Will & Grace

Show Tidbits
Will Truman lives at 155 Riverside Drive, Apartment 9C in Manhattan. During season 1 Grace Adler lived with Will. At the beginning of the second season, Grace moved across the hall to Apartment 9A. Will has a lovely 2 bedroom, 2 bath apartment, while Grace has something that barely qualifies as a studio, most of which is adjacent to the noisy elevator shafts. During most of the swecond seaon, Grace has not unpacked the boxes she moved into her new hovel.
A running joke on the show is that Karen's husband Stanley is never seen. This is similar to other NBC comedys such as Cheers where Norm's wife was never seen, or Fraiser, where Nile's wife Maris was never seen.
Will has two brothers, Sam and Paul. They don't see much of each other except on formal holidays.
The kitchen in apartment 9A of 155 Riverside Drive, which has been occupied variously by Grace and Jack, has no stove and no refrigerator.
Karen's nickname for Jack is 'poodle.'
Karen's nickname for Will is "Wilma."