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Will & Grace: Sons & Lovers (2)

An exasperated Grace tries to mediate between a resentful Will and her sloppy, free-spirited boyfriend Nathan when Nathan moves in while Jack is in a royal dither as he plans to finally meet his unseen father face-to-face. However, Grace grows nervous when the two polar-opposite men find some common ground and she ponders how a devoted boyfriend might affect her equally important relationship with her longtime buddy Will. After settling his father issues, Jack later gets the surprise of his life in a most unexpected fashion.

Episode Info  

Episode number: 3x25
Production Number: 63824
Airdate: Thursday May 17th, 2001

Guest Stars
Claire MalisClaire Malis
As Jo Black
David CorreiaDavid Correia
As Sky Cap
Helen EigenbergHelen Eigenberg
As Vicky
John David ContiJohn David Conti
As Man
Marcia Ann BurrsMarcia Ann Burrs
As Woman
Michael AngaranoMichael Angarano
As Elliot
Woody HarrelsonWoody Harrelson
As Nathan
Episode Notes
In syndication, the opening credits were tossed in after Will says Hanna's daddy's are losers.

Originally aired as a one hour episode, though syndication will usually air them in two half hour episodes. NBC counts this as one episode, as they will with any W&G episodes that air as a one hour episode. This may also include Super-Sized (40 minute episodes). You can see the entire episode on the Season 3 DVD.

This episode introduced the character of Jack's biological son Elliot, who becomes a regular during the next season.

This was the Season 3 finale.

Episode Quotes
Elliot: Hi. Is Karen Walker here?
Karen: Why? Did her step-son sit on you?
Elliot: No.
Karen: Did her driver run over you?
Elliot: No.
Karen: . . . Are you an employee at one of her husband's textile factories in Jakarta?
Elliot: No.
Karen: I'm Karen Walker. How can I help you?
Elliot: I'm looking for Jack McFarland.
Jack: Why? Does ho owe you money?
Elliot: No.
Jack: Did he break something expensive of yours?
Elliot: No.
Jack: Did he steal your jokes to use in his cabaret act?
Elliot: No.
Jack: I'm Jack McFarland. How may I help you?
Elliot: Well . . . uh, I'm your son.
(Karen falls off her chair.)

Grace: I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking that it’s a dopy gift ‘cos it doesn’t have “Tiffany” or “Cardia” or “may cause drowsiness” on it. But I will tell you something. I like Nathan, and I don’t care what you think… So what do you think?
Karen: Oh honey, where do I begin? He’s crude, he’s crass, last night at the party he dropped an ice-cube down my blouse just so he could fish it back out again…. Oh honey, I love him!

Episode Goofs
In the first couple of scenes (the coffee house & back at W&G's apartment), the right sleeve cuff of Grace's shirt changes from "messed up" (folded under) to straight and "fixed" quite often.

Cultural References
Karen: Yeah, even after they took me away to be Clara's companion, I never forgot about him, no.

A funny reference to the film Heidi.

Will: We're gonna be rockin' the casbah, even if the sharif don't like it.

A funny reference to the band The Clash and their song "Rock The Casbah"

Jack: Morning, sickness. Ok, I don't know which one of you it was. But last night, someone's hand repeatedly brushed up against James and the giant peaches.

A quick reference to the book (and later film) James And The Giant Peach.

Grace: I need to be sitting next to Will when the candy band plays.

Grace gives a very accurate description of a CGI animated movie trailer which ran in General Cinema (GCC) theaters in the 1990's where a number of different candies (including a Reese's peanut butter cup on the saxophone) are playing in a band, and a box of popcorn is out on a date with a cup of Pepsi cola. You can even hear the actual music that the Candy Band plays in the background while Grace is talking to Will. American Multi-Cinema (AMC) bought out General Cinema in 2002 and the Candy Band hasn't been seen in theaters since (though the intro to the familiar GCC theme music has been incorporated into one of AMC's new trailers).

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