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Will & Grace: The Finale (1)

The culmination of eight seasons’ ends tonight with a one-hour series finale - will Will and Grace raise a child together and find ultimate happiness? Will Jack find anyone that loves him as much as he loves himself? Will Karen find true happiness with the absence of Stan? All these questions and more will be answered as this groundbreaking series concludes eight amazing seasons.

Episode Info  

Episode number: 8x23
Production Number: 8023
Airdate: Thursday May 18th, 2006
Special Airtime: 09:00 pm

Guest Stars
Bobby CannavaleBobby Cannavale
As Vince D'Angelo
Harry Connick, Jr.Harry Connick, Jr.
As Dr. Leo Markus
Kevin BaconKevin Bacon
As Himself
Leslie JordanLeslie Jordan
As Beverley Leslie
Jere BurnsJere Burns
As Man In Cast
Jesse Fremont AllisJesse Fremont Allis
As Warren Adler
Jono KohanJono Kohan
As Maitre d'
Episode Notes
On its original airing, this episode was watched by 18.4 million viewers.

In the hospital we hear over the inrtecom "Paging Dr. Kohan." A quick nod to David Kohan, one of the show's creators.

Early in the episode we hear Warren say "I'm going over to Sandoval's." A quick nod to Steve Sandoval, a producer for the show.

The apartment in Grace's dream was made up to look bad halfway through production. The plan was all along to keep it in the show, but to throw fans off from leaking the real ending, which was shot without an audience.

Will says that today is his Birthday, and tries to get Ben to say he's 25. If you really do the math, he's 41 (same age as Grace at this point).

Look closely at the picture above the fireplace in Will and Vince's apartment. You can see a mugshot of Vince facing forward, and Will sideways toward him.

Like all one hour episodes, this one was assigned two production numbers to be split into two episodes in reruns and syndication. This first episode ends where Karen tells Jack she's broke, and the second picks up where the gang is having dinner at Will's.

Episode Quotes
Grace: Screw you!
Will: You wish.
Grace: You couldn't.
Will: Yeah, not because I'm gay, just because you're hideous.

Episode Goofs
If Grace's dream, look at the television room. The TV in the room is a fake made of cardboard.

In Grace's dream, they obviously have Leo's kid living with them. But there are onyl two bedrooms in Will's apartment. Where's Warren sleeping? The couch?

You can tell in a few scenes that the crew didnt fuily wipe away the stains around the door, because it still looks stained in the present. (See notes for Grace's dream).

Apparently Laila was a brunette as a child, and turned into a redhead sometime later. Does this make sense?

Why is it Grace had to rush to make sure Karen was okay? Isn't Karen still working for Grace at her office? In fact, why has is it never addressed what happened to Grace's job beyond her pregnancy? Did she quit to have the baby, or did she carry on and still does it without Karen?

And while on the discussion of people keeping in touch, why is it Will hasn't kept up to date with Jack? We have to assume he still must live across the hall. Wouldn't he be up-to-date with Jack at least?

Cultural References
Kevin: I had my "Kyra Forever" tatoo lazered off, and I think it's starting to bleed.

A quick reference to Kevin Bacon's second wife, Kyra Sedgwick.

Vince: What are you talking about? There's no way you could do Sandy's transformation from good girl to slut that quick.

A funny reference the the musical "Grease."

Jack: What's the story, Drunk and Whorey?

A quick reference to the Oasis song "What's The Story, Morning Glory."

Will: Wow, we just fell for the dumbest version of "Parent Trap" ever.

A quick and obvious reference to the Disney film "The Parent Trap."

Jack: I'm sure you have places to go. ...Magic ring to protect.

A quick reference to the hobbits from the "Lord Of The Rings" series.

Episode References
When Will and Grace yell "Fag" and "Hag", this is a reference to the Season 2 episode "There But For The Grace Of Grace", where Will's old college teacher and his friend are supposed reflections of the future for the two of them.

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