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Will & Grace: The Fabulous Baker Boy

Will agrees to fire Karen's pastry chef until the baker cooks up a delectable love triangle for the three of them. Meanwhile, Grace enlists Jack's help in launching boyfriend Nick's career as a television writer, but Jack shatters Nick's script-writing dreams.

Episode Info  

Episode number: 7x18
Production Number: 07019
Airdate: Thursday February 24th, 2005

Director: James Burrows
Writer: Kate Angelo

Guest Stars
Edward BurnsEdward Burns
As Nick
Mathew BotuchisMathew Botuchis
As Dave
Stuart TownsendStuart Townsend
As Pastry Chef / Edward
Episode Notes
This marks the last appearance of Ed Burns as Nick, who was originally planned to be a longer relationship for Grace, but was changed before going to script.

Jack has apparently hired his old assistant Dave back since Karen quit earlier.

Out TV decides to make a movie of the week out of Nick's screenplay and he moves to Vancouver.

ArtistSong TitlePlayed When
StyxThe Grand Illusion 

Episode Quotes
Grace: Great, now he's mad at both of us, what are we gonna do?
Will: Wow, that's a tuffy. If somebody's mad at you for not reading a script. If only there were a way, to scan the letters on the page and somehow relay the information to your brain.
Jack: Uhhh, there is. It's called Braille.

Dave: Uh, Jack, there's a Grace Adler here to see you.
Jack: Thank you Elizabeth, just show her in please.
Dave: Uh, no my name's Dave, right-
Jack: Listen, it's bad enough I'm the only one here with a straight assistant, don't make me call you that redicilous name.
Dave: Uh, yeah but-
Jack: That will be all Elizabeth!!!

Grace: He hit the jackpot! One of Nick's greeting cards just went "Mug."
Nick: It's-ah, kind of an industry term. What it means is one of the cards I wrote is being put on a... mug. I probably didn't need to explain that.
Will: Wow Nick, that's so cool.
Grace: You think so?
Will: No, what am I supposed to say.

Episode Goofs
Karen bends over in front of Will once in the bedroom, just before she looks around her bed and bends over again. How come Will didn't notice the handprints the first time?

We know Karen has a helicopter, because Stan sent it to pick her up in Polk Defeats Truman. What happened to the helicpoter in the first place?

Why did Jack need to push his lower cabinet in that he put his feet up on? Seems rather odd.

Cultural References
Grace: It's so heavy, it's about euthanasia.

Euthanasia is a term used for assisted suicide. It's mainly referred to in the case of elderly people who are too sick to live, and ask someone to end their life early.

Jack: I'm sorry, "Kevin Hill" was on.

A quick and funny reference to the UPN show "Kevin Hill."

Episode References
Will decides to fire Helicopter Pilot instead because he says that Karen doesn't own a helicopter. She may not own a helicopter, but she indeed has one available to her. In the episode "Key Party", Karen asks who wants to take the chopper to Atlantic City to celebrate Stanley Day. Stanley also saves Karen from the outlet mall with a helicopter in "Polk Defeats Truman".

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