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Wild at Heart Episode Guide

1 :01x01 - Episode 1

First aired: Jan/29/2006
Writer: Ashley Pharoah
Director: David Evans
Guest star: Sandra Voe (Joan Briggs), Devon Black (Cherry Miller), George Walker (Ralph Taylor), Patrick Lyster (Hibbit)

Danny and Sarah set out to build a new life for themselves and their children amid the teeming wildlife of the African plains.

2 :01x02 - Episode 2

First aired: Feb/05/2006
Writer: Ashley Pharoah
Director: David Evans
Guest star: Gary Lawson (Alex Tate)

As Danny considers signing a binding business contract, Sarah is appalled to learn the reserve would have fierce competition in the form of a nearby rival. Evan and Du Plessis accidentally run over a cheetah on the way to buy supplies - but the events of the day pale into insignificance when Olivia is bitten by a snake.

3 :01x03 - Episode 3

First aired: Feb/12/2006
Writer: Ashley Pharoah
Director: David Evans
Guest star: Jacques Broodryk (Christian Bayer), Gary Lawson (Alex Tate), Jared Lovett (Rian Curtis), Simo Mogwaza (Sibu Nunyai), Vincent Regan (Simon Adams), Stacey Roca (Ruby Robson), Siyabonga Shibe (Themba Khumalo)

Sarah is furious when her ex-husband Simon turns up and announces his intention to take Evan and Olivia back to England. When she refuses to countenance the move, he threatens to take her to court. Rosie begins a job at a local bar, but is placed in danger when a drunken fight breaks out.

4 :01x04 - Episode 4

First aired: Feb/19/2006
Writer: Ashley Pharoah
Director: Cilla Ware
Guest star: Siyabonga Shibe (Themba Khumalo), Gary Lawson (Alex Tate)

Evan and Olivia run away after a series of rows, leaving Sarah to search for her children alone while Danny and Du Plessis go looking for a half-drugged lioness. While tracking the animal, they crash the truck - putting the warden in need of an emergency operation.

5 :01x05 - Episode 5

First aired: Feb/26/2006
Writer: Ashley Pharoah
Director: Cilla Ware
Guest star: Jacqueline Mare Rens (Beauty Therapist), Gary Lawson (Alex Tate), Simo Mogwaza (Sibu Nunyai), Kevin Doyle (Richard Chapman), Annabelle Apsion (Eileen Chapman), Holly Earl (Georgia Chapman), Siyabonga Shibe (Themba Khumalo), Geoffrey Mbenge (Diesel Driver)

Sarah is forced to ask Tate for help when the first paying guests arrive early at a chaotic Leopard's Den, but a string of unfortunate misunderstandings at the rival reserve convinces Rosie her stepmother is having an affair. A rampaging group of rogue male elephants are damaging the land, so Danny introduces an older female animal to keep them in line.

6 :01x06 - Episode 6

First aired: Mar/05/2006
Writer: Ashley Pharoah
Director: Cilla Ware
Guest star: Kelly Wenham (Izzy Muir), Siyabonga Shibe (Themba Khumalo), Simon Mphelo (George Gubese)

After the discovery of several animal corpses on the reserve, Danny and Du Plessis search for the cause of their deaths - and conclude a more worrying prospect than poachers is to blame. Rosie is thrilled to have her friend Izzy visit South Africa, but becomes upset when her pal disparages the family's new lifestyle.

7 :02x01 - Episode 7

First aired: Jan/14/2007
Writer: Ashley Pharoah
Director: Nicholas Laughland
Guest star: Caryn Davidoff (Claire), Ashley Waterman (Gary), Thufani Didi (Biggie), Gary Lawson (Alex Tate), Jonathan Pienaar (Hunter), Rod Alexander (Coetze)

Everybody prepares for a wedding reception at Leopard's Den. Danger looms though when some hungry lions come close to the house.

8 :02x02 - Episode 8

First aired: Jan/21/2007
Writer: Ashley Pharoah
Director: Nicholas Laughland
Guest star: Tony Caprari (Repo Man), Geoffrey Hutchings (Bill), Edith MacArthur (Dora), Samantha Womack (Tessa), Langley Kirkwood (Johnny)

A Cape vulture is to be released back into the wild bu a charity organization at the reopening of Mara. A mistake by Dan sees the bird being seriously hurt.

9 :02x03 - Episode 9

First aired: Jan/28/2007
Writer: Stuart Hepburn
Director: Richard Spence
Guest star: David Westhead (Bennett), Wayne Van Rooyen (Kirk), Langley Kirkwood (Johnny)

Du is shocked by the arrival of somebody claiming to be his son. An orphaned elephant is taken back into the bush by Evan who hopes some other elephants will look after it. Sarah has to fly back to the United Kingdom to attend her dad's funeral.

