Denial - Recap

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In New Orleans, a grey-haired man opens his pocket watch and looks at a photo of a woman, and then goes into the fortunetelling shop of Madame Xanadu. He explains that he wants her to contact the spirit of his dead wife Inza, and pays. Madame Xanadu seemingly challenges Inza, but Nelson laughs and mocks her efforts. He points out that Inza would have kicked his can for paying a fraud, and reveals that she used a wind machine and tire jacks to pull off her special effects. A bearded man, Abra Kadabra, steps out of the shadows, grabs Nelson, and teleports away with him as Madame Xanadu runs away in a panic. For a moment, Nelson's cane floats into the air before disappearing a burst of light.

Several weeks later, Aqualad and Superboy are sparring at the Mount Justice training center. Artemis suggests that Miss Martian should ask Aqualad out, but Miss Martian insists he's like a big brother of her. In response, the Martian suggests that Artemis date Kid Flash, but Artemis isn't convinced. Superboy defeats Aqualad using moves he learned from Black Canary, and Red Tornado arrives. He notes that Batman handles mission assignments, and Robin is working with his mentor. The team offers to help, and Red Tornado explains that Kent Nelson, a member of the Justice Society in the guise of Dr. Fate, has disappeared after three weeks. Nelson guards the Helmet of Fate, the source of Dr. Fate's power. The team offer to help, with Kid Flash playing along because Miss Martian is interested, and Red Tornado gives him a key to the Tower of Fate.

The team takes the bioship to Salem, and Artemis can't resist mocking Kid Flash over his interest in sorcery. They reach the coordinates but there's nothing there. As they land, a cat-like creature, Teekl, sees them and enters a nearby theater. He leaps into the lap of his master, Klarion the Witch Boy, who is watching Abra Kadabra torture Nelson for the location of the Tower of Fate. Teekl warns Klarion that they have visitors.

A skeptical Kid Flash continues to insist that mystical powers are at work. As Abra Kadabra cloaks himself and the others so they can watch the team, Aqualad realizes that a test of faith is required. He steps forward and inserts the key into seemingly empty space. The Tower of Fate appears and the door opens, and they go inside. A mystical image of Nelson appears and asks them to state their intent. Kid Flash lies, claiming he's a true believer, and the floor opens up beneath them, dropping them into a pit of lava. Artemis catches Aqualad while Superboy halts his fall just as his boots enter the lava.

The villains shove Nelson forward and his presence opens the door. They go inside and mute Nelson, and then use a voice synthesizer to convince the mystic image that they have his permission to be there. The image fades away, revealing a passageway beyond.

Miss Martian, holding Kid Flash, starts to weaken from the heat. She realizes they didn't answer the question and calls out her own truthful answers. A platform seals off the lava, and Artemis snaps at Kid Flash for getting them in trouble by lying. He admits that he lied because magic doesn't exist, and it's nothing but tricks. Aqualad opens a panel in the platform and reveals that there's snow beneath. They enter the doorway and find themselves on a snow-swept plain. Despite the evidence, Kid Flash insists that they're in a parallel dimension. They spot Nelson's cane and Artemis and Kid Flash both grab it. They discover that they can't let go, and it lifts them into the air before teleporting them away.

Nelson leads Abra Kadabra and Klarion through the maze, and soon admits that he's toying with them. Abra Kadabra tortures Nelson for their destination.

As they walk through the snowscape, Aqualad explains that Kid Flash uses his understanding of science to control his environment. A portal opens ahead of them and they enter it.

Kid Flash and Artemis appear in the maze ahead of the villains. Taking advantage of the distraction, Nelson flies to them, grabs the cane, releases himself, and opens a concealed elevator. They enter, avoiding Klarion's mystic blasts, and Nelson introduces himself. He warns that Klarion has incredible mystical powers, and is a Lord of Chaos in opposition to Dr. Fate, a Lord of Order. Klarion wants the Helmet of Fate to unleash chaos upon the earth. The trio enters a chamber with a huge bell just as Aqualad, Miss Martian, and Superboy arrive through their portal. Abra Kadabra and Klarion arrive, and Nelson rings the bell, opening a portal to the Tower's roof. Kid Flash and Nelson enter the portal, and Klarion flies in after them. On the roof, Nelson reaches for the Helmet but Klarion drive him back, weakening him. The elder sorcerer manages to create a mystical bubble to shield them, and he tells Kid Flash that he has enough time to do what he needs to do. He tells him to believe what he can no longer deny and then collapses.

Kid Flash tries to revive Nelson without success while Klarion burns through the bubble. Below, Abra Kadabra has subdued Kid Flash's teammates. With time running out, Kid Flash dons the Helmet of Fate and finds himself floating in a void. Nelson appears and explains that both of their spirits were sucked into the Helmet. Nabu, the master of the Helmet, is the real Dr. Fate and the Lord of Order. He has taken control of Kid Flash's body, and has transformed into Dr. Fate. Klarion continues his attack, and Kid Flash feels the impact of each blow. He suggests to Nelson that he take control of his body and use Nabu's magic, but Nelson warns that Nabu doesn't work that why. If Fate loses, then Kid Flash is doomed.

Klarion brings down Dr. Fate, noting that his current host body has no affinity for the mystic arts. He summons lightning that Dr. Fate manages to disperse, and the hero notes that he maintains a grip on the real world through the Helmet. Realizing Klarion's weakness, he targets the witch boy's own anchor: Teekl. Without his familiar's power, Klarion is forced to flee.

Below, Abra Kadabra prepares to eliminate the team. Dr. Fate casts a spell to remove his clothing and his equipment, and Superboy knocks him out with a single punch. Kid Flash wonders why Nabu isn't removing the Helmet, and Nabu informs him that he won't release Kid Flash's body. Nelson tells the Lord of Order that Kid Flash is not a suitable host, and says that he'll have the teenager guard the Helmet while he sticks around to fight Chaos. Nabu agrees, and Nelson gives Kid Flash one last word of advice: find a girlfriend that won't let him get away with anything. Kid Flash removes the helmet and then places Nelson's watch in his hand.

Later at Mount Justice, Kid Flash places the helmet on his shelf of souvenirs. Artemis asks what happened to him, and Kid Flash provides a scientific explanation. She rolls her eyes and leaves, and Kid Flash remembers what Nelson said... and then runs after Miss Martian to ask her on a date.