Season 3

36 :03x01 - My Teenage Idol Is Missing

A kidnapper nabs a teen-age singing idol and demands a two million dollar ransom.
Guest Stars: Michael Baseleon as Morley | Herman Poppe as Body Guard | Leif Garrett as Lane/Michael | Albert Paulsen as Crichton | Dawn Lyn as Whitney | Lanny Duncan as Cabbie | Robert Patten as Benjamin Springfield | Michael Lerner as Ashton Ripley | Suzanne Crough as Girl #2 | Abbie Wolfson as Girl #1 | David Ellis (2) as Ludwig | Tony Brubaker (1) as Sampson | Michele Laurita as Girl #3
Director: Seymour Robbie
Writer: Anne Collins

37 :03x02 - Hot Wheels

I.A.D.C agent Diana Prince tracks down a "wanted woman" the winged-nymph hood ornament of a smuggled Rolls Royce, which hides a roll of top-secret microfilm, but along the way finds herself wanted — dead or alive.
Guest Stars: Peter Brown (1) as Tim Bolt | Lance LeGault as Otis Fiskle | Frank Doubleday as Van Driver | John Lawrence as Foreman | Marc Ross as Slim | Fuddle Bagley as Shadow | John Durren as Alfie | Don Mitchell as Dr. Samson
Director: Dick Moder
Writer: Dennis Landa

38 :03x03 - The Deadly Sting

A scientist has invented a drugged dart that causes an individual, once hit by the dart, to act in an irrational manner that is totally opposite to their normal demeanor. With a mob boss looking to use the dart for influencing the outcome of a footbal game, Wonder Woman must save the scientist from his clutches and stop his plan. Wonder Woman tries to prove that college football players are being subconsciously manipulated to "throw" important games.
Guest Stars: Marvin Miller as Beamer | Scott Marlowe as Angie | Danny Dayton as Louis The Lithuanian | Ron Ely as Bill Michaels | Harvey Jason as Professor Brubaker | Roman Gabriel as Football Player #1 | Deacon Jones as Football Player #2 | Gil Stratton as Announcer | Bob Minor as Nick | Craig T. Nelson as Sam | Laurence McCutcheon as Football Player #3 | Eddie Alan Bell (1) as Football Player #4 | Frank Downing as Bartender | Bobbie Bartosh as Gilda | Luise Heath as Phyllis
Director: Alan Crosland
Writer: Dick Nelson

39 :03x04 - The Fine Art of Crime

Wonder Woman investigates a series of robberies that happen at museums and private homes that have amazingly lifelike statues. Can the heroine discover who is behind the crimes before its too late?
Guest Stars: Joe E. Tata as Joe | Ed Begley, Jr. as Harold Farnum | Michael McGuire as Moreaux | Roddy McDowall as Henry Roberts | Gavin MacLeod as Mr. Ellsworth | Tom Kratochvil as Irac | Patti MacLeod as Mrs. Ellsworth
Director: Dick Moder
Writer: Anne Collins

40 :03x05 - Disco Devil

A "psychic vampire," who takes secrets from the minds of nuclear engineers, threatens the nation's security.
Special Guest Stars: Russell Johnson as Colonel (Special Appearance by) | Wolfman Jack as Infra Red |
Guest Stars: Paul Sand as Del Franklin | Ellen Weston as Angelique | Kerry Sherman as Kathy Munro | Victor Mohica as Lance | Robert F. Hoy as Norman (as Bob Hoy) | Michael Delano as Nick Moreno |
Co-Guest Stars: Tom Kratochvil as Irac | Robert Dunlap as Andrew Borden | Frank McRae as Foreman | Dennis Stewart as Kerwin | Linda Fernandez as Female Dancer | Betty A. Bridges as Receptionist