10 :02x04 - Episode 10

First aired: Feb/04/2007
Writer: Michael Chaplin
Director: Richard Spence
Guest star: Abigail Kubeka (Mrs. Fatani), Patrick Lyster (Hibbit)

With the conservation authority to visit Leopard's Den, Tom tries to make sure that everything is ready. When baby elephant Togo is stolen, Max and Rosie try to get it back.

11 :02x05 - Episode 11

First aired: Feb/11/2007
Writer: Lucy Gannon
Director: David Caffrey
Guest star: Tony Haygarth (Bash)

Bash arrives to help out but soon his behaviour starts to worry Sarah. Rosie discovers a few of the family secrets. Sarah finds out that Bash isn't well leaving the family with some difficult choices to make.

12 :02x06 - Episode 12

First aired: Feb/18/2007
Writer: Niall Leonard
Director: David Caffrey
Guest star: Emily Whitefield (Eleni), Nick Boraine (Martin), Russel Savadier (Dingus)

Sarah is surprised when her mother shows up for an unexpected visit. Sarah isn't happy when she involves herself in the business of two celebrity guests.

13 :02x07 - Episode 13

First aired: Feb/25/2007
Writer: Jack Williams
Director: David Caffrey
Guest star: Vincent Regan (Simon), Lucy Liemann (Gloria)

When her ex husband gets remarried at Leopard's Den Sarah's relationship with Danny hits problems. Rosie gets a new job.

14 :02x08 - Episode 14

First aired: Mar/04/2007
Writer: Jim O'Hanlon, Michael Chaplin
Guest star: David Warner (Gerald), Mark Elderkin (Trevor)

Caroline is entertained by a pilot and his pet chimp when his plane crash lands. The reserve is endangered when a virus breaks out.

15 :02x09 - Episode 15

First aired: Mar/11/2007
Writer: Ashley Pharoah
Director: Jim O'Hanlon
Guest star: Greg Melvill-Smith (Cory), Anthony Bishop (Barry), Rosie Motene (Kenyetta), Wayne Van Rooyen (Kirk)

The Trevanions and Caroline are determined to give Du Plessis a 60th birthday he will always remember. Fantanis is helped to make a good impression on his boss by Rosie.

16 :02x10 - Episode 16

First aired: Mar/18/2007
Writer: Ashley Pharoah
Director: Jim O'Hanlon
Guest star: Greg Melvill-Smith (Cory), Anthony Bishop (Barry)

Sarah is forced to consider the family's future in Africa when Danny is still being haunted by memories of the lion attack. Sarah is relieved when he finally manages to over come his fears. Caroline is surprised by a proposal.

17 :03x01 - Episode 17

First aired: Jan/20/2008
Writer: Ashley Pharoah
Director: Nigel Douglas
Guest star: Peter Gunn (Kevin Alsop), Warona Seane (Bank Manager), Thabo Motloung (Lungi), Robert Hobbs (Terry Lomas), Esmeralda Bihl (Teacher), Blake Steyn (Laurens), Douglas Bristow (Solicitor)

Things don't go according to plan when Sarah and Caroline decide to invest in Luxury Lodges in an attempt to attract richer clients to Leopard's Den.A disease spreads from Mara which starts to kill Danny's animals.

18 :03x02 - Episode 18

First aired: Jan/27/2008
Writer: Jack Williams
Director: Nigel Douglas
Guest star: Elen Rhys (Caitlin), Jamie Doyle (Glenn), Saffron Baggalay (Becky), Greg Viljoen (Owen)

Students arrive to train with Danny which causes tension within the family. After Lion is attacked by some lions it brings her back in to the family fold. Danny realises that Rosie is the right person to be his assistant.

19 :03x03 - Episode 19

First aired: Feb/03/2008
Writer: Michael Chaplin
Director: Nigel Douglas
Guest star: Shannon Esra (Angie), Shoki Mokgapa (Susie), Wayne Van Rooyen (Kirk), Kim Cloete (Neema), Craig Gardner (Elliot Kriel), Emmanuel Castis (Victor), Alistair Prodgers (Herschelle), Jessie Wallace (Amy Kriel)

Mara's owner wants Danny to merge Leopard's Den with Mara. Some city bankers who come to stay find the wildlife very threatening.

20 :03x04 - Episode 20

First aired: Feb/10/2008
Writer: Michael Chaplin
Director: Juliet May
Guest star: Amu Muyanga (Josephine), Isadora Verwey (Tina), Garth Breytenbach (Gary), Maggie O'Neill (Elaine), Maggie Benedict (Teacher), Craig Gardner (Elliot Kriel), Anrich Herbst (Castle)

Danny is shocked when he runs into an old love.

