Season 6

108 :06x01 - The Radford Reshuffle

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Guest Stars: Ian Buchanan (1) as Paul
Director: Mark Cendrowski

110 :06x03 - Dominic's First Date

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Guest Stars: Vicki Lawrence as Natalie | Cooper Green as Young Greg | Thea Rose as Sawyer
Director: Mark Cendrowski

111 :06x04 - On Your Marks, Get Set, Mow

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Guest Stars: Brendon Baerg (2) as Logan Hughes | Madison Poer as Emily | Billy Gardell as Billy | Michael Lamar as Sam | Greg Biffle as Himself
Director: Mark Cendrowski

112 :06x05 - Barbecue

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Guest Stars: Heavy D as Charlie | Madison Poer as Emily | Tone Loc as Dave | Michael Lamar as Sam | Bill Cobbs as Counterman | Gregory Hinton as Big Guy
Director: Jeff Mayer (1)

113 :06x06 - Jimmy from the Block

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Guest Stars: Doreene L. Hamilton as Lisa | Virginia Hamilton as Fran | Jillian Bach as Tammy | Joseph Limbaugh as Richie | Richard Speight, Jr. as Frank | T.J. Jackson as Martin | Greg Comer as Will
Director: Jeff Meyer (1)
Writer: Eric Zicklin

114 :06x07 - Baby, Baby Not

Kim and Christine both decide they want another baby, which forces Greg and Jimmy to plead for abstinence
Guest Stars: David Ringwald as Husband #1 | Mark Cohen (1) as Husband #3 | Joseph D. Cipriano as TV Announcer | Patrick McCarthy as Doctor | Susan Moore (1) as Jen | Will Tiao as Husband #2
Director: Jeff Meyer (1)
Writer: Bob Stevens

115 :06x08 - Jimmy the Teacher

Jimmy finds a way to earn some extra money by teaching the kids on the block things their dads can't.
Guest Stars: Brendon Baerg (2) as Logan | Billy Gardell as Billy | Zack Duhame as Teenage Driver | Richard Speight, Jr. as Frank | Josiah Polhemus as Brian | David DeLuise as Dan | Karl Montgomery, Jr. (1) as Kid | Michael Lamar as Sam | Cesar Flores as Football Kid | Luke Pierce as Bicycle Kid | Markus Silbiger as Shaving Kid | J.D. Watt as Kite Flying Kid | Gary Pease as Fishing Kid
Director: Liza Snyder

116 :06x09 - Marital Aid

Greg and Jimmy benefit from a fellow husband who is rude to his wife by letting their wives see how good they have it.

When Greg and Kim have fellow parents, Howie and Joanne, over for dinner, they are shocked to see how terribly Howie treats Joanne. Seeing how it makes Kim spoil and appreciate him, Greg clues Jimmy in on the benefits of having Howie come over. But just when Greg and Jimmy are enjoying being waiting on by Kim and Christine, the women have Joanne over to set her straight -- ruining their master plan.
Guest Stars: Ryan Smith (1) as Host | Deborah Theaker as Joanne | Jeff Garlin as Howie
Director: Mark Cendrowski

117 :06x10 - Jimmy Sponsors a Vacation

Jimmy takes the family on vacation but his idea of a good time makes it less than five stars.

To repay Greg and Kim for everything they have done for he and Christine, Jimmy decides to treat the four of them to a weekend in Napa Valley. They are all excited to have a weekend away from the kids until they realize that Jimmy's idea of traveling on stand-by and using coupons makes them wonder if they'll ever leave the airport.
Guest Stars: Fernanda Motta as Attractive Woman
Director: Mark Cendrowski

118 :06x11 - Christine The Spy

Greg and Jimmy are pressured by their boss at Melrose Studios, Mr. Savitsky, to have Christine leak them information from their competition, Radford Studio, since she still works there. Christine refuses so Jimmy tries to trick her into divulging the important information. But Christine catches on to the plan and tries a little monkey business of her own.
Guest Stars: Brian Doyle-Murray as Mr. Savitsky | Lou Wagner as Mike Werle
Director: Miguel Higuera

119 :06x12 - Quitters Never Dance

Jimmy takes Logan to an after-school dance class and unwittingly gets roped into taking part in a dance production.
Guest Stars: Billy Gardell as Billy | Brendon Baerg (2) as Logan Hughes | Diana-Maria Riva as Miss McKenzie | Kealani Knickerbocker as Dancer #1 | Madison Meyers as Dancer #3 | Madonna Connors as Dancer #4 | Kimasha Williams as Dancer #5 | Amanda Ocampo as Dancer #6 | Lisa Marie Panagos as Mom #1 | Sharon Ferrol (1) as Mom #2 | Christine Krench as Mom #3 | Caitlin McClean Silver as Mom #4 | Kelleia Sheerin as Mom #5 | Renda Petti as Mom #6 | Elizabeth Small (2) as Dancer #2
Director: Jeff Meyer (1)

120 :06x13 - The Guinness World Record

When Jimmy finds out that Dominic didn't invite him to Career Day like he had done in the past, Jimmy worries that his son no longer finds his job cool. After failing to win back his son's adoration at the arcade, Jimmy decides he needs to earn a spot in the Guinness Book of World Records and is surprised when he finds out he has a talent for marshmallows and nose blowing.
Guest Stars: Brian Doyle-Murray as Mr. Savitsky | Billy Gardell as Billy | Brendon Baerg (2) as Logan Hughes | Phill Lewis as Roy | Ronna Jones as Woman's Voice | Anthony Lamar as Sammy Warner | Madison Poer as Emily Warner | Jay Kleckner as Rabi | Mark T.J. Lifrieri as Priest
Director: Jeff Mayer (1)

121 :06x14 - The Limo

Greg and Jimmy plan a romantic anniversary surprise for the girls that includes dinner at an upscale restaurant, a Rascal Flatts concert and a chauffeur-driven limo. Unfortunately, things don't go quite as planned.
Guest Stars: Jim Turner (2) as Leonard | Ryan Smith (1) as Maitre'd | Brian Doyle-Murray as Mr. Savitsky | Benjamin F. Neivert as Police Officer | David Ringwald as Fan #1 | Jeffrey Donovan as Fan #2 | Billy F. Gibbons as Himself | Vic Jacobs as Himself | Steve Hartman as Himself | Rascal Flatts as Themselves
Director: Jeff Meyer (1)

122 :06x15 - Should I Bring A Jacket?

Greg and Christine form an unofficial pact when they realize that Kim listens to everything Christine says and Jimmy follows Greg's advice over Christine's. But when Christine becomes uncomfortable and refuses to continue the scheme, Greg continues to manipulate Jimmy in an effort to make Christine's life miserable.
Guest Stars: Brendan Baerg (1) as Logan Hughes
Director: Mike O'Malley
Writer: Eric Zicklin