Welcome to Happy Harbor - Recap

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At a loading dock on the edge of town, smugglers unload cargo. Speedy arrives to interrupt them, and the men’s leader, the super-powered Brick, opens fire on the hero. Speedy fires back, and Robin, Aqualad, and Kid Flash arrive to help. As they fight, they tell Speedy about their new headquarters in the League’s old headquarters. Speedy finally takes down brick with a foam arrow, and tells the others that the League has created the new team as a joke to keep them in their place, and he wants no place on their team.

Robin and Wally teleport into Mount Justice to meet with the others. They all go outside and wait for Red Tornado to arrive. When the android superhero shows up, he tells them that there are no missions for them yet, and that they should spend time socializing. As he goes inside the cave, Miss Martian tries to read his mind but realizes that she can’t because he’s an inorganic. She apologizes, and Kid Flash flirts with her. Aqualad says they should tour the cave as a team, and Miss Martian and Superboy offer to show them around since they’re staying there. They look around and Robin explains that the cave was the League’s original headquarters until it was compromised. Now it’s used as a tourist attraction, and the new team’s secret headquarters.

Miss Martian smells cookies burning and runs to the kitchen, only to discover that they’re ruined. All of them except Robin and Superboy introduce themselves by their real names, and Miss Martian uses her telepathy to assure Superboy that they’ll find him a civilian name. Superboy angrily tells her to stay out of her mind, and Aqualad explains that Martian telepathic abilities are considered an invasion of privacy on Earth.

Superboy goes off on his own and Miss Martian tries to apologize without success. She then takes them to see her Martian bioship, and “wakes up” the shapeshifting vehicle. They go inside and the young heroine takes the ship out on a flight. Aqualad quietly suggests to Superboy that he apologize, but he refuses. Meanwhile, Miss Martian shows off her own shapeshifting abilities, but admits that she can’t shift her density like the Martian Manhunter. However, she can shift the ship into camouflage mode.

Red Tornado calls the team to tell them that there’s an emergency at the Happy Harbor power plant, and tells them to covertly investigate. They arrive only for a huge tornado to envelop the ship and send it out of control. Miss Martian manages to stabilize it and they land in the plant’s parking lot. The tornado sweeps toward the plant and Robin slips away on his own to confront their opponent: Mr. Twister. His battlesuit lets him generate high winds, and he sends Superboy flying back with a gesture. The others attack as a team but the villain sends Kid Flash, Miss Martian, and Aqualad back. Mr. Twister dismisses them as children and asks if they have supervision.

The young heroes regroup and attack once more, but Mr. Twister casually brushes them aside and flies aside. He tells them that he wants a real hero, and Aqualad tells Miss Martian to read his mind. She discovers that he’s immune to her powers, and assumes that he’s Red Tornado in disguise. They figure that Red Tornado is testing them and tell the ‘villain” to end the game. He summons a massive tornado, and they realize that they’re wrong. Superboy soars up only to be knocked back to the ground with his teammates.

The villain flies down but Miss Martian manages to conceal the group using her bioship in invisible mode. Mr. Twister tells them that he’ll let them go for now, but warns them not to come after him. As he goes, Superboy snaps at Miss Martian for mistaking the villain for Red Tornado, and goes after Mr. Twister without her. As Kid Flash and Robin leave, Aqualad tells Miss Martian not to take it so badly, but wonders if they have a team.

As the boys follow Mr. Twister to Happy Harbor, Miss Martian contacts Red Tornado and asks for helps. He refused, but finds it interesting that Mr. Twister has the same powers and resistance to telepathy. Miss Martian gets an idea.

As the other members try to stop Mr. Twister, Miss Martian contacts them telepathically and tells them that she knows what’s going on. She asks them to trust her and has them hold back. Red Tornado arrives and engages the bad guy, telling him that they’re evenly matched. Mr. Twister, glad for the challenge, insists that he’s superior and slams him to the ground. He tries to reprogram the android superhero, but “Red Tornado” reveals that she’s actually a shapeshifted Miss Martian, with Kid Flash providing the tornado effects. Aqualad, Robin, and Kid Flash smash open the suit, revealing an older man inside. As he crawls out, Miss Martian slams a rock down on the man. The other heroes are shocked, until she reveals that the man is also an android. They apologize for their lack of faith in her... unaware that the real Mr. Twister, Brom Stikk, is watching them via a camera in the eye. He’s working for a professor, who says that they learned much from the experience and that he believes Red Tornado is somewhere in the vicinity.

At Mount Justice, Red Tornado explains that he won’t fight their battles, and that they have to learn to fight on their own. As he goes, Robin admits that it’s better to have an android as a babysitter, since their mentors would have leaped in. Aqualad figures that the team thing might work out after all. As they leave, Superboy apologizes to Miss Martian.