Season 7

137 :07x01 - Closure

The team searches for a missing man whose daughter went missing several years earlier, which makes the team wonder if his need to help another couple with a missing child is connected to his own disappearance. Meanwhile, Jack must adjust to life with a new boss.
Guest Stars: Steven Weber as Clark Medina | Linda Hunt as Clare Bryson | Kevin Rahm as Ryan McAvoy | Nick Spano as Eli Simmons | James Urbaniak as Damon Lafloer | David Barlow as Hugh Malin
Director: John Polson

138 :07x02 - 22x42

The CSIs are called to investigate when an executive at a clothing company is kidnapped during a rooftop party.
Guest Stars: Steven Weber as Clark Medina | Wendy Glenn as Sara Kent | Kelly AuCoin as Nick Selat | Michael Aronov as Brice Hunter |
Co-Guest Stars: Kale Browne as Malcolm Pope | Jeff Branson as Mark | Caris Vujcec as Kim Mills
Director: Greg Walker

139 :07x03 - Last Call

A white-collar criminal disappears before he can testify against a former business partner.
Guest Stars: Bill Leaman as U.S. Marshall | Dylan Kussman as Patrick | Michael Bolten as Young Alex | Akie Kotabe as Todd | Michael Cavanaugh as Richard Conlon | Barry Papick as Mark Shapiro | Ian Gregory as Attorney | Michael Rodrick as Garrett Lawter | Connie Cooper as Suzanne Reynolds | Matt Gerald as Roger Graham | John Short as Dr. Stephen Riley | Dean Collins as Corey Pickford | Jonathan T. Floyd as Paul Owens | Bob Stephenson as Sean Hall | Paul Fitzgerald as Alan Reynolds | Adriana Demeo as Lucy | Lucia Sullivan as Bank Teller | Craig Baxley, Jr. as Masked Gunman #2 | Stacy Kesten as ND Agent
Director: Karen Gaviola

140 :07x04 - True / False

The team discovers a long festering secret which sets off a deadly chain of events when they investigate the disappearance of the teenage son of a Secret Service man.
Guest Stars: Steven Weber as Clark Medina | Adriana Demeo as Lucy | Steven R. McQueen as Sean Duncan | John Allen Nelson as Mark Duncan | Cynthia Gibb as Tracie Duncan | Sarah Ramos as Amy Wechsler |
Co-Guest Stars: Daphne Ashbrook as Mrs. Paula Wechsler | Rhea Lando as Lilah Pritchard | Adam Chambers as Terrance Pritchard | Alex Reznik as Gene Fuller | Michael Adler as Principal Stuart Rosenthal
Director: Martha Mitchell

141 :07x05 - Rise and Fall

The team must shift their attention from a case they are working on and hand it over to Martin, after a child is reported to have been kidnapped at a mall.
Guest Stars: Andrea Bendewald as Patricia Ranes | Edward Kerr as Dean Ranes | Michael Edward Rose as Andrew Capello | Lisa Pescia as Fran Capello | Kelli Giddish as Ariana Phelps | Steven Weber as Clark Medina |
Co-Guest Stars: Ian Reed Kesler as Alex Lamb | Erin Allin O'Reilly as Diane
Director: Jonathan Kaplan
Writer: David Amann

142 :07x06 - Live to Regret

While looking into the disappearance of a bank manager, the team uncovers a dark secret that may be the reason behind the disappearance.
Guest Stars: Elisabeth Harnois as Erin MacMillan | James McAndrew as Rick Wilkins | Jeremy Kent Jackson as Nathan York | Geoffrey Owens as Jay Costas | Melissa Marsala as Willa | Adam Kulbersh as Todd Bell | Bill Smitrovich as SAC Alexander Olczyk | Winifred Freedman as Melanie | Kenneth Moskow as Luke Cullen |
Co-Guest Stars: Carla Lorraine as Teller
Director: John Showalter

142 :07x07 - Rewind

The team searches for a paraplegic who had been injured two years earlier in a car accident and is now missing. Their investigation shocks them when they discover the truth in what may have caused his disappearance.
Guest Stars: Ella Rae Peck as Lisa | Mark Famiglietti as Chris | Gavin Houston as Vince | Rodney Van Johnson as Duffy | Martha Madison as Jolie | Brian Keith Russell as Jimmy | Joe D'Angerio as Tony Seagall | Chad Todhunter as Anton Becker | John Billingsley as Barry/Larry | Warren Sweeney as Wallace Pinder | Gary DeWitt Marshall as Ray
Director: Karen Gaviola

