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Will & Grace: Mad Dogs & Average Men

Grace is smitten when she meets Sumner, Karen's charming and handsome nephew, but Grace's attempts to arrange a date are constantly thwarted when Karen conjures up a litany of lies to dissuade her. Meanwhile, Will tries to terminate his dead-end relationship with a needy nebbish, but postpones the dramatic moment because he's so infatuated with the guy's lovable doggie, Pepper.

Episode Info  

Episode number: 3x18
Production Number: 63819
Airdate: Thursday March 15th, 2001

Director: James Burrows
Writer: Adam Barr

Guest Stars
Ellen IdelsonEllen Idelson
As Usherette
Paul SatterfieldPaul Satterfield
As Sumner Davis
Peter JacobsonPeter Jacobson
As Paul Budnik
Episode Notes
For those of you wondering, Sumner is Stan's nephew through his sister. Which makes Karen a Step-Aunt.

Writer Ellen Idelson makes another cameo in the show as the usherette. She had previous provided the voice of Will's secretary (ironically enough named Ellen) when he had his basement office.

Episode Quotes
Grace: The best part is that I know that this one is not gay. Please tell me that I'm right.
Karen: Yes, you are.
Grace: Yes!
Karen: He's not gay.
Grace: Yes! You see? You see all those years of datin' losers and closeted gay guys and that drag queen and that one masculine-looking girl is not for nothing. I have honed my instincts. And my instincts are telling me that, uh... your nephew is one quality prospect.
Karen: He's married.
Grace: Really? He seems gay.

Jack: We still have plenty of time to figure something out before Paul gets here. (Hears knocking on the door) Maybe it's not Paul.
Paul: (Outside the door) Will, it's Paul!
Jack: Maybe it's another Paul.
Paul: Paul Budnik.
Jack: Maybe he forgot about the dog.
Paul: I'm here to pick up the dog.
Jack: Maybe he's over you.
Paul: I missed you.
Jack: Well, my work here's done.

Episode Goofs
Jacks food keeps vanishing quicker and quicker. You can tell it took them a few takes on the opening shot since they're eating food as they go.

After Karen sends her nephew away to go with Stan, Grace confronts Karen about being lied to. We see her hand go down in the shot next to Karen sitting at her desk, but in the next one her hands are near her chest clasped together.

When Grace eats the dogfood, we hear the sound of it sizzling, but we see no steam coming from the plate. Bad props people... get a real stove.

When megan makes the sign that Stan's sister is a "big bitch" you can see Debra start to crack up and then get over it.

Cultural References
Grace: Then he calls me, and I end up asking him whether or not the guys in the joint are as hot as they are "Oz."

For those of you who don't own HBO, Oz is a show about prison "life."

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