21 :03x05 - Episode 21

First aired: Feb/17/2008
Writer: Andy Watts
Director: Juliet May
Guest star: Neo Mongalo (Feral Young Boy), Tshepiso Mokoena (Feral Teenage Girl), David Dukas (Reynolds), Craig Gardner (Elliot Kriel), Jason Kennett (Ian), Elzette Maarschalk (Kathryn), Elijah Xhakaza (Femi), Jessie Wallace (Amy Kriel)

Max has a question to ask Rosie. There is a new arrival at Leopard's Den from Essex.

22 :03x06 - Episode 22

First aired: Feb/24/2008
Writer: Nicholas Laughland
Director: Nicholas Laughland
Guest star: Abigail Kubeka (Mrs. Fatani), Strini Pillai (Jordan), Jessie Wallace (Amy Kriel), Craig Gardner (Elliot Kriel), Susie Blake (Judith), Fana Mokoena (Ekotto), Charmaine Kweyama (Nobuhle)

Danny is forced to turn away locals seeking his help with sick animals when a drought hits the area. This makes Sarah determined to restart the animal hospital.

23 :03x07 - Episode 23

First aired: Mar/02/2008
Writer: Ashley Pharoah
Director: Nicholas Laughland
Guest star: Tim Plewman (Henry), Craig Gardner (Elliot Kriel), Jocelyn Broderick (Beth), Jessie Wallace (Amy Kriel)

24 :03x08 - Episode 24

First aired: Mar/09/2008
Writer: Ashley Pharoah
Director: Nicholas Laughland
Guest star: The Holy Jerusalem Choir of Soweto (Choir), Charmaine Kweyama (Nobuhle), Lee-Roy Wright (William), Craig Gardner (Elliot Kriel), Michael Richard (Priest), Paula Raposo (Mara Guest), Jocelyn Broderick (Beth), Tim Plewman (Henry), Jessie Wallace (Amy Kriel)

As a fire rages through the hospital the family try and save the house from a similar fate.

25 :04x01 - Episode 25

First aired: Jan/11/2009
Writer: Ashley Pharoah
Director: Nigel Douglas
Guest star: Lennox Mathabathe (Police Officer), Abigail Kubeka (Cebile), Clive Scott (Professor), Phemelo Ngcobo (Female Professor), Daniel Janks (Sean), Sechaba Morojele (Judge)

Danny is unable to get custody of Evan. The gang try and save a baby elephant who has been abandoned. Danny finds himself pushed to the limit as a father and a vet.

26 :04x02 - Episode 26

First aired: Jan/18/2009
Writer: Andy Watts
Director: Nigel Douglas
Guest star: Owen Sejake (Policeman 2), John Marapane (Policeman 1), Paul Spies (Johann), Peter Terry (De Lange)

Whilst they are on the run Danny and Evan come across a sick hippo. They put themselves on the line to try and help her. Rosie meets the new owner of Mara. Rosie put her own and the animal hospital's future at risk to help save a sick lioness.

27 :04x03 - Episode 27

First aired: Jan/25/2009
Writer: Niall Leonard
Director: Nigel Douglas
Guest star: Sibusisu Nkisi (Peter), Shana Burton (Grace), Lebohang Elephant (Jacob)

Danny is called to help with a rabies outbreak. Danny finds it hard working with a vet called Alice who has been sent to help him.

28 :04x04 - Episode 28

First aired: Feb/01/2009
Writer: Jack Williams
Director: Beryl Richards
Guest star: Shana Burton (Grace)

Max and Rosie are finally married but their future happiness is in jeopardy. Du Plessis is upset when he finds out that Caroline has decided not to return to Africa.

29 :04x05 - Episode 29

First aired: Feb/08/2009
Writer: John Moloney
Director: Beryl Richards
Guest star: Ashley Dowds (Terry), Lindani Nkosi (Farmer), Shana Burton (Grace)

Danny and Alice rescue an endangered wild dog and are shocked by the arrival of Alice's ex boyfriend who shows up to take a look at the animal. When Terry manages to persuade Alice to give them another go, Danny realises he has to be honest about how he feels about her.

30 :04x06 - Episode 30

First aired: Feb/15/2009
Writer: Matt Evans
Director: Paul Harrison
Guest star: Iain Winter (Mr. Foster), Martin Le Maitre (Carl), Kim Cloete (Neema), Wayne Van Rooyen (Kirk), Shana Burton (Grace)

Du Pleiss shocks everyone when he says he is returning to the United Kingdom to live with Caroline and that he wont be coming back. Rosie is determined to stop some animals from being treated badly.

31 :04x07 - Episode 31

First aired: Feb/22/2009
Writer: Jack Williams
Director: Paul Harrison
Guest star: Scott Sparrow (Matthew), Nina Milner (Lisa), Pedro Camara (Journalist), Shana Burton (Grace), Allen Booi (Bill), Jason House (Reporter)

Georgina thinks that Du Plessis is South Africa's version of Crocodile Dundee. An animal's welfare is in jeopardy when he lets fame go to his head. A man shows up claiming that a lioness belongs to him and he is determined to get the animal back.

