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Accidents happen. Cleaning up the mess isn’t for the faint of heart. Be on the scene with the crew from O’Hare Towing as they put their lives on the double-yellow line. Meet Chicago’s toughest towing family living life in the crash lane. Ride with the brave crew of O’Hare towing. Hear real stories. Witness real danger. Discover the untold side of the business of towing and get hooked on WRECKED, Life in the Crash Lane. (Source: SpeedTV)

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Prev: 2x20 -- Death Defying and Deadly (Sep/10/2009)

Bill GratziannaBill Gratzianna
As Himself (Owner/Operator)
Dwight LeeDwight Lee
As Himself (Operator - Truck #607)
Javier PuentesJavier Puentes
As Himself (Operator - Truck #307)
Joey GratziannaJoey Gratzianna
As Himself (Shop Manager/Operator)
Marci GratziannaMarci Gratzianna
As Herself (Vice President)
Mike TrykowskiMike Trykowski
As Himself (Operator - Truck #310)


Reviews: 1

I do agree with the over kill of equipment however if a heavy is closer than a light duty,well go for it. I have been in the towing and recovery industry for almost 10 years and I am verry pleased on how O'hare towing has set the bar for our industry. the show is extreamly entertaining and i have customers allways ask "have you seen that show wrecked?' all the guys at our company can not wait till next season. I would like to see a REAL towing company. without the shiny trucks and all the hype. A rotator is not all its cracked up to be . I want r see some work with a 9055 on a 110 degree day and roll over a LOADED tractor trailer. as for the Ohare boys GREAT JOB and you have our support go get em guys. As for a previous post dont waist your time with big uns towing. they have only done 1 accident and only have been in operation for a year mabe 2 . there are a copple of boys down here that truly know what they are doing and have done it for years. Barnetts Towing and Frontier Towing thoes two companys know their stuff. hundreds of accidents under their belts. great job speed and ohare be careful out tere Read more

Review posted on Monday, December 15th 2008 at 3:48 am


Reviews: 1
using too big of equipement for the jobRating: 0 likes, 2 dislikes

The show is entertaining but I have to tell you We had to laugh at the equipment being used on some of these jobs, we have a towing company, and I tell you what ,we watched the episode of bringing the little car over the guard rail and let me tell you , this could have been done with a flatbed wrecker reaching over the rail and sucking this car up on it. They would have gotten laughed out of Texas doing what they did with a HEAVY DUTY, I would love to see the cost of that tow bill. Here the cost would have been $225.00, what do you think that one was? You need to go to Tucson Arizona if you want to see some HEAVY DUTY TRUCKS in action, Go visit Big 'Uns Towing, let them show you what they do over all those mountains and cliffs. They also have small tow trucks, whatever size is needed is what they use, but they can show you some action. They impressed us being a towing co. ourselves when we hired them on a Semi accident one of our truck drivers had in Texas Canyon outside of Tucson, Arizona, they know their stuff. Read more

Review posted on Sunday, August 3rd 2008 at 5:31 pm

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