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Yard Crashers

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 Season 1(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
1 1x01 07/Apr/2008 Backyard Cabana
2 1x02 14/Apr/2008 Poker Patio
3 1x03 21/Apr/2008 Backyard Bocci
4 1x04 28/Apr/2008 Pool Patio
5 1x05 05/May/2008 Rock Yard
6 1x06 12/May/2008 Outdoor Theater
7 1x07 19/May/2008 Floating Deck
8 1x08 26/May/2008 Side Yard Swing
9 1x09 02/Jun/2008 Front Door Facelift
10 1x10 09/Jun/2008 Backyard Bar
11 1x11 23/Jun/2008 Draining Patio
12 1x12 30/Jun/2008 Mediterranean Patio
13 1x13 30/Jul/2008 Pizza Patio

 Season 2(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
14 2x01 00//2009 Bamboo Jungle
15 2x02 00//2009 Galvanized Gazebo
16 2x03 00//2009 Small-Space Concrete
17 2x04 00//2009 Rustic Country Patio
18 2x05 00//2009 Backyard Brewery
19 2x06 00//2009 Hot-Tub Hub
20 2x07 00//2009 Sleepy Creek Bed
21 2x08 00//2009 Gravel Table
22 2x09 00//2009 BBQ Island
23 2x10 00//2009 Barn Deck
24 2x11 00//2009 Mosaic Patio
25 2x12 00//2009 Backyard Living Room
26 2x13 00//2009 Ultimate French Drain

 Season 3(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
27 3x01 00//2009 Outdoor Fireplace
28 3x02 00//2009 Outdoor Shower
29 3x03 00//2009 Island Waterfall
30 3x04 00//2009 Colorful Steel Arbor
31 3x05 00//2009 Modern Putting Green
32 3x06 00//2009 Modern Fire Wall
33 3x07 00//2009 Chess Board Patio
34 3x08 00//2009 Pagoda Shed
35 3x09 00//2009 Tropical Pond Oasis
36 3x10 00//2009 Carribean Cabana
37 3x11 09/Dec/2009 Woodsy Spa Retreat
38 3x12 16/Dec/2009 Snack Shack
39 3x13 23/Dec/2009 Holiday Lights
40 3x14 30/Dec/2009 Disney Epcot

 Season 4(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
41 4x01 08/Apr/2010 Double Grill Island
42 4x02 15/Apr/2010 Cobble Driveway Patio
43 4x03 22/Apr/2010 A River Runs Through It
44 4x04 29/Apr/2010 Perogla Seat Wall
45 4x05 07/May/2010 Industrial Metal Bar
46 4x06 14/May/2010 Vegas Water Table
47 4x07 21/May/2010 Waterfall Grill
48 4x08 28/May/2010 Urban Spa Deck
49 4x09 04/Jun/2010 Eco-Friendly Outdoor Kitchen
50 4x10 11/Jun/2010 Water Fire Wall
51 4x11 18/Jun/2010 BBQ Island
52 4x12 25/Jun/2010 TBA
53 4x13 02/Jul/2010 TBA

 Season 5(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
54 5x01 07/Apr/2011 Rocking Atlanta
55 5x02 14/Apr/2011 Moroccan Arbor Lounge
56 5x03 21/Apr/2011 Triple Decker
57 5x04 28/Apr/2011 Swim Up Margarita Bar
58 5x05 05/May/2011 Bali Escape
59 5x06 12/May/2011 Backyard Balcony
60 5x07 19/May/2011 Yard with a View
61 5x08 26/May/2011 Colonial Hillside Redo
62 5x09 02/Jun/2011 Light-Up Onyx Bar
63 5x10 09/Jun/2011 Vegas Splash Pad