41 :03x06 - Formicida

As Wonder Woman, Lynda Carter confronts the queen of the army ants. As the Amazon princess, Wonder Woman uses an arsenal of devices, including her bullet-deflecting bracelets, to combat crime.
Guest Stars: Robert Alda as Harcourt | Stan Haze as Cawley | James Nolan as Watchman | Robert Shields as Doug | Lorene Yarnell as Formicida | Ben Young as Chemist | Carol Carrington (1) as Receptionist | Frank Farmer as Foreman | Neil Elliot as Male Secretary
Director: Alan Crosland

42 :03x07 - Time Bomb

A woman travels from Earth's future to the present day with the idea of making herself rich using her knowledge of what is to come. A man from her era follows her to stop her potential interference and, with the aid of Wonder Woman, prevent a major disaster.
Guest Stars: Ted Shackelford as Adam | Allan Miller (1) as Reynolds | Tom Kratochvil as Irac | Joan Van Ark as Cassandra | Ivan Naranjo as Foreman | Fredd Wayne as J. J. MacConnell | Gwenn Mitchell as Guide | Rene Levant as Guard | Ted Hamaguchi as Ellis | Ernie Orsatti as Reves
Director: Seymour Robbie

43 :03x08 - Skateboard Wiz

A ruthless mobster wants to turn the sleepy town of Santa Corona into gambling casinos and uses Diana Prince's teenage goddaughter, a skateboard champion, as his lever for blackmail.
Guest Stars: Abraham Alvarez as Lieutenant | John Reilly as Skye | Eric Braeden as Donalsen | Grace Gaynor as Leslie | Ron Masak as Duane | Art Metrano as Friedman | James Ray as John Key | Neil Flanagan as Ketchum | Peter Wise as Kevin | David Cadiente as Chuck | Cindy Eilbacher as Jamie

44 :03x09 - The Deadly Dolphin

A trained dolphin is kidnapped, strapped with explosives and sent on a deadly radio-controlled mission to sink an oil tanker and spill 500,00 barrels of crude oil onto the California coast.
Guest Stars: Brian Tochi as Darrell | Gregory Chase as The Captain | Tom Kratochvil as Irac | Nicolas Coster as Silas Lockhart | Britt Leach as Billy | Albert Popwell as Gaffer | Michael Stroka as Henry | Penelope Windust as Dr. Sylvia Stubbs | Macon McCalman as Goodspeed | Paul Tuerpé as CPO | Colin Hamilton as The Admiral

45 :03x10 - Stolen Faces

Wonder Woman uncovers a plot to steal millions of dollars in jewels from wealthy partygoers by impersonating her and her IDAC colleagues.

Diana Prince's I.A.D.C. investigations of a Wonder
Woman impostor — but a heroic one — lead her into
the world of haute couture and a bizarre scheme involving yet another bogus Wonder Woman, on "The
New Adventures of Wonder Woman," starring Lynda.
When someone dressed exactly like Wonder Woman
risks death to save the life of a child, she is injured and lapses into a coma.
Diana soon learns that the ersatz Amazon is a model
trained in stunt work. But why? Diana's investigations end up at a fashion show featuring both Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor look-alikes — but these Impostor's game is not heroism, but mayhem.
Guest Stars: John O'Connell (2) as Todd Daniels | Joseph Maher as Edgar Percy | Kenneth Tigar as John Austin | Bob Seagren as Roman | Tom Kratochvil as Irac | Diane Lander (1) as Nancy | Murray MacLeod as Doctor | Al White as Sergeant Cline | Daryle Ann Lindley as Nurse | Harold Pruett as Boy | Catherine Campbell (1) as Leslie

46 :03x11 - Pot of Gold

Diana looks to recover a set of printing plates capable of producing high quality counterfeit currency. She is aided by a strange Irish cobbler, who may be one of the legendary leprechauns.
Guest Stars: Dick O'Neill as Pat | Brian Davies as Thackery | Arthur Batanides as Maxwell | Steve-Allie Collura as Bonelli | Tom Kratochvil as Irac | Sherrie Wills as Lisa | Ric DiAngelo as Rancher | Jeanne Bates as Mrs. Walls | Jaime Tirelli as Gino | Gary Epper as Courier
Director: Gordon Hessler