144 :07x08 - Better Angels

Jack and Samantha head to Los Angeles to look into the disappearance of a man who vanished after attending a funeral.
Guest Stars: Jordan Belfi as Rob Simms | Erin Cahill as Brook Simms | Rachel Roth as Ann Simms | Charles Hoyes as Charlie Simms | Christopher Darga as Ed Wells | Benjamin Byron Davis as Dale Kinecki | Josh Coxx as Steve Licardi | Harrison Page as Roger Davis | Amanda MacDonald as Ali Morton | Travis Caldwell as Teenage Rob |
Co-Guest Stars: Rafael Feldman as NTSB Investigator | Preston Ahearn as Company Lawyer
Director: Scott White
Songs: Ray LaMontagne -- Falling Through

145 :07x09 - Push Comes to Shove

The team must decide whether or not a doctor's past is a factor in her disappearance from the hospital just after helping a patient.
Guest Stars: Daniella Alonso as Dr. Erica Loza | Melinda Page Hamilton as Dr. Sally Moss | Michael Chieffo as Mr. Cooper | Rick Kelly (1) as Peter Lewis | David Giuntoli as Seth | Kasan Butcher as George Young | Andy Gobienko as Dominic Mancuso | David Gallagher as Jeff Ellis | Zibby Allen as Pam Beers | Camille Saviola as Camilla Russo | Dimitri Diatchenko as Yuri Ovsenko | Justin Ross Martin as Ian Geddes | Marjorie Bernard as Young Erica |
Co-Guest Stars: Carmella Riley as Nurse | John L. Curtis (1) as ND Agent | Ronobir Lahiri as Doctor | M. Evan Jensen as Pilot | Greg Vernon as Ground Safety Pilot
Director: John Showalter

146 :07x10 - Cloudy with a Change of Gettysburg

A TV weatherman shows up to work with his side bleeding and then disappears, causing the FBI to investigate.
Guest Stars: Adriana Demeo as Lucy | John Sloan as Ben Kramer | John Forest as Cooper Wilson | William R. Moses as Dale Harmon | Kristina Anapau as Emma Collins | Brad Beyer as Kevin Weaver | David Carpenter as Harvey | Ben Savage as Kirby | Jessica Wright as Leah Russell |
Co-Guest Stars: Jamison Reeves as Soundman | Jameson K. Price as Union Soldier | Eva Simone Fisher as Woman | Drew Butler as Cameraman | Robert A. Johnson as Confederate Solider
Director: Scott White

147 :07x11 - Wanted

The team is called in to investigate the custody kidnapping over a teen who vanished after last seen with her mother. But the case takes a turn when they discover the teen was living a secret life. Meanwhile, there is a bump in the road of the relationship between Jack and Samantha.
Guest Stars: Sasha Pieterse as Daphne Stevens | Carole Gutierrez as Caroline Vasquez | Kathleen Wilhoite as Sherri Stevens | J.C. MacKenzie as Rick Stevens | Rachel Quaintance as Tia Jameson | Maggie Wheeler as Gail Menken | Matthew Fahey as Mike Jameson |
Co-Guest Stars: Michael Wiseman as Earl | Bonnie Root as Jenny Alden | Ken Garito as Mark Alden | Adam Kaufman as Brian Donovan | Al Vicente as Street Vendor
Writer: Alicia Kirk
Songs: Jason Mraz -- Details in the fabric

148 :07x12 - Believe Me

The team searches for a bar owner who has a statue believed to create miracles.
Guest Stars: Thomas Calabro as Eddie Gilroy | Hayley McFarland as Amy Gilroy | Chris Nelson Norris as Nick | Myk Watford as Josh Gilroy | Jackie Geary as Audrey Salke | Patrick Gallagher as Tommy Nealon | Jeffrey Hutchinson as Paul Shepard | Steven M. Gagnon as Remy | Christian Barillas as Luis Ochoa | Tony Cicchetti as Angelo DiBenedetto
Director: Paul McCrane