 Season 6(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
64 6x01 16/Jun/2011 Creek Bed Party Deck
65 6x02 23/Jun/2011 Rose Parade
66 6x03 30/Jun/2011 Artistic Retreat
67 6x04 04/Jul/2011 Modern Recyled Retreat
68 6x05 05/Jul/2011 Backyard Boulder Bash
69 6x06 06/Jul/2011 Floating Decks
70 6x07 07/Jul/2011 Modern Backyard Design
71 6x08 08/Jul/2011 Mexican Party Backyard
72 6x09 11/Aug/2011 Private Brick Patio Paradise
73 6x10 18/Aug/2011 Elegant Outdoor Living
74 6x11 25/Aug/2011 Modern Asian Living
75 6x12 01/Sep/2011 Chef's Special
76 6x13 08/Sep/2011 Modern California Retreat

 Season 7(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
77 7x01 02/Apr/2012 Tudor to Thai
78 7x02 09/Apr/2012 Playground Paradise
79 7x03 16/Apr/2012 Old World Pergola
80 7x04 23/Apr/2012 Outdoor Party Place
81 7x05 30/Apr/2012 Surfer Shangri-La
82 7x06 07/May/2012 Modern Tahoe
83 7x07 14/May/2012 Mexican Resort Retreat
84 7x08 21/May/2012 Italian Villa Vista
85 7x09 28/May/2012 California Outdoor Room
86 7x10 04/Jun/2012 Tropical Paradise
87 7x11 09/Jul/2012 Tampa Party Pad
88 7x12 10/Jul/2012 Infinity Edge Bar
89 7x13 11/Jul/2012 Hillside Terrace
93 7x17 13/Aug/2012 Rustic Mexican Riviera

 Season 8(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
90 8x01 12/Jul/2012 The San Francisco Treat
91 8x02 13/Jul/2012 Boston Backyard Theatre
92 8x03 06/Aug/2012 Play Ball
94 8x04 13/Aug/2012 Rustic Mexican Riviera
95 8x05 20/Aug/2012 Upcycling the Backyard Space
96 8x06 27/Aug/2012 Woodland Retreat
97 8x07 03/Sep/2012 Cozy Cottage
98 8x08 10/Sep/2012 Cabo Chic
99 8x09 24/Sep/2012 Up-cycle and Upscale
100 8x10 01/Oct/2012 100th Episode: Matt Crashes Blog Cabin 2012
101 8x11 08/Oct/2012 Tranquil Stay-cation
102 8x12 15/Oct/2012 Urban Yard Greening
103 8x13 22/Oct/2012 Lush Landscape and Garden Art
104 8x14 25/Nov/2012 A Music Lover's Holiday Yard

 Season 9(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
105 9x01 01/Apr/2013 Modern Tuscany
106 9x02 08/Apr/2013 Balinese Tropical Paradise
107 9x03 15/Apr/2013 Rustic Tuscany
108 9x04 22/Apr/2013 Country French
109 9x05 29/Apr/2013 Backyard View
110 9x06 06/May/2013 Yard Crashers
111 9x07 13/May/2013 Family Friendly Getaway
112 9x08 20/May/2013 Country French Backyard
113 9x09 27/May/2013 Rustic Meets Yoga Retreat
114 9x10 03/Jun/2013 Retro Chic
115 9x11 10/Jun/2013 Italian Inspired Outdoor Room
116 9x12 17/Jun/2013 Redwood Back Yard
117 9x13 01/Jul/2013 Putt and Party Yard
118 9x14 08/Jul/2013 Vegas Gabion Getaway
119 9x15 08/Jul/2013 Modern Outdoor Party Yard
120 9x16 08/Jul/2013 Floating Deck Party Yard
121 9x17 22/Jul/2013 Party Pavilion
122 9x18 22/Jul/2013 Woodland River Retreat

 Season 10(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
123 10x01 01/Jul/2013 Putt and Party Yard
124 10x02 01/Jul/2013 Modern Concrete Back Yard
125 10x03 08/Jul/2013 Vegas Gabion Getaway
126 10x04 08/Jul/2013 Modern Outdoor Party Yard
127 10x05 08/Jul/2013 Floating Deck Party Yard
128 10x06 22/Jul/2013 Party Pavilion
129 10x07 22/Jul/2013 Woodland River Retreat
130 10x08 26/Aug/2013 Backyard Secret Garden
131 10x09 26/Aug/2013 Rustic Pallet Retreat
132 10x10 02/Sep/2013 Old World Stone Wall Patio
133 10x11 02/Sep/2013 Elegant Chill Pad
134 10x12 02/Sep/2013 Backyard Hot Rods
135 10x13 07/Apr/2014 Zen Retreat
136 10x14 07/Apr/2014 Spa Retreat