32 :04x08 - Episode 32

First aired: Mar/01/2009
Writer: Ashley Pharoah
Director: Nicholas Laughland
Guest star: Pierre Du Toit (Auctioneer), Jabulani Mthembu (Petrol Attendant), Shana Burton (Grace), Lehlohonolo Saint Seseli (Giraffe Owner), Brandon Auret (Pilot)

Danny and Alice fall out at an animal auction. Alice becomes upset when she thinks she has paushed Danny towards Vanessa. A storm hits the area and Alice is concerned that she might not get the chance to be honest with Danny about how she really feels.

33 :04x09 - Episode 33

First aired: Mar/08/2009
Writer: Ashley Pharoah
Director: Nicholas Laughland
Guest star: Charles Phasha (Guest), Brandon Auret (Pilot)

Alice is forced to leave Danny and try and get help following the storm. After Alice makes it back to Mara a search party heads out to find him. Danny leaves the car when he needs water and finds himself in real danger.

34 :04x10 - Episode 34

First aired: Mar/15/2009
Writer: Andy Watts
Director: Nicholas Laughland
Guest star: Shana Burton (Grace), Patrick Mofokeng (Captain Lekota)

Danny has to fix the reserve's boundaries after some of the animals are discovered roaming around in the town following the storm. Vanessa fires Fatani after he steals some medicine to help a sick elephant calve. Du Plessis is surprised by Caroline's arrival at the Family Day Festival organised by Georgina.

35 :05x01 - Episode 35

First aired: Jan/10/2010
Writer: Jack Williams
Director: Nicholas Laughland
Guest star: Jamie Borthwick (Piet), Dan Robbertse (Hannes), Kwezi Nkanza (1st Judge), Glen Gabela (Kwanele), Nicholas Le Prevost (Gene), Michael Maxwell (2nd Judge)

Danny and Alice attempt to rehabilitate a group of former circus elephants. Vanessa and Rowan are asked to help move the herd to it's new home. As Caroline prepares to marry Du Plessis an old friend shows up determined to come between them.

36 :05x02 - Episode 36

First aired: Jan/17/2010
Writer: Ashley Pharoah
Director: Nicholas Laughland
Guest star: Motlatsi Mafatshe (David Kagona), Boubacar Badiane (Masseur), Deborah Lettner (Masseuse), Phumi Mncayi (Doorman), Dirk Stoltz (Hansie), Terence Bridgett (Hotel Manager), Justine Mitchell (Julie Kagona), Luthuli Dlamini (Taylor Kagona), Anton Dekker (Shane Blixen), James Macewan (Lewis), Mary Twala (Duduzile)

Danny starts to feel his age after hurting his back whilst building a new local school. When a new young vet arrives called Lewis he feels even older. After Caroline requests that Du Plessis organises their honeymoon, she ends up with much more than she bargained for.

37 :05x03 - Episode 37

First aired: Jan/24/2010
Writer: John Moloney
Director: Nicholas Laughland
Guest star: Nomathamjanqa Ngoma (Zola), Fana Mokoena (Ekotto), Justin Shaw (Photographer), Kagiso Legoadi (Cashile), Naima McLean (Buhle), Sandile Makhoba (Employee at Mara), Estelle Thomas (Leslie), Lebohang Moya (Model), Kirsten Nel (Model), Alyssa Rebelo (Model), Jessica Bartels (Model), Salamina Mosese (Chloe), Richard Brooker (Richard)

Alice finds herself having to choose between helping Rowan rehabilitate a tiger at Mara and her own work.

38 :05x04 - Episode 38

First aired: Jan/31/2010
Writer: Matt Evans
Director: David Richards
Guest star: Lerato Moloi (Jewellery Assistant), Lehasa Moloi (Barman), Naima McLean (Buhle), Camilla Waldman (Hannah), Kagiso Legoadi (Cashile), Sandile Ngcobo (Ostrich Truck Driver)

Danny talks to Du Plessis about his decision to ask Alice to marry him. The arrival of his step daughter Olivia though puts his plan in doubt. Jana the cheetah becomes ill and Danny realises that if he is to save his relationship with Olivia he must save the animals life.

39 :05x05 - Episode 39

First aired: Feb/07/2010
Writer: Ben Edwards, Rachael New
Director: David Richards
Guest star: Thabo Bopape (Ranger), Naima McLean (Buhle), Abigail Kubeka (Cebile), Vanessa Cooke (Susan), Antony Coleman (Michael), Vanessa Pike (Juliette), Stephen Jennings (Marlon)

When they discover a crash out in the bush, Danny and Alice's plans for a romantic trip away are spoilt. With a lion on the loose an injured person to take care of they face a tough night.