47 :03x12 - Gault's Brain

A powerful and wealthy businessman is presumed dead but lives on as a disembodied brain. He plans to have his brain transplanted into the body of a young man against his wishes. Wonder Woman must stop this evil plan from being carried out.....
Guest Stars: Floyd Levine as Stryker | Cathie Shirriff as Tara London | Erik Stern as Turk | Peter Mark Richman as Dr. Crippin | John Carradine as Gault | Tom Kratochvil as Irac | David Mason Daniels as Morton Danzig | Ari Sorko-Ram as Berger
Director: Gordon Hessler
Story: John Gaynor | Teleplay: Arthur Weingarten

48 :03x13 - Going, Going, Gone

A black-market warhead recovered from a Russian jet is up for sale to the highest bidder.
Guest Stars: Mako as Mr. Brown | Bo Brundin as Zukov | Charlie Brill as Mr. Smith | Kaz Garas as Lucas | Milton Selzer as Captain Louie | Marc Lawrence (1) as Mr. Jones | Hari Rhodes as Como | Fil Formicola as Heavy | Jan-Ivan Dorin as Pilot | Jim Stein as Officer
Director: Alan Crosland

49 :03x14 - Spaced Out

Wonder Woman must recover a set of powerful crystals stolen by a cunning cat burglar, who is using a science fiction convention to cover his tracks.
Guest Stars: Rene Auberjonois as Kimball | Steven Anderson (1) as Sylvester | Candy Ann Brown as Janet | Peter Marc Jacobson as Brad | Lester C. Fletcher as Desk Clerk | J.J. Johnston as Security Guard | Paul L. Smith as Simon Rohan | Rex Riley as Fan | Ken Wilson (1) as Black Avenger | George Cheung as Mr. Munn
Director: Ivan Dixon

50 :03x15 - The Starships Are Coming

A mysterious alien attack has been reported over the local television of a small rural town and has the citizens, as well as the military, in an uproar. It's up to Wonder Woman to fins out the truth behind te incident before things get out of control.....
Guest Stars: Jeffrey Byron as Henry Wilson | David White (1) as The General | Tom Kratochvil as Irac | Tim O'Connor as Colonel Robert Elliot | James Coleman (1) as The Aide | Frank Whiteman as Newsman | Andrew Duggan as Mason Steele | Sheryl Lee Ralph as Bobbie | Doris Dowling as Mrs. Wilson | Jack Kissell as Alien | Walt Davis as Guard | Mario Machado as The Reporter | Lilibet Stern as Mary Lou | Ben Chandler as General | Marlena Giovi as Woman
Director: Alan Crosland

51 :03x16 - Amazon Hot Wax

Diana Prince goes undercover as a popular singer to crack a record extortion ring.
Guest Stars: Curtis Credel as Eric | Robert F. Hoy as Marty | Sarah Purcell as Barbi | Judge Reinhold as Jeff | Martin Speer as Billy Dero | Rick Springfield as Anton | Danil Torppe as Jerry | Katherine Woodville as Kobler | Gene Krischer as Jim the Engineer | Michael Botts as Kim
Director: Ray Austin

52 :03x17 - The Richest Man in the World

Wonder Woman stops the black market sale of a super-secret missile guidance systems scrambling device and thus avoids an international incident.
Guest Stars: Tom Kratochvil as Irac | Jeremy Slate as Marshall Henshaw | Roger Perry as Dunfield | Del Monroe as Thug | Carmen Zapata as The Prime Minister | Barry Miller (1) as Barney | Marlyn Mason as Lucy | Buck Young as Foreman | Bobby Baum as Cab Driver | Joe Warfield as IADC Officer | Joseph G. Medalis as Lab Man | Charles Young (1) as Ambulance Attendant
Director: Don McDougall

