to Roxanne.

Source: NBC
Special Guest Stars: John Cleese as Dr. Grant |
Guest Stars: Sydney Mikayla as Maggie

31 :02x09 - Snapped

When Alex’s abrasive brother comes to visit, Whitney is unable to stop herself from blurting out her true feelings about him. Meanwhile, Lily plans a secret date to the grocery store for Roxanne and Mark in hopes of bringing them closer together. Just when it seems to be a bust, Roxanne surprises everyone.

Source: NBC
Guest Stars: Ken Marino as Brian | Leslie Grossman as Michelle
Director: Andy Ackerman
Writer: Liz Astrof

32 :02x10 - Breaking Dad

When Whitney's father comes for a visit and gives her $5,000, she believes he has finally changed for the better. Although Alex encourages her to use the money to rent an art gallery to display her photos, Whitney instead gives the money to Lily who is desperately short on cash. Later, the money trail continues when Lily entrust Roxanne to be the keeper of the $5000 but Roxanne proves to be ill prepared for the job.

Source: NBC
Guest Stars: Peter Gallagher as Vince
Director: Andy Ackerman

33 :02x11 - Slow Ride

When R.J. and Alex reminisce about their former motorcycle days, Alex tries to bring the past back to life. Whitney, not as enthused, demands that Alex not get a motorcycle. Meanwhile, without Mark’s approval, Lily decides to order new beer for the bar, benefiting everyone in the end.

Source: NBC
Director: Linda Mendoza
Writer: Eric Zicklin

34 :02x12 - Lost In Transition

Whitney can't hold back her excitement at the opportunity to reconnect with her half-sister, but when the reason behind Danielle's (guest star Natasha Leggero) visit is revealed, Whitney realizes she must support her sibling's life-changing decision. Meanwhile, Alex and Mark try to cheer up a newly dumped and depressed R.J. after discovering him soaking in his bathtub.

Source: NBC
Guest Stars: Natasha Leggero as Danielle |
Co-Guest Stars: Page Leong as Dr. Cohen | Jahmela Biggs as Lauren
Director: Andy Ackerman
Writer: Debby Wolfe

35 :02x13 - Nesting

Alex convinces Whitney to celebrate their honeymoon at his parent's lake house, but they are surprised to be greeted by Alex's troubled father upon arrival. Wayne (Guest star Dean Norris) reveals to Whitney that the picture perfect marriage between he and Alex's mother is not as great as everyone believes. In the meantime, Mark, Lily and Roxanne make themselves comfortable in Alex and Whitney's apartment and discover some weird habits their friends share.

Source: NBC
Guest Stars: Dean Norris as Wayne |
Co-Guest Stars: Mary Grill as Rebecca | Wayne Bastrup as Bryan
Director: Andy Ackerman

36 :02x14 - Crazy, Stupid, Words

Alex reacts strongly when Whitney takes a picture of her backside for a bar bet. When Whitney accuses him of being uptight, he tries to prove her wrong which ends in disaster. Meanwhile, Mark tries to find out what bothers R.J., and is surprised at what he learns.
Co-Guest Stars: Jacqueline Lovell as Susie (as Jacqueline Nyahay) | Brent Bailey as Matt
Director: Andy Ackerman

37 :02x15 - Alex, Meet Lily

Whitney begs Alex to hang out with Lily because she is in need of a male friend. Alex reluctantly agrees, but ends up thoroughly enjoying Lily’s company. Meanwhile, to bring excitement back to Low Bar, Mark and R.J. start up a competitive game of darts. All goes well until Roxanne is accidentally struck in the back with a dart.

Source: NBC
Guest Stars: Paul Scheer as Phillip | Loni Love as Nurse
Director: Andy Ackerman
Writer: Megan Hearne

38 :02x16 - Cake, Cake, Cake

Whitney spots her psychiatrist, Dr. Price (Guest star Chelsea Handler), ferociously eating a birthday cake by herself. Whitney sees this as a red flag and meets with Dr. Price to get to the bottom of her issues. Meanwhile, R.J. sets Mark up on a date, causing Roxanne to admit her feelings for him.

Source: NBC
Special Guest Stars: Chelsea Handler as Dr. Price |
Guest Stars: Ginger Gonzaga as Lulu
Director: Andy Ackerman
Songs: Awolnation -- All I Need
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Comedy
Status: Canceled
Network: NBC ( USA)
Airs: Wednesdays at 08:00 pm
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: September 22, 2011
Ended: March 27, 2013
Episode Order: 16
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