40 :05x06 - Episode 40

First aired: Feb/14/2010
Writer: Jack Lothian
Director: Roger Gartland
Guest star: Tiffany Barbuzano (Bethany), James Alexander (Roddy), Graham Clarke (The Colonel), Christina Storm (Sammi), Naima McLean (Buhle)

A hyena goes on the rampage after Danny tries to help Alice settle into her new job. As the animal's life hangs in the balance, Danny must pull out all of the stops if he is to save their his and Alice's relationship. Alice finds out that Rowan and Vanessa have been secretly seeing one another.

41 :05x07 - Episode 41

First aired: Feb/21/2010
Writer: Chris Murray
Director: Roger Gartland
Guest star: Michele Maxwell (Maggie Martinez), Eckard Rabe (Tom Cox), Mothusi Magano (Baruti), Naima McLean (Buhle)

Danny makes a fatal mistake whilst treating a rare black leopard as his mind is elsewhere. The animal's owner wants Danny investigated for malpractice. Du Plessis decides to try and help Danny. Danny treats Jana after he is suspended and is caught by an official.

42 :05x08 - Episode 42

First aired: Feb/28/2010
Writer: Chris Murray
Director: Roger Gartland
Guest star: Naima McLean (Buhle), Mothusi Magano (Baruti), Atandwa Kani (Thabo)

To take him mind of his problems, Danny's family idea to keep him busy with a group of young offenders doesn't go to plan when one of them makes a play for Olivia. Rowan has a secret that could tear the whole family apart.

43 :05x09 - Episode 43

First aired: Mar/07/2010
Writer: Charlie Martin
Director: Paul Harrison
Guest star: Naima McLean (Buhle), Iain Paton (Doctor), David James (Van Heerden)

Du Plessis is in danger after he collapses alone in the bush. Danny has a tough time when he has to deal with a pair rogue lions that have been attacking the local cattle.

44 :05x10 - Episode 44

First aired: Mar/14/2010
Writer: Jack Williams
Director: Paul Harrison
Guest star: Kagiso Legoadi (Cashile), Makhaola Ndebele (Nsanda), Naima McLean (Buhle), Paul Ditchfield (Pieter)

When Du Plessis finds out that Caroline wants to buy them a retirement home he admits to Olivia that he has given away all of their savings to his son. Danny and Alice want to give a home to a rare aardwolf but Vanessa's father refuses to take in charity cases. They then learn that he wants to buy Ekotto's land and turn it into a golf course.

45 :06x01 - Episode 45

First aired: Jan/09/2011
Writer: Ashley Pharoah
Director: Paul Harrison
Guest star: Warren Clarke (Robert), Thabo Rametsi (David), Kagiso Legoadi (Cashile), Naima McLean (Buhle), Atandwa Kani (Thabo)

Danny finds his world being threatened when his estranged father shows up Leopard's Den with a secret which could blow the whole family apart. Du Plessis is upset after the lions in his care end up with a potentially killer virus.

46 :06x02 - Episode 46

First aired: Jan/16/2011
Writer: Chris Murray
Director: Paul Harrison
Guest star: Naima McLean (Buhle), Atandwa Kani (Thabo), Kagiso Legoadi (Cashile), Sithonomele Majola (Junior), Bryan Van Niekerk (Jonas Rittman), Abigail Kubeka (Cebile `)

A grieving Danny ends up throwing himself into his work and decides to apply for the role of state vet. Danny's efforts to involve Thabo in the lion-breeding project end up making Du Plessis feeling like an outsider. A baboon causes problems at Leopard's Den.

47 :06x03 - Episode 47

First aired: Jan/23/2011
Writer: Jack Williams
Director: Paul Harrison
Guest star: Yonda Thomas (Matthew), Robert Finlayson (Richard), Atandwa Kani (Thabo), Anthony Oseyemi (Lungile), Michulu Skenjana (Police Officer), Naima McLean (Buhle)

Danny has a difficult decision to make on his first day as state vet when an investigation into an animal-smuggling ring ends up leading him close to home. Thabo settles into life at Leopard's Den, but the arrival of his older brother causes problems.

48 :06x04 - Episode 48

First aired: Jan/30/2011
Writer: Niall Leonard
Director: Ian Barnes
Guest star: Pierre Breytenbach (Barry), David Denis (Mr. Patterson), Mutodi Neshehe (James), Atandwa Kani (Thabo), Tau Maserumule (Farmer)

Danny watches over an animal translocation for his first huge project as state vet. Alice finds it hard running the clinic with him away and has a close encounter with lions. Du Plessis' efforts to show Caroline the `real Africa' doesn't go to plan when he takes her on a camping trip in the wild.