 Season 11(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
0 11x00 Unknown Rustic Country
137 11x01 14/Apr/2014 Yard Crashers Visits Blog Cabin
138 11x02 14/Apr/2014 Bamboo Oasis
139 11x03 21/Apr/2014 Shady Oasis
140 11x04 21/Apr/2014 Wine Barrel Haven
141 11x05 28/Apr/2014 Contemporary Grids
142 11x06 28/Apr/2014 Cabo Daybed
143 11x07 05/May/2014 Napa Valley Tuscan Transformation
144 11x08 05/May/2014 Shady Doghouse
145 11x09 12/May/2014 Backyard Living Wall
146 11x10 19/May/2014 A Giant of a Yard Crash
147 11x11 26/May/2014 Rustic Edible Yard
148 11x12 11/Aug/2014 Barn Meets Backyard
149 11x13 11/Aug/2014 Modern Dart Den

 Season 12(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
150 12x01 12/May/2014 Rustic Outdoor Kitchen
151 12x02 07/Jul/2014 Private Dining Patio
152 12x03 07/Jul/2014 Modern Zen Fusion
153 12x04 14/Jul/2014 Modern Urban Oasis
154 12x05 14/Jul/2014 Beach Resort Backyard
155 12x06 21/Jul/2014 Modern Heavy Metal
156 12x07 21/Jul/2014 Open and Airy Sanctuary
157 12x08 28/Jul/2014 Charming Southern Retreat
158 12x09 28/Jul/2014 Eclectic Dining Space
159 12x10 04/Aug/2014 Rustic in the Redwoods
160 12x11 04/Aug/2014 Outdoor Movie Lounge
161 12x12 18/Aug/2014 Vintage Hillside

 Season 13(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
162 13x01 06/Apr/2014 Outdoor Racing Room
163 13x02 06/Apr/2015 Floating Zen Table
164 13x03 13/Apr/2015 Tuscan Terrace
165 13x04 20/Apr/2015 Rustic Farmhouse Chic
166 13x05 04/May/2015 Rustic Vinyl Lounge
167 13x06 11/May/2015 Hawaiian Paradise
168 13x07 18/May/2015 Contemporary Bi-level Patio
169 13x08 25/May/2015 Woodsy Hideaway
170 13x09 01/Jun/2015 Yard Crashers Visits Blog Cabin in Central Florida
171 13x10 08/Jun/2015 Funky Food and Music Lounge
172 13x11 15/Jun/2015 Traditional Country Deck

 Season 14(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
173 14x01 20/Jun/2015 Mid Century Modern Makeover
174 14x02 27/Jun/2015 Beachy Outdoor Kitchen
175 14x03 06/Jul/2015 Mountain Retreat
176 14x04 06/Jul/2015 Vintage Chic
177 14x05 13/Jul/2015 Bye Bye Above Ground Pool, Hello Raised Cabana Style Deck
178 14x06 13/Jul/2015 Waterfall Oasis
179 14x07 20/Jul/2015 Mid Century Modern Makeover
180 14x08 20/Jul/2015 Rustic Romantic Haven
181 14x09 27/Jul/2015 Boring Yard Becomes Rustic Retreat in Reno
182 14x10 27/Jul/2015 Urban Bar Hangout
183 14x11 03/Aug/2015 Beachy Outdoor Kitchen
184 14x12 03/Aug/2015 Modern Splash Bar
185 14x13 10/Aug/2015 Modern Rustica Outdoor Dining
186 14x14 10/Aug/2015 Rustic Party Gras
187 14x15 17/Aug/2015 New Orleans Crawfish Boil Courtyard

    Season 14 »
Classification: Reality
Genre: Educational | Family | Garden/Landscape | How To/Do It Yourself
Status: Returning Series
Network: diy network ( USA)
Airs: Mondays at 10:00 pm
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: April 07, 2008
Episode Order: 16
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