53 :03x18 - A Date with Doomsday

Wonder Woman rescues a vial of potentially catastrophic virus which was stolen from a government laboratory and saves tens of thousands of lives.
Guest Stars: Bob Hastings as George | Patrick Cranshaw as Codger | Tom Kratochvil as Irac | Donnelly Rhodes as Ward Selkirk | Taaffe O'Connell as Val | John O'Leary as Dr. Roberts | Arthur Malet as Professor Zander | Hermione Baddeley as Mrs. Thrip | John Garwood as Guard | Carol Vogel as Dede | Michael Hoit as Blake | Colette Bertrand as Claudine

54 :03x19 - The Girl with a Gift for Disaster

Bonnie Murphy, a young woman with a gift for disaster, becomes an unwitting "jinx" as an accomplice in the theft of priceless historical documents.
Guest Stars: Tom Kratochvil as Irac | Jane Actman as Bonnie | Ina Balin as Dr. Koren | Dick Butkus as Neil | Charles Haid as Bob Baker | Raymond St. Jacques as Mayfield | James Sloyan as Mark Reuben | Renee Brown as Joan | Dulcie Jordan as Receptionist
Director: Alan Crosland

55 :03x20 - The Boy Who Knew Her Secret (1)

Diana Prince, investigating a strange alien force in a small suburban community, is seen whirling into Wonder Woman by a young boy.
Guest Stars: Michael J. Shannon as Cameron | John Milford as Mr. Keller | Tegan West as Pete Pearson | Lenora May as Melanie | Bert Remsen as Dr. Jaffe | Clark Brandon as Skip | Joyce Greenwood as Mrs. Keller | A.J. Blake as Sunny
Writer: Anne Collins

56 :03x21 - The Boy Who Knew Her Secret (2)

With a boy knowing that she is really Diana Prince Wonder Woman continues her battle against a mysterious alien invasion.
Guest Stars: Michael J. Shannon as Cameron | John Milford as Mr. Keller | Tegan West as Pete Pearson | Lenora May as Melanie | Bert Remsen as Dr. Jaffe | Clark Brandon as Skip | Joyce Greenwood as Mrs. Keller | A.J. Blake as Sunny | Tim Rossovich as Beast Man
Writer: Anne Collins

57 :03x22 - The Man Who Could Not Die

Diana moves to her new location in Los Angeles as part of that city's IADC division. However, she is barely moved in before Wonder Woman must discover the truth behind a man that is seemingly immune to physical harm. The heroine also learns that she is not the only one interested in the man....
Guest Stars: John Aprea as Dupris | John Durren as Dale Hawthorn | Robert Sampson (1) as Dr. Akers | Bob Seagren as Bret Cassiday | Brian Davies as Joseph Reichman | Sherry Miles as Admissions Clerk | Hal Frederick as The Professor | James Bond III as T. Burton Phipps III | Douglas Broyles as Mover
Director: John Newland
Writer: Anne Collins

58 :03x23 - Phantom of the Roller Coaster (1)

Diana Prince poses as a double agent and encounters an enemy of the United States who sells governments secrets.
Guest Stars: Jared Martin as David and Leon Gurney | Marc Alaimo as Pierce | Ike Eisenmann as Randy | Fred Lerner as Kirk | Joseph Sirola as Harrison Fynch | Jessica Rains as Secretary | Mike Kopcha as Sergeant | Craig Littler as Thorpe | Jocelyn Sommers as Ms. Patrick | Judith Christopher as Receptionist
Director: John Newland
Writer: Anne Collins

59 :03x24 - Phantom of the Roller Coaster (2)

Wonder Woman's strength, ability and quick action saves hundreds of people from a disastrous accident at an amusement park.
Guest Stars: Jared Martin as David and Leon Gurney | Marc Alaimo as Pierce | Ike Eisenmann as Randy | Fred Lerner as Kirk | Joseph Sirola as Harrison Fynch | Jocelyn Sommers as Ms. Patrick | Jessica Rains as Secretary | Mike Kopcha as Sergeant
Director: John Newland
Writer: Anne Collins
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Action | Adventure | Super Heroes
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: CBS ( USA)
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: April 21, 1976
Ended: September 11, 1979
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