49 :06x05 - Episode 49

First aired: Feb/06/2011
Writer: Chris Murray
Director: Ian Barnes
Guest star: Atandwa Kani (Thabo), David Butler (Christian Peeters), Sithonomele Majola (Junior)

After some strange events occur at Leopard's Den, Danny and Alice need to work fast to solve the mystery before more animals die. Du Plessis jumps to the wrong conclusion after discovering a pregnancy test kit.

50 :06x06 - Episode 50

First aired: Feb/13/2011
Writer: Chris Murray
Director: Barry Berk
Guest star: Andrew Stock (Hunter), Chris Beasley (Ziegler), Atandwa Kani (Thabo), Ryan Yamba (Kapano), David Butler (Christian Peeters), James Cunningham (Kim Verhoeven), Naima McLean (Buhle), Anthony Fridjohn (Barend Beyers)

Danny investigates after the routine transportation of a tiger goes wrong and he finds out that Alice could be to blame for the animal's death. Du Plessis is forced to resort to desperate measures to save his home when the mining company says that it is going to buy Leopard's Den.

51 :06x07 - Episode 51

First aired: Feb/20/2011
Writer: Jack Williams
Director: Barry Berk
Guest star: Vuyo Dabula (Kane), David Butler (Christian Peeters), Atandwa Kani (Thabo), Michulu Skenjana (Police Officer), Karin Van Der Laag (Land Lady), Mike Huff (Nick), Nthabhi Mphalele (Rachel), Naima McLean (Buhle), Sithonomele Majola (Junior), Kagiso Legoadi (Cashile)

Danny and Alice find themselves divided after Peeters asks them to help him move a pack of rogue hyenas. Du Plessis begins a one-man campaign of vandalism against a new mining company.

52 :06x08 - Episode 52

First aired: Feb/27/2011
Writer: Niall Leonard
Director: Maurice Phillips
Guest star: Atandwa Kani (Thabo), Marcel Van Heerden (Van Wyjk), David Butler (Christian Peeters), Abena Ayivor (Dr. Bloem), Vuyo Dabula (Kane), Fiona Ramsey (Schmidt), Louis Van Niekerk (Judge)

Danny realises he could have to sacrifice his principles to save Leopard's Den as the court case comes closer. Caroline ends up taking matters into her own hands when she goes undercover at the mining company.

53 :06x09 - Episode 53

First aired: Mar/06/2011
Writer: Tom Grieves
Director: Maurice Phillips
Guest star: David Butler (Christian Peeters), Vuyo Dabula (Kane), Atandwa Kani (Thabo), Naima McLean (Buhle), Welile Tembe (Doctor), Kagiso Legoadi (Cashile)

After the mining company takes over Leopard's Den, Danny ends up coming to an agreement with Peeters to set up a field hospital in the Bush whilst all the animals are being rehomed. After the entire family ends up setting up camp out there, Du Plessis claims squatters' rights, but after the electricity generator fails, their protest takes a disastrous turn.

54 :06x10 - Episode 54

First aired: Mar/13/2011
Writer: Chris Murray
Director: Maurice Phillips
Guest star: Carl Beukes (Rick Geldenhuis), Atandwa Kani (Thabo), David Butler (Christian Peeters), Naima McLean (Buhle), Kagiso Legoadi (Cashile), Sithonomele Majola (Junior), Jacques Gombault (Gert Swart), Gabisile Connie Chiume (Lab Technician)

When the family make one last stand to stop the mining company from destroying Leopard's Den it ends in tragedy. Danny thinks about returning to the United Kingdom until he can find a new home. After Du Plessis finds out that rhino poachers are working in the area, he comes up with a way to persuade Danny not to leave.

55 :07x01 - Episode 55

First aired: Jan/08/2012
Writer: Chris Murray
Director: Maurice Phillips
Guest star: Dominika Jablonska (Beth), S'Dumo Mtshali (Kabir), David Butler (Christian Peeters)

After having lost Leopard’s Den, the family are split across different continents. Caroline, Liv and a pregnant Alice are back in the United Kingdom. Danny and Du Plessis have remained in South Africa as they attempt to raise enough money to buy a new reserve and make a whole new start. They are working at the Big Five Animal Park in not great circumstances. Du Plessis is working in the gift shop whilst Danny works as a jobbing vet. Danny finds it hard to get on with his boss, Ed Lynch as they clash over different veterinary decisions.

56 :07x02 - Episode 56

First aired: Jan/15/2012
Writer: Chris Murray
Director: Maurice Phillips
Guest star: Atandwa Kani (Thabo), Fezile Mpela (Thabiso Mabaso), David Butler (Christian Peeters)

Caroline, Liv and Charlotte return to South Africa with Danny. They are looking forward to seeing their new home, Clearwater Farm. After they find out that Du Plessis hasn’t done anything since Danny left, and the place is falling apart they are left feeling upset. Liv is happy to see Thabo again, but the feeling doesn’t seem to be reciprocated. Du Plessis believes that Danny killed their old enemy, Christian Peeters.