149 :07x13 - Once Lost

Elena's former partner goes missing following a sting. As the investigation continues, Elena must face her own past in order to find her friend.
Guest Stars: Virtic Emil Brown as Jordan Russell | Khamal White as Young Tom | Adriana Demeo as Lucy | Lisa Vidal as Bianca Gonzalez | Kiko Ellsworth as Bernard Mills | Darren Keefe as Mitch Donnelly | Jack Maxwell as Nils Barker | Scott MacDonald as Detective Wayne Stevens | Kenneth Choi as Philip Shen | Vahe Bejan as Vendor
Director: Martha Mitchell
Songs: Jenny Lewis -- Acid Tongue

150 :07x14 - Friends and Neighbors

The team tracks down the person who kidnapped two neighbors from a suburban neighborhood. The case takes a shocking turn when the agents learn of the abductor's identity.
Guest Stars: Kaela Dobkin as Julie Foster | Laura Regan as Caitlin Connelly | Timothy Omundson as Adam Foster | Cameron Daddo as Richard Connelly | Daniel Polo as Gavin Foster |
Co-Guest Stars: Katherine Herzer as Kelsey | Bryan Krasner as Ron Eckert | Al Sapienza as Charlie Moretti | Maurice Compte as Mario Costa | Greg Allan Martin as Businessman | Bryan Fisher as Jimmy | Lexi Marman as Maya
Director: John Showalter

151 :07x15 - Chameleon

The team uncovers a history of deception as they search for a man posing as a college student vanishes.
Guest Stars: Alison Rood as Woman | Patrick Carlyle as Tim | Andrew Walker as Jay/Blake/Steven/John | Rodney Eastman as Vincent McBride | Meghan Markle as Holly Shepard | Steven Crowley as Chad Boswell | Larry Cahn as Dr. Brian Rivkin | B.J. Clinkscales as Banger #2 | John Capodice as Dave The Super | Josh Drennen (1) as NYPD Officer | Kristin Richardson as Chelsea Leeds | Julia Prud'homme as Alice Burroughs | Dougald Park as Mr. Leeds | Aaron Behr as Scott McBride | Link Baker as Bill Henderson | Vanessa Marano as Hanna Malone
Director: Eric Close

152 :07x16 - Skeletons

The team investigates after a woman attends a self-defense class with her infant son and then both disappear after the class ends.
Guest Stars: Shelby Fenner as Kara Westfield | Bill Heck as Jonah Westfield | Matt Levin as Tim Lancaster | Hal Ozsan as Wyatt Brody | Nick Von Esmarch as Andrew O'Malley | Alexandra Barreto as Giselle Fernandez |
Co-Guest Stars: Susane Lee as Jamie | Cindy Drummond as Lynne | John L. Curtis (1) as ND Agent | Justin Alston as Nyak Policeman

153 :07x17 - Voir Dire

While working on a high profile civil case, a trial consultant vanishes. Jack and Sam learn how to make adjustments as Brian and Finn spend more time together.
Guest Stars: Jordan Bridges as Zack Phelps | Damon Andrews as Reporter | Joy Bisco as Gina | Peter Van Norden as Arnold Jackson | Vanessa Marcil as Kim Marcus | Vanessa Marano as Hanna Malone | Alison La Placa as Mary Whiman | Marc Jablon as Adam Miller | Charlie Hofheimer as Chris White | Larisa Oleynik as Liza Miller | Juan Monsalvez as Cop | Adam Kaufman as Brian Donovan | Ren Hanami as Neighbor | Elise Muller as Woman At Bar | Emad Tarabay as Bobby Elber
Writer: Alicia Kirk

154 :07x18 - Daylight

The team believes a victims brother who was imprisoned for a serial rape is connected to a case of a missing psychologist. Elsewhere, Martin and Kim's relationship progresses.
Guest Stars: Adam Kaufman as Brian Donovan | Vanessa Marcil as Kim Marcus | Kristoffer Polaha as Justin Morgan | Vincent Ventresca as David Morgan | Emily Foxler as Monica Swall | Bess Meyer as Marci Simpkins | Emily Stockert as Woman |
Co-Guest Stars: Jim Titus as NYPD Patrolman | Roberto Sanchez as Don McPherson | Brian Leckner as Simon "Butch" Jackson | Michael Tower as Joe | John L. Curtis (1) as ND Agent | Bahni Turpin as Shannon
Director: Jeff Thomas

