Series 6

45 :06x01 - Episode 45

Danny finds his world being threatened when his estranged father shows up Leopard's Den with a secret which could blow the whole family apart. Du Plessis is upset after the lions in his care end up with a potentially killer virus.
Guest Stars: Warren Clarke as Robert | Thabo Rametsi as David | Kagiso Legoadi as Cashile | Naima McLean as Buhle | Atandwa Kani as Thabo

46 :06x02 - Episode 46

A grieving Danny ends up throwing himself into his work and decides to apply for the role of state vet. Danny's efforts to involve Thabo in the lion-breeding project end up making Du Plessis feeling like an outsider. A baboon causes problems at Leopard's Den.
Guest Stars: Naima McLean as Buhle | Atandwa Kani as Thabo | Kagiso Legoadi as Cashile | Sithonomele Majola as Junior | Bryan Van Niekerk as Jonas Rittman | Abigail Kubeka as Cebile `
Writer: Chris Murray

47 :06x03 - Episode 47

Danny has a difficult decision to make on his first day as state vet when an investigation into an animal-smuggling ring ends up leading him close to home. Thabo settles into life at Leopard's Den, but the arrival of his older brother causes problems.
Guest Stars: Yonda Thomas as Matthew | Robert Finlayson as Richard | Atandwa Kani as Thabo | Anthony Oseyemi as Lungile | Michulu Skenjana as Police Officer | Naima McLean as Buhle

48 :06x04 - Episode 48

Danny watches over an animal translocation for his first huge project as state vet. Alice finds it hard running the clinic with him away and has a close encounter with lions. Du Plessis' efforts to show Caroline the `real Africa' doesn't go to plan when he takes her on a camping trip in the wild.
Guest Stars: Pierre Breytenbach as Barry | David Denis as Mr. Patterson | Mutodi Neshehe as James | Atandwa Kani as Thabo | Tau Maserumule as Farmer
Director: Ian Barnes

49 :06x05 - Episode 49

After some strange events occur at Leopard's Den, Danny and Alice need to work fast to solve the mystery before more animals die. Du Plessis jumps to the wrong conclusion after discovering a pregnancy test kit.
Guest Stars: Atandwa Kani as Thabo | David Butler (4) as Christian Peeters | Sithonomele Majola as Junior
Director: Ian Barnes
Writer: Chris Murray

50 :06x06 - Episode 50

Danny investigates after the routine transportation of a tiger goes wrong and he finds out that Alice could be to blame for the animal's death. Du Plessis is forced to resort to desperate measures to save his home when the mining company says that it is going to buy Leopard's Den.
Guest Stars: Andrew Stock as Hunter | Chris Beasley as Ziegler | Atandwa Kani as Thabo | Ryan Yamba as Kapano | David Butler (4) as Christian Peeters | James Cunningham as Kim Verhoeven | Naima McLean as Buhle | Anthony Fridjohn as Barend Beyers
Director: Barry Berk
Writer: Chris Murray

51 :06x07 - Episode 51

Danny and Alice find themselves divided after Peeters asks them to help him move a pack of rogue hyenas. Du Plessis begins a one-man campaign of vandalism against a new mining company.
Guest Stars: Vuyo Dabula as Kane | David Butler (4) as Christian Peeters | Atandwa Kani as Thabo | Michulu Skenjana as Police Officer | Karin Van Der Laag as Land Lady | Mike Huff as Nick | Nthabhi Mphalele as Rachel | Naima McLean as Buhle | Sithonomele Majola as Junior | Kagiso Legoadi as Cashile
Director: Barry Berk

52 :06x08 - Episode 52

Danny realises he could have to sacrifice his principles to save Leopard's Den as the court case comes closer. Caroline ends up taking matters into her own hands when she goes undercover at the mining company.
Guest Stars: Atandwa Kani as Thabo | Marcel Van Heerden as Van Wyjk | David Butler (4) as Christian Peeters | Abena Ayivor as Dr. Bloem | Vuyo Dabula as Kane | Fiona Ramsey as Schmidt | Louis Van Niekerk as Judge

53 :06x09 - Episode 53

After the mining company takes over Leopard's Den, Danny ends up coming to an agreement with Peeters to set up a field hospital in the Bush whilst all the animals are being rehomed. After the entire family ends up setting up camp out there, Du Plessis claims squatters' rights, but after the electricity generator fails, their protest takes a disastrous turn.
Guest Stars: David Butler (4) as Christian Peeters | Vuyo Dabula as Kane | Atandwa Kani as Thabo | Naima McLean as Buhle | Welile Tembe as Doctor | Kagiso Legoadi as Cashile
Writer: Tom Grieves

54 :06x10 - Episode 54

When the family make one last stand to stop the mining company from destroying Leopard's Den it ends in tragedy. Danny thinks about returning to the United Kingdom until he can find a new home. After Du Plessis finds out that rhino poachers are working in the area, he comes up with a way to persuade Danny not to leave.
Guest Stars: Carl Beukes as Rick Geldenhuis | Atandwa Kani as Thabo | David Butler (4) as Christian Peeters | Naima McLean as Buhle | Kagiso Legoadi as Cashile | Sithonomele Majola as Junior | Jacques Gombault as Gert Swart | Gabisile Connie Chiume as Lab Technician
Writer: Chris Murray
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Drama
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: itv ( United Kingdom)
Airs: Sundays at 08:30 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: January 29, 2006
Ended: December 30, 2012
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