57 :07x03 - Episode 57

First aired: Jan/22/2012
Writer: Jack Williams
Director: Maurice Phillips
Guest star: Atandwa Kani (Thabo), Michael Mabizela (JLW Guard), Sebolelo Makoanyane (JLW Receptionist), Nthati Moshesh (Madeline Thompson), Getmore Sithole (Boardmember 1), Amor Tredoux (Boardmember 2), Carl Beukes (Rick Geldenhuis), Dominika Jablonska (Beth), Ephraim Gordon (Langa)

Danny has been working on an upcoming pitch for an Endangered Species Project. A pharmaceutical company are wanting to fund an environmental project and he hopes that this grant money could see the family buy back Leopard’s Den and Mara. Danny and Du Plessis end up crashing their jeep on their way back from collecting a lion though. Caroline is really concerned when they fail to return in time for the meeting. Danny, Du Plessis and Caroline finally make it to meeting with the lion in tow after Caroline manages to find them. Danny and Du Plessis have concerns after they find out that Ed Lynch is involved. When the lion becomes distressed the meeting is forced to be cut short so that Danny can see to it. Caroline ends up becoming convinced that all hope is gone for reclaiming Leopard’s Den. As Danny and Ed operate on the lion, Ed gets a call from JLW asking for him to meet with the board again tomorrow and Danny learns they want to see him as well. JLW explain that they want Danny’s project, but they also want Ed’s business skills which will mean they have to work together.

58 :07x04 - Episode 58

First aired: Jan/29/2012
Writer: Liz Lake
Director: Darrell Roodt
Guest star: Atandwa Kani (Thabo), Dirk Jansen Van Vuuren (Bar Customer)

Danny and Ed release two cheetah brothers into the wild as their new partnership begins. Not all the members of the family are happy about the partnership though. Caroline is not happy with Danny’s having betrayed Du Plessis, and is completely against the idea of working with Ed. Caroline turns to Rosie for help, hoping that she’ll be able to talk some sense into her father. Danny and Du Plessis are still hiding the dark secret that Peeters’ body is buried on Leopard’s Den. Danny is pleased to see his daughter again, but she is upset at all the tension in the family. Rosie soon starts to believe though that Ed isn't as bad as Caroline thinks he is. Things end up getting worse when Du Plessis discovers a hyena digging at the grave site, and Ed thinks that it’d be the ideal place for their new quarantine pens.

59 :07x05 - Episode 59

First aired: Feb/05/2012
Writer: Ashley Pharoah, Niall Leonard
Director: Andrew Gunn
Guest star: Atandwa Kani (Thabo), David Butler (Luke Peeters), Nicky Rebelo (Roper), Eduan van Jaarsveldt (Van Der Graf)

The family are still at odds and seperated after Caroline’s decision to move back to the old Clearwater house with Du Plessis. Rosie is determined to get everyone back together and plans a dinner party as a first step towards reconciliation. Du Plessis’ is shocked after he sees Peeters in town when he looks again though he has vanished. Du Plessis hopes that it is just his mind playing tricks on him, but after he sees Peeters again in the bar, he begins to think he’s being haunted and decides to go talk with Danny.

60 :07x06 - Episode 60

First aired: Feb/12/2012
Writer: Jeff Povey
Director: Darrell Roodt
Guest star: Atandwa Kani (Thabo), Neville Thomas (Station Sergeant), Siyabonga Radebe (Detective Bulana), S'Dumo Mtshali (Kabir), David Clatworthy (Kallis), Marcel Van Heerden (Van Wyck), Ron Smerczak (Magistrate), Zakhele Stanley Mabasa (Poacher)

With Danny in prison, accused of murdering Peeters, Du Plessis is determined to prove his innocence anyway he he can. After Du Plessis quizzes Ed about what he was doing the night of the murder, Ed says he was fast asleep and Du Plessis knows he’s lying. Fatani ends up finding evidence against Ed which is a letter of termination from the Big Five, signed by Peeters himself. Rosie is left to manage everything herself, to her increasing frustration. Caroline manages to secure an emergency hearing for Danny and he is granted bail. Du Plessis and Ed find Rosie following her disapperance and she has lost a lot of blood and is in a bad way. Danny hurries home to his injured daughter. Fatani discoverss cash and a flight ticket, which seems to confirm their suspicions of Ed. Du Plessis attempts to outline their theory to Danny, but he doesn’t want to hear it.

