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The contestants hit the streets to make their neighbourhood a better and safer place, face up to their deepest, darkest secrets and attempt to complete secret tasks with convicted inmates.

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Episode number: 1x4
Production Number: 104
Airdate: Thursday August 17th, 2006

Director: Rick Telles

Alternate Airdates:

NL (Sci-Fi) Aug 11, 2009

Dot JonesDot Jones
As Dot


Major Victory, Creature, Feedback, Fat Momma and Lemuria comb the streets of Los Angeles, righting wrongs and helping make the city a safer place. Major Victory reveals his reason for joining the show - he wants to make his estranged daughter proud of him...

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Episode Notes
This episode marks the elimination of Creature and Lemuria.

This episode features the following family and friends: Regina (Creature's friend), Sarah (Feedback's wife), Laverne (Fat Momma's momma), Austin (Major Victory's ex-coworker), Brandy (Lemuria's friend).

Episode Quotes
Major Victory: Sir, that bag does not go with that outfit. Men don't carry those bags, we-we, if anything, we wear spandex like this.

Creature: I believe in making the world a healthier place by respecting my health and the environment's health.

Feedback: 'Scuse me, ladies! Ladies! Ladies! Ladies! No-no-no-no-no-no-no! That's jaywalking, that's jaywalking, come on. I will escort you to the lights, come on.

Feedback: (in front of a lingerie-filled shop display) Okay, no, no. Please, children, do not look, please move along, there's nothing to see, you'll learn about this later.

Lemuria: I have really gotta make sure that everyone knows that I'm here to win. I am not fake. I am not phony. I am a superhero and I'm gonna prove it.

Major Victory: I'm an ex-stripper and I recently decided to turn my life around, that's why I entered the competition. I want to win for my daughter who I've been estranged from. If I can make her proud of me, that's all that matters.

Creature: What'd he say? The Dark Enforcer interviewed our family and friends? Oh, this cannot be good!

Stan Lee: What did you find out?
Dark Enforcer: I found out they've been lying to you through their teeth.

Sarah Atherton: When he's at home, he's messy, inconsiderate and a slob. Whenever I read about superheroes or watch them on TV, they're always as neat and as clean as can be! But not Feedback, just take a look at this room right here. I think his new name... should be Captain Clutter.

Stan Lee: Now wait a minute. You come here with everything in ziplocked bags and you're a slob at home?!
Feedback: My wife said I could have one room to mess up. One.
Stan Lee: Well, your wife is much kinder than I am. You know, kids look up to superheroes and copy their every move. Is being inconsiderate and a slob the message you really wanna set them?

Stan Lee: Fat Momma, I hate to say this but that donut was a little hard to swallow.

Major Victory: I think my friend, Austin, was a little bit confused, I used to wear flip-flops and that's why they called me Thong Boy. Nothing to do with wearing something inside my butt crack.

Creature: Live hard and love harder. Be brave.

Major Victory: I have to rub an inmate's shoulders three times. That doesn't sound good. Even saying it doesn't sound good.

Major Victory: This guy is big and scary. He's a convicted felon - I have to give him a massage. I think I'm gonna die.

Major Victory: It felt great to complete my secret task but I was a little worried about Feedback. He has to hug this guy three times. You know what? I'm gonna miss Feedback.

Feedback: (to a convicted inmate) I could really use a hug.

Stan Lee: No matter what I say, no matter what I do, you just can't seem to keep your clothes on! I spoke to you about this in the last elimination and yet, just a few hours ago, when you spoke to that inmate, your cape and gloves were quickly removed.
Major Victory: Old habits are hard to break, sir.
Stan Lee: I'm afraid the tights might be next!
Major Victory: I promise you, they will stay on, sir.

Major Victory: I'm very happy to be here and I feel, uhh, amazing... accomplishment and... immense gratitude for the compliments you've bestowed on me tonight and I promise you, besides when I go to the bathroom, I will keep my clothes on at all times, sir.
Stan Lee: (laughs) I was just going to suggest that!

Feedback: (choking back tears) When you tell me you're proud of me, sir... I think of my father, sir. And that I hope he would be proud of me, too.
Stan Lee: I'm sure he would be. I'm sure of that.
Feedback: 'Cause... when he wasn't there for me, you were. And I know it sounds corny... but Spider-Man helped me become an adult... and that's what I try to live up to every day.
Stan Lee: I'm not sure I'm worthy of that but I am genuinely touched. Thank you, son.

Feedback: Stan Lee is the father that I never knew. He's the one that gave me the instruction manual for my life. He can, he can, he can crush me with a word just like he can lift me up into the sky with another. He called me 'son' tonight. That's not something I hear a lot.

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