155 :07x19 - Heartbeats

The team has a lengthy list of suspects in the disappearance of a Russian matchmaker.
Guest Stars: Ivana Milicevic as Lana | Stelio Savante as Dimitri | Ilia Volok as Yuri | Jonno Roberts as Garth Hogan | Yorgo Constantine as Grisha | Annie Abrams as Valerie |
Co-Guest Stars: Sonia Maria Martin as ER Doctors | Lesley Fera as Cynthia | Chris Connor (1) as Jake | Lindsay Taylor as Young Lana | Matthew Robert Gottlieb as Dr. Marsh | James Ryen as NYPD Cop | John L. Curtis (1) as ND Agent
Director: Martha Mitchell
Writer: Tom Donaghy

156 :07x20 - Hard Landing

The team has to find a billionaire's son who disappears while piloting a plane which crashes in a wooded area.
Guest Stars: Adriana Demeo as Lucy | Vanessa Marcil as Kim Marcus | Heath Freeman as Keith Baldwin | Kathleen Munroe as Natalia Baldwin | Mike Farrell as Ross Baldwin | Ivan Allen as Sheriff Briggs | Brian Klugman as Josh Haber | John Cabrera as Bill Mesler | Jesse D. Goins as Det. Frank Bensinger | Nick Searcy as Wayne Vogel | Sonya Leslie as Susan Roning | Emma Bates as Stacy Haber
Writer: David Rapp

157 :07x21 - Labyrinths

A reporter writes an expose on a corrupt politician and then disappears shortly after.
Guest Stars: Adriana Demeo as Lucy | Nicholle Tom as Molly Samson | Adam Kaufman as Brian Donovan | Steve Bannos as Barkeep | Dorian Gregory as Man | Ted Garcia as Newscaster | Nicholas Lea as Raymond Walsh Balaclava | Sarah Aldrich as Elizabeth Walsh | Annie Burgstede as Cailyn Samson | Christopher T. Wood as Evan Hewell | Rose Abdoo as Rachel Gomez | Theresa Della Valle as Orderly Jimmy | David Hudson as Dr. Ken Buford | Brian Gant as Bill Synder | Mircea Monroe as Isabella Tyler | Melanie MacQueen as Agitated Woman
Director: Jonathan Kaplan

158 :07x22 - Devotion

The team searches for a missing teen who's abductor left behind an amateur tape with her appearing on it.
Guest Stars: Adriana Demeo as Lucy | Evan Lai as Agent Alex Chen | Jessika Van as Stacey Tan | David Huynh as Frankie Jones | Lauren Tom as Kim Tan | George Cheung as Yang Jian | Susan Chuang as LI Jones | Matt Roth as Teddy Jones | James Harvey Ward as Patrick Gravich | Tyler Poelle as Darren | Jeremy Roberts as Dave Connor | Lucille Soong as Mrs. Deng | Jeff Roop as Mike Mason | Laura Stone as Rebecca Mason | Ray Auxais as Street vendor | Mirron E. Willis as Swat team leader
Director: John Polson

159 :07x23 - True

Hannah's boyfriend runs away to New York to be with her, but disappears along the way.
Guest Stars: Kendall Schmidt as Shay Hanson | Adam Kaufman as Brian Donovan | Deborah Van Valkenburgh as Margot | Vanessa Marano as Hannah Malone | Alex Feldman as Johnny Pomransky | Peter Spellos as Vic | Bryan M. Thompson as Charlie Wilkens | Christopher Close as ND Agent | Roberta Hanlen as Mrs. Hanson | Wendy Makkena as Jubliee | Sean Persaud as Mac | Adrian Alvarado as Cop
Director: Eric Close

160 :07x24 - Undertow

The agents search for a man who disappears during a ocean dive late one night. Meanwhile, Danny and Elena's relationship strengthens.
Guest Stars: Kenneth Mitchell as Derek Wilson | Alicia Leigh Willis as Marie Feretti | Gattlin Griffith as Travis Feretti | Adam Kaufman as Brian Donovan | Vanessa Marano as Hannah Malone | Dominic Flores as Andrew Reese | Samantha Adams (1) as Social worker | Amanda Tepe as Kelly | Loanne Bishop as Mrs. Feretti | Stacy Kesten as ND Agent | Martin Landau as Frank Malone
Director: Jeannot Szwarc