61 :07x07 - Episode 61

First aired: Feb/19/2012
Writer: Chris Murray
Director: Andrew Gunn
Guest star: Keketso Semoko (Precious), Gabriella Cirillo (Kim Ferreira), Atandwa Kani (Thabo), Kaseran Pillay (Street Trader), Gerard Rudolf (Jay)

With Danny not around and Du Plessis doing his community service, Ed is left in charge of running the Endangered Species Project. Kim wants Ed to go for a drink with her, but after feeling flustered, he turns her down, immediately regretting his decision. Ed gets a second chance after Kim returns, worried about her lioness. Fatani tries to help Liv and Thabo with the animal census. Du Plessis and Ed end up discovering thst Kim is an animal smuggler.

62 :07x08 - Episode 62

First aired: Feb/26/2012
Writer: Jack Williams
Director: Andrew Gunn
Guest star: Nthati Moshesh (Madeline), Getmore Sithole (Boardmember 1), Amor Tredoux (Boardmember 2), Jill Halfpenny (Fiona), Tango Ncetezo (JLW Receptionist), Brendan Pollecutt (Tom Carter)

Danny and Ed are getting ready for a review with JLW, the pharmaceutical company that funded their Endangered Species Project. Ed and Rosie find two dead wildebeest calves and Ed wants Rosie to perform a post mortem on them. Fatani is frustrated by the fact that but Liv insists that they have to keep their relationship a secret. The review ends up being a success and their funding will continue and JLW even want to hold a PR event to hand over the next cheque. Ed is not happy after he discovers that Rosie’s made a huge mistake on the post mortem. Fiona Lynch shows up up and is revealed to be Ed’s wife. Ed explains to everyone that they separated after Fiona cheated on him. Fiona begins to think that Ed is seeing Rosie and shares her suspicions with Caroline.

63 :07x09 - Episode 63

First aired: Mar/04/2012
Writer: Jeff Povey
Director: Andrew Gunn
Guest star: Justin Strydom (Zebra Owner), Jose Domingos (Bank Manager), Jill Halfpenny (Fiona), Charmaine Weir-Smith (Senna Ruiters)

Having lost their funding, the family are in serious financial straits. Danny and Ed try to get an extension on their mortgage but are turned down. Ed manages to arrange an interview with Sienna, the owner of some rich breeding stables, and if they can secure the vet contract with her, it will help them out of their pediciment. Alice and the children are due to return soon and Danny can’t wait. Danny is shocked though when he speaks to Alice who is reluctant to return.

64 :07x10 - Episode 64

First aired: Mar/11/2012
Writer: Chris Murray
Director: Maurice Phillips
Guest star: Jill Halfpenny (Fiona), Katleho Ramaphakela (Sizwe), Pallance Dladla (Mohato), Ian Roussouw (Taxi Driver)

There are some odd things going on at Leopard’s Den after the family awake to discover frogs everywhere. The giraffe also refuses to move from the front gate and the cheetah is off its food. Fatani beleives that the animals don’t want Danny to leave and Du Plessis has promised Caroline that he’ll hide his true feelings from his friend, so as not to make the situation any more tough than it already is. After a request for help comes from the National Park, Danny enjoys the chance for one last adventure. After an elephant found in the kitchen, the mystery of the animals’ odd behaviour is solved after Fatani admits that he arranged all these stunts to stop Danny leaving, because he feared that Liv would go with him.

Series Finale

First aired: Dec/30/2012
Writer: Chris Murray, Ashley Pharoah
Director: Nicholas Laughland
Guest star: Nick Boraine (Dylan), Danny Keogh (Piet Stillman), Colin Moss (Martin), Moshidi Motshegwa (Dr. Macmillan), Liam Weatherall (Bobby)

t’s New Year’s Eve at Leopard’s Den and Alice has returned. The stress though of attempting to combine work with caring for a baby is causing friction between her and Danny. Liv is not happy that Fatani hasn’t told his mother about their relationship. The family are devastated after three-legged cheetah, Cassidy, and his new mate are stolen by poachers. With the wedding just around the corner, a trip to the doctor brings devastating news for Du Plessis. Du Plessis realises that he must use his remaining time to try and fix his ailing family. He manages to persuade pilot Dylan to fly them all to Zimbabwe to rescue the cheetahs in the belief that the trip will convince Danny that his future son-in-law is worthy of becoming part of the family.

Filming With Animals

First aired: Dec/31/2012
Director: Adam Friedlander
Guest star: Richard Brooker (Himself), Vicky Brooker (Herself), Jonathon Fish (Himself), Rory Hensman (Himself), Sean Hensman (Himself), Bainet Phiri (Himself), Kevin Richardson (Himself), Stephen Tompkinson (Himself (Narrator))

Stephen Tompkinson narrates as this special episode goes behind the scenes of the series as the viewers at home are introduced to the animals and their handlers. The show also offers an insiders view as to how some of the series biggest animal stunts are achieved.