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Will & Grace: The Blonde Leading The Blind

When Will convinces Grace to see his therapist, Dr. Georgia Keller, he becomes increasingly jealous when the two women form an instant friendship. Grace and Will begin to compete fiercely for Georgia's attention -- and a place in her upcoming book. Meanwhile, glasses bring Karen to a whole new level of clarity.

Episode Info  

Episode number: 7x20
Production Number: 07020
Airdate: Thursday April 21st, 2005

Director: James Burrows
Writer: Sonja Warfield

Guest Stars
Dennis SatterfieldDennis Satterfield
As Nester
Phil MorrisPhil Morris
As Dr. Norman
Sharon StoneSharon Stone
As Dr. Georgia Keller
Episode Notes
This is the only episode to air this season in the month of April.

Megan Mullally normally wears eyeglasses. This was a good excuse for her to start wearing them on camera.

This episode was supposed to air on April 14th after major ads of Stone's appearance. For no reason, it was pushed back a week.

Episode Quotes
Grace: This is so unfair! The book is my thing! I had it first.
Will: Yeah, well, she was my therapist first.
Grace: You didn't even read her last book.
Will: Well, I'll read this one. 'Cause I'm in it.
Grace: Well, if you're gonna be in it, I don't wanna be in it.
Will: Good, don't be in it.
Grace: You don't be in it! She's obviously more interested in me.
Will: Oh, really? Do you fake mental illness?
Grace: I don't have to! This crazy is all real!!!

Karen: So, is this what the world looks like? Everything is so crisp and clear and beautiful. (To man in chair) Oh, except for you. And you.
Jack: Oh, you gotta get this guy to turn around, Karen.
Karen: (Snaps fingers to get other man's attention, he turns) Oh, yeah, honey, definitely you. Oh, seeing is a very powerful thing. You have to be very careful exactly-- (Karen looks int he mirror) AAH! Oh, my God! I'm a monster! Damn you, Doctor! (Takes off glasses) Damn you and your evil, futuristic vision glasses!
Doctor: You know they've had glasses since the 16th century.
Jack: Yeah, um, she didn't like wearing them then either.

Karen: Ohh, I just had the most horrible experience. This dwarf tried to steal my purse. Fortunately I was able to, wrestle it to the ground, and get it back.
Jack: This isn't your purse, it's a Dora The Explorer" lunchbox! (Hands box to Will)
Will: You just mugged a little girl. A hungry, frightened little girl.
Karen: Are you saying I don't know a dwarf mugger in a plaid skirt and braids when she skips past me?
Jack: I don't know Karen. This is strikingly similar to last week when you thought that woman stole your fur and you came home with a seeing-eye dog around your neck.

Episode Goofs
When Megan yells about seeing the layer of filth after putting on the glasses, Shelley starts to crack up.

Listen for when Karen goes to slap Jack and misses. It's a sound effect added in poorly.

Cultural References
Keller: I'm gonna tell you what I told Mary-Kate and Ashley O...

A quick reference to the Olsen twins, Mary-Kate Olsen and Ashley Olsen.

Jack: And I mean "The Real World: Hawaii" with the funny drunk girl. Not "The Real World: Seattle", where the girl with the Lyme Disease got slapped.

A quick and funny reference to the MTV show The Real World.

Karen: You know, when I saw myself in that mirror today, all I could think was, I should be wearing a boa and Wayland Flowers should have his hand up my ass.

A funny reference to puppeteer Wayland Flowers and his puppet Madame.

Jack: Karen, a lot of people wear glasses.

Jack makes quick reference to people such as Charles Nelson Reilly, Larry King, and Jessica Tandy. And later Rosario makes a reference is made to SNL performer Tina Fay.

Jack: Oh, Karen. Gosh, I felt so bad the way we left things, I rushed right over after seeing Vin Diesel in "The Pacifier."

A quick reference to the comedy film The Pacifier.

Jack: This isn't your purse, it's a Dora The Explorer" lunchbox!

A quick and obvious reference to the children's show Dora The Explorer.

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