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Wizards of Waverly Place: Crazy Ten Minute Sale

Alex wishes to go to the Crazy 10 Minute Sale, but her plans take a detour when her father doesn’t allow her to drop magic lessons. In order to go anyway, she decides to duplicate herself, but Max’s new wand has some weird powers that can control Alex and her duplicate. Meanwhile, Max and Justin both struggle to keep Jerry from finding out that they broke his precious wand.

Episode Info  

Episode number: 1x1
Production Number: 102
Airdate: Friday October 12th, 2007
Special Airtime: 09:30 pm

Alternate Airdates:

UK (Channel 5) Oct 04, 2009

Guest Stars
Skyler SamuelsSkyler Samuels
As Gigi

Co-Guest Stars
Amanda TepeAmanda Tepe
As Store Manager
Heather TrzynaHeather Trzyna
As Wannabe #1
Kelsey SandersKelsey Sanders
As Wannabe #2
Moe JimenezMoe Jimenez
As Student
Main Cast
David DeLuiseDavid DeLuise
As Jerry Russo
Maria CanalsMaria Canals
As Theresa Russo
Jake T. AustinJake T. Austin
As Max Russo
David HenrieDavid Henrie
As Justin Russo
Selena GomezSelena Gomez
As Alex Russo
Jennifer StoneJennifer Stone
As Harper Finkle
Episode Notes
Spells: Edgebono utoosis - The ability to duplicate any object.

Episode Quotes
Alex: The crazy ten minute sale!
Jerry: The crazy what?
Alex: Every year this cool clothing store, Suburban Outfitters, has this crazy sale for 10 minutes where they practically give stuff away and...
Jerry: (points remote to Alex) Boo Boop.
Alex: What are you doing?
Jerry: Fast-fowarding to the part where the sale is more important than the magic lesson.
Alex: Well, Gigi's gonna be there.
Jerry: Who's Gigi?
Alex: Don't you remember my enemy since kindergarten when she spilled juice on my mat during nap time and told everyone I had an accident?
Jerry: (sarcastically) This is facinating. Tell me more.

Max: What's the big deal? They're rabbits. Wait 5 minutes and they'll duplicate by themselves.

Harper: What happened to you two? Picked your noses so hard they fell off?

Episode Goofs
Although it may be an intended goof, Alex and Harper decide to begin saying "Gigi" backwards. Harper says "Gigi" backwards is still "Gigi", but it's actually "igiG".

Cultural References
Max: We're practicing for that new reality show, "Dancing With My Sister".

Although the show Max is talking about is fake, it is a parody of "Dancing With The Stars", the popular dancing competition currently airing on ABC in the United States.

Harper: Relax, I sent her (Theresa) down the block to find some Tappuccino's.

There's no such thing as a Tappuccino, but the name is a parody of the popular Italian coffee drink called Cappuccino. Later on, Theresa does find it and describes it as "steemed milk with tap water".

Episode References
This episode marks the first time we see (and hear) about Harper's clothing style, which always includes lots of fruits or vegetables.

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