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Will & Grace: Grace Expectations

A nervous but optimistic Grace decides it's finally time to tell Leo she is pregnant with his child, but when she finally works up enough courage to actually meet her ex-husband she receives some unexpected news Meanwhile, Will is settling in comfortably with James until he reveals a side of himself unknown to Will And as Jack attempts to document every moment of Grace's pregnancy for his talk show, Karen sulks alone, jealous over the good fortunes of her friends.

Episode Info  

Episode number: 8x16
Production Number: 8017
Airdate: Thursday March 16th, 2006

Director: James Burrows
Writer: Janis Hirsch

Guest Stars
Brooke BaumerBrooke Baumer
As Woman
Harry Connick, Jr.Harry Connick, Jr.
As Dr. Leo Markus
Taye DiggsTaye Diggs
As James Hansen
Jennifer DeMilleJennifer DeMille
As Woman #1
Episode Notes
Spoiler: This episode marks the last appearance of Taye Diggs as James Hansen, as his character is sent back to Canada at the end through a divorce with Grace. His character wasn't meant to go more then three or four episodes.

This episode also marks another return of Harry Connick, Jr. as Dr. Leo Markus.

Episode Quotes
Karen: Grace, you're going to have a Jewish-black baby! I believe that's called a macaroon.

Will: Sign here, and here, and your marriage to James is officially annulled.
Grace: You sure you want me to do this? Okay, he lied about his mother's death for muffins, he abandoned his physically disabled boyfriend. But seriously, you are never gonna get a hotter guy than that.
Will: He also said, how are we gonna shake the knocked-up breadhead.
Grace: Back to Canada baldie!

Grace: Man, that was a really good nap. What'd I miss?
Will: Tuesday. You've been out for twenty hours.
Grace: No wonder I'm hungry, I missed like, seven meals.
Will: Well, you are eating for two.
Grace: Eating for two? Why would you say I'm, AHHHHHH! I'm pregnant! I totally forgot. I'm going to be an unwed mother.
Jack: No you're not, you married James two days ago-
Grace: AHHHH, I'm married! I totally forgot!
Karen: Honey, if you think that's upseting, check this out. (Karen turns Grace around to look in the mirror)
Karen: Yeah, I thought we could get three.

Episode Goofs
If Grace has been sleeping for 20 hours straight, wouldn't it stand to reason that someone would have woken her up in that time to check in on her? Why let her go for all that time?

When Will & James are having lunch, check out their wine glasses. The amount of wine slightly changes on different angles, showing this was done over a couple of takes.

Cultural References
The episode title is a play on the book of the same name, "Great Expectations" by Charles Dickens.

Jack: (Singing to Grace's belly) My baby takes the morning train. He works from nine to five and then.

A quick reference to the Sheena Easton song "Morning Train."

Will: Who are you giving birth to? Roseanne?

A quick shot at comedian Roseanne Barr.

Karen: (To Will) You've got Seal.

A quick reference to singer/singwriter Seal.

Episode References
This episode picks up right where the previous episode, "The Definition Of Marriage", left off. Despite the episodes being linked together by timeframe, these two episodes are separate, and are not a 2-Part plan.

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