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Will & Grace: Cop To It

Will and Grace dread a dinner date with married friends Rob and Ellen who likely called the meeting to announce Ellen is pregnant yet again, but when the couple reveals that they are separated and loving it, Grace gets depressed She's quickly distracted however when Will's cop ex-boyfriend, Vince pproaches their table as their server Ignoring Rob and Ellen's big news, Will and Grace discuss how Vince must have gone off the deep end and quit the force after splitting with Will, and Vince's request to switch table assignments seems to confirm their thoughts Elsewhere, Jack decides he needs to spice up "JackTalk" by pulling an Oprah and helping his fan, Tommy Shields, come out of the closet Jack and Karen setup a bowling alley meeting with Tommy when Karen is recruited to join a woman's league game as an emergency fill-in .

Episode Info  

Episode number: 8x13
Production Number: 8012
Airdate: Thursday January 26th, 2006

Director: James Burrows
Writer: Sally Bradford

Guest Stars
Bobby CannavaleBobby Cannavale
As Vince D'Angelo
Leigh-Allyn BakerLeigh-Allyn Baker
As Ellen
Tom GallopTom Gallop
As Rob
Mathew BotuchisMathew Botuchis
As Dave
Robert Michael MorrisRobert Michael Morris
As Tommy Shields
Andy UmbergerAndy Umberger
As Captain
Zach BostromZach Bostrom
As Josh Shields
Episode Notes
NBC had technical problems in many areas on their HD signal, and accidentally ran a small bit of "My Name Is Earl" halfway through the episode. So in many areas, the show switched from being in High Definition to Standard Definition 15 minutes in.

This episode was filmed all at once using only two seperate sets (aside from Jack's office). It goes back and forth between the two without transition

Spoiler: Vince seems to have got his life back in order. He is back on the police force, was promoted to detective and is dating someone.

Episode Quotes
Jack: Oh, good morning Elizabeth. You got today's mail?
Dave: Yeah... could you start calling me Dave? My girlfriend found out about this whole "Elizabeth" thing, and now she calls me that, and I tried to be cool with it but it's kinda weird when we're making out.
Jack: Well of course i's weird, you're making out with a woman. That'll be all Elizabeth.

Will: Vince? You work here?
Vince: Uhh, yeah.
Grace: I think Will's water just broke.

Grace:Wait, that's what this is about? You want to date?
Ellen: Yeah. (Rob nods)
Grace: Ohhhhhhh, wow. Well, okay, you know, good luck. Because I've been out there for the past two decades,... and it takes WORk to find someone who can stand you. And Ellen, God love you, but a belly shirt? I mean you've been pregnant like, thirty times. Every shirt you own is a belly shirt. (Rob laughs) Hey, what are you laughing at dough-boy? You think some sexy co-ed is gonna wanna hang out at the Pasta Village with a fourty year-old accountant who's idea of sexy, is making honking sounds while squeezing them? HONK, HONK!
Rob: (To Ellen) You said you liked that.
Ellen: Well, it's better than BLHBLHBLBLHBLH!

Karen: Honey, I just got a strike! And a fungal infection under my nail! Isn't that exciting? All I need is a factory job and a dead tooth, and I'll fit right in!

Josh: Yeah, what is it?
Tommy: ...I'm gay!
Josh: Oh, my God. Dad, you're gay!?
Tommy: Yes I am Josh. And where di you get that beer?
Jack: Wow, two after-school specials in one!

Episode Goofs
Look carefully at the back of the paper Debra writes "I Love Will" on. She's writing on the episode's script. Who did she get the paper from?

Cultural References
Jack: This could be my Oprah moment!

A funny reference to talk-show host Oprah. Also a reference to how she greets people on her show by not wanting to really be "touched."

Grace: Somone's got to stay together besides Ben Stiller's parents!

A quick reference to Anne Meara and Jerry Stiller, who have been married for 52 years as of 2006.

Jack: I was looking for an Oprah moment, not a Willard Scott moment.

Willard Scott not only was the birthday segment man for the Today Show, he was also the first man to play Ronal McDonald for the fast food chain.

Tommy: Are you being bitchy? I heard of that, they do it all the time on "Designing Women."

An obvious reference to the late 80's show "Designing Women."

Episode References
This episode makes reference to the Season 7 episode "Partners" where Will and Vince break up. This is also Rob's first appearance since the Season 5 episode "Homojo."

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