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Will & Grace: Dance Cards & Greeting Cards

Valentine's Day is full of surprises. Grace tries to ignore the greeting card holiday but romantic urges eventually send her into the arms of the enemy -- none other than Nick, a hunky greeting card writer. In a dramatic change of events, Karen's former nemesis Scott Woolley tries to win her heart by showering her with gifts but Karen's eyes are on larger things -- her new overweight Internet date. Elsewhere, after dancing with a lesbian couple Will and Jack find comfort in each other's arms for the Valentine's Day spotlight dance.

Episode Info  

Episode number: 7x16
Production Number: 07016
Airdate: Thursday February 10th, 2005

Director: James Burrows
Writer: Gail Lerner

Guest Stars
Edward BurnsEdward Burns
As Nick
Jeff GoldblumJeff Goldblum
As Scott Wooley
Leslie JordanLeslie Jordan
As Beverley Leslie
Bob RuschBob Rusch
As Drunk Man
Chita RiveraChita Rivera
As Lucille
Michele LeeMichele Lee
As Lanore

Brian A. SetzerBrian A. Setzer
As Benji
Episode Notes
Karen has been exchanging Internet messages with ElevatorHazard at (who is Scott Woolley, of course).

This episode introduces Edward Burns as Nick in a three episode arch for what is the season ending relationship for Grace.

This episode was supposed to open up for a longer storyline between Karen and Scott, but was changed before final scripting was published.

Episode Quotes
Scott: (Holding Beverley) If you bother the woman I love one more time, I'm gonna rip out your tiny arms and give them to her on a charm bracelet.
Karen: Honey, no one's ever offered to dismember a dwarf and make jewlery out of them for me before.

Grace: (After finding out Nick works for a greetign card company.) Okay, I'm going to try and be careful here about what I say next because I don't want to offend you, but your job is lame.
Nick: And ah... I'm guessing by the rows of fabric and the tassels you work for... Unicef?
Grace: At least I don't perpetuate the myth that if you're not in love in the middle of February, that there's something wrong with you.
Nick: And the real myth must be that February 14th is the only day you're unpeleasant and bitter.
Grace: ...Woah!

Jack: I don't know Karen, you gotta be careful. You can't trust people you meet on the internet. I went on a date with this guy I met online and he seemed really nice, but at the end of the evening... I stole $200 from his wallet.

Episode Goofs
Take a close look at the door slam Ed Burns takes to his head. He doesn't really get hit. He blcoks it with his shoe and makes the motion that he got hit.

Look hard at the box of candies Grace offers Nick. It's actually full except for one spot, and the spot Nick points to actually DOES have a candy in it. The wrapper she grabs is the only one int he box, which was closer to her hand.

Cultural References
Nick: So I guess this makes up star-crossed lovers.

A quick reference to a line from William Shakespeare's play Romeo & Juliet.

Karen: Listen seed of Chucky, why don't you just leave me alone.

A quick and funny reference to the film of the same name, "Seed Of Chucky."

Jack: Greg Evigan from T.V's "B.J. And The Bear" and after a brief hiatus "My Two Dads?"
Will: You know, I never realized how gay both those titles are.

A no brainer here. Quick and funny references to Greg Evigan, and his two shows B.J. And The Bear and My Two Dads.

Karen: First Anita Bryant, now this.

A quick and funny reference to singer and conservative activist Anita Bryant. After airing publicly her views on homosexuality and AIDS, she was targeted by gay activists in a boycott of the orange juice industry. She eventually lost her job as their spokesperson due to this.

Episode References
Beverley Leslie's "business associate" Benji also appeared in the 5th season episode "Fagmalion Part Three: Bye Bye Beardy".

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